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13 Steps to Prepare for Civil Unrest

Gaye Levy Activist Post It has been over two years since I wrote about the “Perfect Storm of Civil Unrest”.  Looking back, it would be easy to think that perhaps the article was a bit reactionary given current events at the time.  On the other hand, not a whole lot has changed since then. These…


Prepping As a Form of Personal Activism

Gaye Levy Activist Post There are some days when I feel as though I am out there in the world alone, fighting a battle that can not be seen or heard.  The battle is one of preparedness and is one I endure day in and day out in spite of my best effort to step…


8 Uncommon Lessons: Preparing for an Apocalypse

Gaye Levy Activist Post Four years ago, mentioning that you were a “Prepper” evoked quizzical looks of confusion.  What the heck was that?  As you tried to explain, you could see eyes start to glaze over and an invisible tin foil hat being placed upon you head.  The lesson learned?  Keep your mouth shut lest…


60 Emergency Supplies You Can Buy for a Buck

Gaye Levy Activist Post Tax day is right around the corner and after agonizing over the tax preparation process, I have filed my return and don’t have to worry about it for another year. The bad news is that I had to make a donation to our government to cover the taxes due. The good…


20 Tips for Soldiering Through an Economic Meltdown

Gaye Levy Activist Post Three years ago, I wrote about our deteriorating economy.  As I recall, the words were “current lousy economy”.  The good news is that so far, a global economic meltdown has been abated.  And the bad? From what I can determine by simply opening my eyes and looking around, we are nowhere…


19 Baby Steps Toward a Self Sufficient Lifestyle

Mapping a Road to Self-Sufficiency Gaye Levy Activist Post The number one question I am asked by new readers is “where do I start?” This is followed by a meek comment indicating “I have a job and a family and can not afford to move to a farm in the outback.” Well first of all,…


13 Ways to Become an Awesome Prepper

Gaye Levy Activist Post There was a time when I was a newbie prepper and to be honest, that time was not that long ago. The memory of getting started is still fresh in my mind and to this day, I am in awe of those that seem so far ahead of me. That is…


The End of the World as We Know It as Entertainment

Gaye Levy The Apocalypse – Albert Goodwin Activist Post A few days ago, a Backdoor Survival reader asked “If you had some way of knowing that a SHTF situation would happen in the next few days, what would you do to prepare right away? What would be your biggest priority, especially with so much to…


How to Deal with Common Pet Emergencies

Gaye Levy Activist Post Every once in awhile, I want to write about a particular preparedness topic and realize that I simply do not know enough to write about it without some extensive research. Such is the case with pet first aid for as much as I like to use a proactive approach to my…


Diabetes and Survival

Gaye Levy Activist Post When it comes to dealing with medical issues in a survival situation, one of the most frequent questions I get has to do with treating diabetes when drugs are no longer widely available. Since I am not a medical or a healthcare professional, I have always had to beg off answering,…


10 Things That Preppers Get Right

Gaye Levy Activist Post Everyone likes to read about someone else’s mistakes so that they can learn from them. When you think about it, that is a great way to avoid common pitfalls and to save yourself some of the grief and set-backs that are bound to occur along the road to preparedness. As useful…


How to Use a Bandana to Save the Day

Gaye Levy Activist Post Who would have thought that something as ubiquitous as the common bandana would have so many uses? I know that I have used these colorful squares of cloth for many purposes over the years, not the least of which was keeping my hair in place and wiping the sweat off my…


How to Sharpen Razor Blades for the Long Term

Gaye Levy Activist Post These days I have been doing a lot of thinking about my daily hygiene and beauty routine as it relates to a long term survival situation. I don’t want to appear frivolous but for me, feeling clean and looking nice are an important part of feeling good about myself in general.…


The Basics of Ham Radio

Gaye Levy Activist Post Today I continue the conversation with George Ure of Urban Survival as he shares his thoughts on the value of getting a ham radio license as well as an explanation of some ham radio basics for those of us that are just getting started with this mode of emergency communication. But…

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