Top 5 CRAZY Conspiracy Theories for Guatemala City Sinkholes – VIDEO

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The Guatamala sink hole that swallowed a three-story building on May 31st 2010 was not the first large sinkhole to collapse in Guatamala City, as a similarly massive hole formed in 2007.
From the air, the giant Guatemala City sinkhole appears so perfectly round and deep that photos of it almost look man-made. Here are the Top 5 Conspiracy Theories as to what caused those unnatural sinkholes:

#5 UFO’s and Aliens use the hollowed-out earth under Guatamala City as a home base.

#4 HAARP used magetic pulse weapon to blast the round holes from space

#3 2012 Crust diplacement beginning in Mayan Land

#2 Rain from Tropical storms carved circular 30-story deep holes

#1 TOP Crazy Conspiracy Theory: The official story – Broken drain and sewer pipes eroded the stone base to form perfectly circular 300-foot deep crater.

CONRED geologists say that sewer or municipal water lines might have eroded the ground and led to the 2007 collapse. Sinkholes are commonly found in areas where the bedrock is limestone, or some other rock that can be dissolved by ground water, according to the US Geological Survey. It was reported that rain from Tropical Storm Agatha dug the tube to the center of the Earth on May 31st 2010.

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