Jack Mullen


Maryland’s Bit Part in Homeland Security Theatre

By Jack Mullen "So long as they (the Proles [sleeping Americans]) continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern...Heavy physical…


Vaccine Apocalypse Now

Anthony Freda Art Jack Mullen Activist Post “Compulsory vaccination which once had the suffrage of the nation has now hardly a serious supporter. We are ashamed to jettison the idea completely and perhaps afraid that if we did the accident of some future epidemic might put us in the wrong. We prefer to let compulsory…


West Virginia: Forcing Children to Become Autistic, by LAW

Jack Mullen Activist Post Dr. William Thompson, Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control, publicly admitted in August 2014 that the CDC covered up data linking the MMR vaccine to Autism in 1998. Since then, nothing at all has been done; children are still lining up to play Russian Roulette with 'shots' of Autism.…


$0 Silver: The Price Point of Liberty

By Jack Mullen A few years ago when silver was approaching the magical $50 resistance point, I wrote an article claiming $50 silver as the Price Point of Liberty. Today I realize there are two price points of Liberty, $50 and somewhere before the price of silver reaches $0. Range limited, managed silver prices have…


A New World Self Order: America 2.0

Jack Mullen Activist Post Most people do not understand the difference between anarchy and chaos; Anarchy being the condition of living without government - no government - and chaos being a state of human existence where no societal structure exists. Anarchy is a perfectly natural state of existence in which a self ordering societal structure…


Deescalating the Police

I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear. Rosa Parks Jack Mullen  Activist Post Americans face a new crisis: police violence against citizens is escalating, blurring the line between criminal and public servant. Escalating violence against American citizens…


Pennsylvania High Court Vacates State Constitution

Rule of Law collapses into Rule of Men Jack Mullen Activist Post The State of Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that probable cause is all that is required to search an automobile during a traffic stop. The decision effectively ends the process of requiring a warrant to search a vehicle unless there is probable cause…


SPLC Fostering More Hate in Bundy Ranch Article

Anthony Freda Art Jack Mullen Activist Post Although tyranny, because it needs no consent, may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if destroys first of all the national institution of its own people. - Hannah Arendt The mass murder committed by the regimes of Stalin, Mao, Hitler and many others…


Movie Review: “Divergent”

Jack Mullen Activist Post WARNING: spoiler possible. Divergent is another in our face explanation for what is about to happen in America and why people have to be awakened; and those awake naturally must be the first to take action against the tyranny rising in America. The movie explains most people are easily herded and…


Gold Market Sunk to Keep Bond Market Afloat

image source Jack Mullen Activist Post The gold market was slammed shortly before the start of the “theatrical release“ of the Federal Government “shutdown”. Historically, government shutdowns have been associated with negative financial news. Governments having to shut down due to financial reasons are generally considered to be in financial stress. Negative financial news has…


Drills, Props and Propaganda Predicting Large Scale False Flag Events

image source Jack Mullen Activist Post A government-created fear designed to enlist public support for controls, legislation, rules and regulation increasing government power, while reducing individual rights, is called a False Flag Event (FFE). The fear is usually something quite dramatic, like the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the decimation of the World Trade Centers.…


Skynet to Launch October, 2013

Jack Mullen Activist Post Business Insider published an article about the NSA data center being constructed in Bluffdale, Utah. The facility, being roughly 1 million square feet, will house a computing and data harvesting and long term data storage facility to be operational by October 2013. (Source) The stated purpose of the facility is to "listen…

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