Brad Jordan


Food Safety Modernization Act: The End of Fresh, Living Food?

Less than a week left to submit comments on FDA’s food “safety” rules Brad Jordan Activist Post The deadline for submitting comments on two key rules the FDA has proposed as a part of the Food Safety Modernization Act has been extended to Friday, Nov. 22. Hailed as the most sweeping overhaul of farm and…


Mark Baker Asks Americans for Help

Brad Jordan Activist Post Michigan levies $700,000 in fines against a small farmer and veteran for raising healthy hogs After serving his country for 20 years in the military and ten years as a farmer, Mark Baker is “at the end of his rope” and is asking Americans for help. Baker’s Green Acres is an…


Stasi Puts Halt on Raw Milk Bill in Nevada

Brad Jordan Activist Post Will there be a whistleblower in the FDA? The FDA, USDA, and the monopolistic dairy processors they prop up rejoiced after a raw milk bill was defeated in Nevada earlier this month. Thanks to Governor Sandoval’s veto June 6, the people of that state will be deprived of one of nature’s…


Millions March Against Monsanto

Brad Jordan Activist Post [Editor's note: This article is an excellent rundown of what Monsanto is in regards to food rights, safety, monopoly, patents, cronyism, and why millions are marching in peaceful protest. Please read and especially share with friends and family who are hearing about it and may not be aware of Monsanto and…


Dead, Lifeless Food

Brad Jordan Activist Post FDA aims to sterilize our food through the Food Safety Modernization Act After two years of delay, the Food Safety Modernization Act is finally about to go into effect. The FDA is moving forward with rules that are supposed to make food in the United States the safest in the world.…


Country’s Largest Raw Milk Supplier Sues FDA for Ban on Interstate Sales

Organic Pastures FDA Lawsuit Got Raw Milk? Brad Jordan Activist Post The battle for raw milk and food freedom is well under way. Demand is rising, and that has mega pasteurized-milk producers running scared to government officials, looking for protection in the name of public safety. They aim to limit our access to this highly…

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