The CIA’s Presidents

By SARTRE Any unmasking of the shadow forces that pull the strings which often determine events requires a time frame context. Historical study can go…


CISA Systemic Domestic Spying

By SARTRE Technology in cyberspace is designed to be the instrument of a totality surveillance society. Secretive methods, back doors, observation and collection of data…


Digital Data is a Mortal Risk

By SARTRE The tech culture would have you believe that the digital format has produced untold innovations and advancements for personal development, societal advancement and…


Global Trade War US/EU against BRICS

By SARTRE Do not be confused. Globalists whether Wall Street capitalists, corporatists, collectivist authoritarians or devoted internationalists, all share a common mindset – a worldwide…


What Memorial Day Do You Honor?

Anthony Freda Art By SARTRE Many accounts will praise the sacrifices and deeds of those who fought in the American wars. Some versions will emotionally…


Love It or Leave It

SARTRE Activist Post A half century ago the infamous and timeworn trope coming from the supporters of the Viet Nam War was all over the…


Continuity of Government Commission

SARTRE Activist Post It is amazing that so many citizens are eager to espouse the virtues of democracy. Multitudes of Americans love their government, no…


Court Protects IRS Tyranny

SARTRE Activist Post The names Catherine Engelbrecht and Reggie B. Walton may not exactly be household names, but both are part of a disturbing court…

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