Alec Scheer


California Bill to Make Bribery Legal for UC Officials Passes Through Committee

Alec Sheer Activist Post As children, and throughout our duration in grade school, we have all been taught that bribery is not ethical, nor legal. California, however, a state known for its eccentric lifestyle and political affairs, will be adding to its unique notoriety if its legislature chooses to pass Assembly bill (A.B.) 173. This…

High School Student Sends Letter to Obama Over Drone Assassinations

Alec Scheer, Contributor Activist Post President Obama, It is my understanding, throughout the duration of your Presidency, that you have persistently authorized drone strikes on innocent Middle Eastern civilians who were supposedly working for, or somehow affiliated with Al-Qaeda. As a further matter, you have gone so far as to publicly announce – in accordance…


‘Smart’ Despotism to be Our Inevitable Future?

Alec Scheer, Contributor Activist Post It is 2020. Flying cars are zipping past tall metallic sky scrapers. A dismal grey, caused by the pollution, is cast upon the cityscape. Flashing screens can be seen nearly every block. Apartments, stores, street vendors, commuters, and the tall skyscrapers are dangerously compacted into a small mega-city – truly…


Will Authoritarianism Come to America?

Dedicated to Lauren Taylor Ellis, who is a fellow advocate for freedom, and friend, and has sacrificed her time to help with the various projects I have embarked on. Dees Illustration Alec Scheer, Contributor Activist Post Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have forever held onto the belief that our government – along with the people’s…

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