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Myanmar: Fertile Ground for Washington Sponsored Revolution

Contemporary Myanmar is heavily military-centric; the sign reads, “Never hesitating, always ready to sacrifice blood and sweat is the Tamadaw”. The Tamadaw is the title bestowed upon the army founded by General Aung San.  Written and photographed by Nile Bowie The streets of Yangon have seen red coats, red robes, and red blood. Once, this city 'owed' its…


In-depth: Foreign Meddling in Malaysia

Written and photographed by Accounts of police brutality plague attendees of the Bersih 2.0 rally, riot police engaged the use of tear gas and chemical laden water cannons against demonstrators. Nile Bowie Scenes of chaos unfolded on the streets of downtown Kuala Lumpur this past weekend, culminating in an event, which many have called the most defining moment…

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