Gary Gibson


Global Marijuana Prohibition Crumbling, Led by Uruguay

Gary Gibson Activist Post Uruguay became the first country to legalize marijuana completely yesterday. We're not just talking about "decriminalizing" it, or allowing recreational use while still prosecuting pot's cultivation and selling. The government will still limit amounts to six plants per home per year. And as with alcohol purchases in the US, selling pot…


Dollar Crashes Against Bitcoin, I Wish it Bought More of Them

Gary Gibson Activist Post Yesterday afternoon Bitcoin broke through the 900 USD mark with so much momentum that it made my ears pop. I keep a realtime Bitcoin price tab open at all times these days. One second the price was bouncing around $880 or so and the next it was over $930. As of…


The Shutdown That Really Matters: The End Of The Silk Road

Gary Gibson Activist Post While state worshippers fret over the meaningless "shutdown" of the federal government, the supposedly inactive government violently shut down a very important and highly publicized free marketplace. National parks were closed for show, but the domestic terrorism continued from the offices of the FBI which seized the Silk Road website and…


50 More Reasons To Advance The Total Surveillance State?

Gary Gibson Activist Post "Our total and unrestricted spying on you has saved your lives." That's not exactly what General Keith Alexander said to the American public before a "largely friendly" House committee, but it is certainly what he meant. The General, who heads the NSA, claims that the total surveillance spy program had prevented…


Why Would You Want HIGHER House Prices?

Gary Gibson Activist Post It's odd, but Americans get happier when the roofs over their heads get harder to afford. Over the past hundred years or so, Americans have come to see houses not just as another commodity which should be getting cheaper over time thanks to market forces, but as a government-aided "investment" that…


The Economic Zombie Apocalypse

Gary Gibson Activist Post CDC Image The end of civilization is already here. Most of humanity has been turned into an unthinking mass of economic zombies that are looking to feast on the still living flesh of the few survivors. This may explain the increasing popularity or obsession with all things zombie. From fiction to…


First Record Dow, Then Record Gas And Grocery Prices

Gary Gibson Activist Post Ben Bernanke must have been smirking and nodding smugly all day yesterday. The Dow hit an all-time high at 14,286 and closed at 14,253.77. What's even more impressive is that this is double where the Dow stood just four years ago. And it only took five and a half years and…

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