Richard William Posner

Don’t Get Fooled Again? … Ooops! Too Late

And Now, For Your Entertainment, The Ever Popular Duet, Wrack And Ruin! Richard William Posner - Amerika the Baleful Richard William Posner Activist Post The ruination of this country took place in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. People bitching and moaning about Obama destroying America are simply delusional. Do you actually…


Riding The Unicycle Of Human History

Ouroboros The serpent that eateth his own tail  Richard William Posner Activist Post Ouroboros would seem to be an apt symbol for the self-destructive nature of the human species. samsara: n. Hinduism & Buddhism The eternal cycle of birth, suffering, death and rebirth. Why Do We Keep Falling? What’s to be done about the impending collapse…


The Birth of Fascism? A Wrong Turn On A One-Way Street

© By Richard William Posner Richard William Posner Activist Post Humanity Has Been Herded Into A Cul-De-Sac Of Slavery And Extinction state [steɪt] (noun) 6. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a sovereign political power or community 7. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the territory occupied by such a communityA State Of Terror; Of The Few, By The Few And…


Should We Bother to Vote When Revolution Is Inevitable?

"Even supposing the chief good to be eventually the aim for the individual as for the state, that of the state is evidently of greater and more fundamental importance both to attain and to preserve. The securing of one individual's good is cause for rejoicing, but to secure the good of a nation or of…


The Gold Myth; the Longest Running Delusion in History

Editor's Note: We fully appreciate that gold is a valuable investment in the matrix.  Because it's priced in dollars it will likely continue to skyrocket in perceived value.  However, in this article, Richard William Posner 'Interrupts Our Regularly Scheduled Programming' about gold in terms of money and human necessity.  Readers are encouraged to debate this topic…


The Genetics Of Tyranny: Psychopathology, Parasitism, and Totalitarianism

© By Richard William Posner Richard William Posner Activist Post  Whilst doing research online I sometimes come across some really fascinating, albeit unrelated, information. One small joy of life in a world that becomes grimmer each day. While scrolling down any given web page, reading an article for information pertinent to the current research, I…

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