G20 Brings Green Zone to Toronto

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Excessively armed thugs parading through the streets, military checkpoints at traffic lights, police helicopters hovering over the city, a long chain-link fence around the center of downtown, secret snipers on rooftops, urban warfare weapons, bomb-sniffing dogs, sound canons; this is not the sight of the infamous Green Zone in blood-drenched Baghdad, but a picture of what downtown Toronto will look like this weekend when the city hosts the world’s leading heads of states, and government officials.
They are in Toronto for the G20 conference, where they plan to discuss a global economic order, and new austerity measures for heavily indebted nations. It is expected that U.S. President Barack Obama will fearmonger about Iran’s nuclear capabilities and motives, just as he did at the last G20 meeting that took place in Pittsburgh in September, 2009.
The heavy presence of ground troops on the streets are usually seen in war-torn countries, occupied countries, or countries that are on the edge of a violent revolution, so it has come as an unwelcome surprise to many Canadians that the downtown core of its major city, known for its safety and cleanliness, is being transformed into a military fortress to serve the world’s leading politicians.
The billion-dollar expense for all the security gear and gadgets points to a burgeoning police state. Although most people think nothing of it, they know deep down that only leaders who conspire against the people’s interests require the protection of a thousand bodyguards, motorcades, and helicopters. The most famous assassination of the President of the United States was not done by a citizen, but by the C.I.A. and the U.S. National Security apparatus, whose fingerprints all over the current push towards Homeland Security in North America.
Members of the huge military apparatus at the conference claim that their chief role is to “protect the public” but that begs the question, do unpopular world leaders represent the will of the people? Whatever modern poll you look at, and in whatever Western country, the answer is no.
Ahead of protests, the Toronto police visited the homes of some activists, and warned them against protesting. The Toronto Sun reports:

Protestors allege they are being targeted for questioning or sometimes detained by police for helping to organize G8 and G20 demonstrations.Some protestors even claimed the immigration status of some members, or their families, are being threatened by police if they take part in demonstrations.

The actions by the G20’s Integrated Security Unit are reminiscent of the crackdown on protest activities by security forces at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in 2008. The highly militarized atmosphere is meant to intimidate citizens, and make them avoid future public demonstrations. The establishment of “security zones” and “free speech zones” is another reminder that people’s political will are denied by politicians and the police in modern Western democracies.

Years from now, violent rebellion against the New World Order may be a fact of Western life. But in today’s world it is hard to justify the government’s fears of violence in Toronto. Unlike Baghdad, Toronto is not under occupation, and there is no history of rebels violently attacking police officers, and innocent people. Exaggerations about G20’s security have reached the point that NORAD’s commander, U.S. Admiral James Winnefeld, offered America’s military assistance. The idea of using NORAD’s help at a civil protest is despotic, and at the same time, stupid. Does the Canadian government expect that Iran is going to fire nuclear missiles at the Blue Jays stadium?
The whole cult about security began when politicians declared they will “get tough on crime,” but it really took off after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. That tragedy is now viewed by a wide number of people around the world as the false-flag of the ages. Many Canadians are well aware that the greatest threat of terrorism to the public does not come from Muslim radicals, or anti-government protesters, but from Western intelligence agencies like the CIA, MI6, and Mossad.
Despite the mass political awakening, it is too soon to say whether the majority of people in North America fully realize that the end of their way of life begins with military barricades, and riot police. Although Toronto’s Green Zone will only be maintained for a short weekend, the new guidelines for security will be aggressively enforced in the future at the slightest notice of a protest, or any kind of civil unrest.
People can still afford to make fun of all the police pageantry at the G20, but they will soon regret that they did not immediately see military barricades, and riot police, as a direct harm to their security, freedom, and overall well-being. What will transpire at the G20 from June 26 to 27 are the clear manifestations of a police state that rules in the interests of an entrenched global elite.
If a visitor from Baghdad saw Toronto on June 26- 27, 2010 for the first and last time in his life, he would conclude that the city is occupied, and that the governing powers are thuggish. Iraqis know that the biggest criminals and terrorists are not their neighbors, but the military occupiers in the Green Zone. The people of Canada, America, and the West must learn that lesson too. And fast.
In the upcoming weekend, it would be best if the well-mannered citizens, and proud rebels of Toronto, decided to ignore the World Cup of politics. Instead of getting bombarded by LRAD sound weapons in the streets, they should stay inside, watch the World Cup of football, and get bombarded by another sound weapon, the Vuvuzela.

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