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BUSTED: Videos of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax Were Separate Takes!

By Joe Wright The establishment media has gone quiet on the Virginia shooting since evidence that it was a hoax has gone viral. Yet, their silence hasn't stopped the conspiracy research community from finding even more damning evidence that it was indeed an elaborate hoax.  If this doesn't prove that the Virginian Shooting was a hoax…

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Alan Watt Poem of the Day: Elitists Moan for a World All Their Own

Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix The History of Eugenics Interesting to Peruse, Beginning with Theories of Thomas Malthus, He Suggested Methods of Culling the Herd, This Snobbish Economist, Mathematical Nerd, His Flow-Chart Predictions Were All Proven Wrong, Yet This Doomsday Prophet is the Hero to Throng Of Darwin's Elitists at United Nations, "Sustainability" the…

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