Madhouse Medical Tyranny: When Health Becomes Sickness

John Galt
Activist Post

Dictatorships know that the battle for complete control is ultimately won or lost in the minds of the target population.  As the oppression advances, it tends to move from propaganda mind control to the direct intervention into the mind via pharmaceuticals.  We are now seeing the overt global coordination of the psychiatry profession to convince every resident of planet Earth that all clear thinking, healthy living, and wholesome innocence is some kind of disorder that needs to be corrected (suppressed) with drugs to render zombie-like those whose instincts afford them the ability of discernment.

We have seen this before — the role of the medical establishment in dictatorships such as Nazi Germany is well documented. It is the pre-Endgame, if you will, before the final culling takes place.  The proof that we are being led by a medical tyranny to soften us up for population reduction is of course not something to make light of.  However, it is absurd, because it is a manufactured attempt to re-define the natural human condition.  So, let us get up to speed on our mental disorders as a gallows humor descends.

Independent Thinking
This disorder is naturally a wide-ranging one, as each unique human being tends to have opinions.  Some of the more deviant forms of individuality are questioning authority and anxious distress, which includes symptoms like the “fear that something awful may happen.”  Like the fear that individuality will be declared a mental disorder by a scientific dictatorship?
The natural highs and lows that come with being a sentient human being experiencing the joys and sorrows of life apparently need to be eradicated.  Happiness tests should be given to children to be sure that they feel elated at all times, and perfectly at peace with their indoctrinationIf not, be sure to take your happy pills each day.

Healthy Eating
Concern for your own well-being is apparently in direct opposition to the goals of those who wish to keep the population fat, dumb, and toxic.  Mike Adams gives a run-down on the latest crazy thinking associated with eating broccoli, taking vitamins and minerals, drinking purified water, and avoiding known toxins.

The act of experiencing the emotions of childbirth is definitely something that needs strong legislation.  Instead of thinking about creating life, and the family bonding process, it is much healthier instead to focus on the increasing numbers of disorders surrounding the most natural of processes and how the medical establishment can keep mothers worried sick about their babies.  

The Psychiatric Dictatorship has begun in earnest to target infants as mental patients.  The amniotic world and the newly born are now under surveillance by agents of the medical elite such as John H. Gilmore, Director of the UNC Schizophrenia Research, for signs of schizophrenia.  Unfortunately, Gilmore is not an isolated mad scientist; this is a global initiative.  The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International recently covered the story of “Australian of the Year,” Patrick McGorry, who would like Australia to lead the world in treating mental illness.  Consulting fees and research grants are raining down on pre-detection initiatives from all of the major pharmaceutical peddlers.

Once again, it is up to us to resist this insanity.  Let them write the legislation, design the drugs, and tell us that black is white, and health is sickness.  We will not cooperate.  Advice given to us by the mentally deranged should really be a laughing matter.

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2 Comments on "Madhouse Medical Tyranny: When Health Becomes Sickness"

  1. Nothing wrong with being a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracies are real and should be taken seriously, however they must have strict and trusted evidence behind them. However they are usually made to hide the real issue. Let me go through this, the illuminati for example. A really stupid, silly idea of aliens or all the world’s elite working together. It’s literally become a hilarious joke, but is it wrong, with trade deals like the TPP, and propaganda on all airwaves telling you it is not the giant corporations receiving your tax money in subsidies, tax rebates and tax evasion, and paying it’s workers so little they need benefits or welfare that you should be angry about. Instead you should be angry about the people living on welfare, for being lazy. Even the ones who work 40 hours a week, or two jobs.

    The other thing would be 9/11. Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams. Of course the building fell because of the plane crash, but what better way to silence people saying we are attacking the wrong country or that this is a setup, than calling them crazy conspiracy theorists. Yet when, America’s congress decides to consider investigating Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11, Saudi threatens sanctions because of course, Saudi royalty and officials aided the people that did 9/11 and Iraq had nothing to do with it. It was about G.O.D. Gold, Oil and Drugs.

    Be self aware, learn self-hypnosis, don’t become a mindless drone(apparently fluoride in tap water lowers IQ).

  2. The depression thing isn’t mental though. They’ve proven it’s physical. Take care to stay within the limits of healthy critical thinking and skepticism before you fall into the valley of pseudo intellectualism and gullible foolishness.

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