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BUSTED: Videos of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax Were Separate Takes!

By Joe Wright The establishment media has gone quiet on the Virginia shooting since evidence that it was a hoax has gone viral. Yet, their silence hasn't stopped the conspiracy research community from finding even more damning evidence that it was indeed an elaborate hoax.  If this doesn't prove that the Virginian Shooting was a hoax…

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Trying to Force Everyone on Statins & Where Big Pharma Can Shove Them

Dees Illustration Heather Callaghan Activist Post A renowned UK professor is calling for all people over 50 to get on statins – cholesterol lowering and heart disease drugs like Lipitor and Crestor. Actually, Sir Rory Collins wants healthy and younger people on them too and wishes that “safety watchdogs” would stop accentuating the side effects.…

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