WHO Plan to Make Us Healthier Through Forced Medication

Thomas Corriher – HealthWyze

Whenever a governmental or international agency recommends mandating something that is purportedly in the interest of our health, we have learned to duck for cover.  Even in the best and most innocent cases, they have a tendency of ignoring the true causes of problems, and of treating the symptoms in a manner which creates more harm. The fellowship with the chemical industry is unmistakable, and apparently force medicating us with bleach and fluoride is not enough anymore.

The latest recommendation from the World Health Organization is to add calcium and magnesium to municipal water supplies.  You know how we are all calcium deficient, right?  This new treatment is supposed to help us to resist osteoporosis and brittle bone disease.  Of course, these conditions are caused by the fluoride that they have recommended in our drinking water for the last 60 years.  Prior to that, these conditions were so rare that they were considered oddities.  Best yet, is the fact that fluoride has been repeatedly shown by statistics to cause more dental problems than it eliminates. Those statistics have been made intentionally difficult to find, by the way.  We can only conclude that the whole science thing just gets in the way of their agenda.  As of yet, they have still never recommended removing fluoride, despite it being an industrial toxic waste product.  Whatfluoride accomplishes is keeping the populations passive, reducing IQ levels, along with causing cancers, thyroid diseases, metabolic diseases, suppressing the immune system, and causing reproductive defects.  Fluoride was a favorite chemical weapon of the NAZIs.  It is also hidden in a large portion of the pharmaceuticals too, without any apparent reason or explanation.
We all know that calcium is vital for good health, but the vast majority of people are already getting too much calcium in their current diets, and not enough of the nutrients that actually prevent harm.  Diseases which are superficially believed to be from calcium deficiencies are more often caused by malnutrition of nutrients that work with calcium, such as vitamin D3 (sunlight) and magnesium.  Take for instance, you could eat a bowl of chalk every day, but if lacking enough magnesium and vitamin D3, you would still find yourself with the same diseases that are attributed to calcium deficiencies, and additionally heart disease, kidney stones, and arthritis: just to name a few.  Now combine this dilemma with fluoride and pharmaceuticals, of which both suppress nutrient absorption, in order to get a clear picture of the situation.  Perhaps we really do not need this kind of “help”.

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