Alex Pietrowski

Newly Released Secret Footage Exposes More Shocking Cruelty to Chickens

By Alex Pietrowski Secret footage from inside a Tyson chicken slaughterhouse operation in Texas was just released by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) as part of an investigation into animal cruelty and the exploitation of workers at these factory farming operations. The footage is naturally quite unsettling and features workers of the plant under…


Rise in Antidepressant Prescriptions Followed by Increase in Extreme Violence

By Alex Pietrowski Many of the mass shootings in the United States (US) over the last few decades – including the Columbine School shooting, Virginia Tech massacre, and the Colorado movie theater shooting – were carried out by individuals known to be taking psychotropic prescription drugs. This, of course leads to the questions, what role do…


Think Homelessness Can’t be Eradicated? These Communities Did It

By Alex Pietrowski The costs of homelessness is rarely discussed. We mostly hear statistics about the number of children living on the streets, the vast number of hungry individuals fed in soup kitchens, and the dangers that homeless families face during severe weather. As communities, we pull together by donating to food banks and participating…


Are Smartphones Becoming a Substitute for Thinking?

Alex Pietrowski Activist Post Our smartphones are like a wealth of information at our fingertips. They help us find directions to new restaurants, offer information about the places we want to visit, and can instantly answer any question about whatever inquiry fills the mind. But are we getting lazy and avoiding thinking about things that…


5 Videos Showing How Fracking Can Make Water Flammable

Alex Pietrowski Activist Post Public awareness of the risks and dangers of hydraulic gas-fracturing, or Fracking, is growing daily, but not nearly as fast as the practice itself is. Across the world, fracking is creating a massive new energy boom and investors are pouring money into energy companies who are setting up frack wells faster…


6 States Where Fracking Earthquakes are a New Feature of Reality

Alex Pietrowski Activist Post The movement against hydraulic gas fracturing, or ‘fracking,’ is becoming mainstream as this toxic and rapidly expanding technique by the oil and gas industry affects more and more everyday people. Essentially, fracking is the process of forcefully injecting different blends of chemicals, fresh water, gasses, sands or other materials underground into…


7 Ideas to Help Protect the Honeybee

Alex Pietrowski Activist Post With all of the immediate problems facing people these days, it is difficult to be concerned and proactive about the looming environmental crises that will affect us in big ways in the not-too-distant future. After all, who has time to do anything about radiation in the Pacific Ocean when there is…


Support the Troops – Let Them Treat PTSD with Cannabis

Alex Pietrowski Activist Post It’s a tough time to be a US military veteran. Not only is there no end in sight for US foreign interventions, but the economy here at home is in terrible shape, veterans are seeing record numbers of suicides, extremely high levels of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), nearly a million US…


Scientific Verification that Solitary Confinement is Torture

Alex Pietrowski Activist Post Something has gone terribly wrong with criminal justice in the United States and our once inspiring nation has now become a frightening police state. While occasionally we do hear a  story of a police officer committing an unusually kind act, unfortunately the national media is dominated by stories of police officers…


Fluoride: Killing Your Child’s Brain … Softly

Dees Illustration Alex Pietrowski Activist Post One of the most surprising absurdities of our times is the continuing practice of fluoridating our water supply and supplementing dental and oral healthcare products with this toxic by-product of the aluminum industry. The evidence demonstrating the harmfulness of this is beyond abundant, and the case against fluoride continues…


Industrial Hemp Cultivation Begins in Colorado – Free at Last!

Alex Pietrowski Activist Post In a major victory for US farmers, activists, and those who advocate the many uses of industrial hemp, the first commercial crop of hemp to be cultivated in the United States in almost 6 decades was recently harvested in Colorado. Although different from the psychoactive plant cannabis, due to federal marihuana…

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