Ep. 218 – 85,000 People Apply For 30 Jobs In Italy, FL School Dumps Common Core, Parents Will Pay When The Australian Housing Bubble Bursts

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: 85,000 people apply for 30 jobs at a bank in Italy. FL school dumps common core – skyrockets to number one in English language arts. Parents to pay the price when Australian housing bubble bursts.

Did You Feel The Shift With China, Russia & The US? – Episode 1324

In this episode of the X22 Report: Another retailers declares bankruptcy, the trend continues as more and more retailers are ready to go bankrupt. During the holiday brick and mortar stores saw a dramatic drop in traffic. Factors order decline. Illinois Senate overrides the Governor and raises taxes. Corporate tax revenues are flashing a huge warning sign, this predictor is very accurate and is used to predict recessions, looks like the next one is right around the corner.

Current Economic Collapse News Brief – Episode 1323

In this episode of the X22 Report: We are now seeing the same game played in other parts of the world, to keep the economy operational the bankers are pushing debt to the max. UK home prices are getting ready to drop dramatically, the world’s real estate is in a bubble. Citi says their surprise index is reporting trouble ahead, BofA says the bull market is over.

All The Economic Collapse Pieces Are Falling Into Place – Episode 1322

In this episode of the X22 Report: GM reports that car sales have plummeted and the auto industry has stuffed the dealer lots like we haven’t seen since the last crisis. Construction spending has imploded, the housing market it turning and turning quickly. The corporate media is pushing fake news about almost anything, two reports show manufacturing is up and another shows it is down. Illinois looks like they are getting ready to pass a tax hike, which will destroy the state. Rhode Island is reporting around 150,000 voters were fake voters, but they are making up excuses trying to explain where these voters came from.

Ep. 216 – Bitcoin Could Soar As High As $3,915, Canadian Accountants Getting Slammed, Silicon Valley Begins to Crack

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: Goldman sees Bitcoin soaring as high as $3,915 during next breakout. Millennials really want a McMansion of their own, there’s just one problem. Investors are being swindled: Canadian accountants slammed. Silicon Valley begins to crack visibly – commercial real estate.

Economic Alert, It Has Begun, The Collapse Is Spreading State By State – Episode 1321

In this episode of the X22 Report: Retail is set to lose billions if food stamps are cut. Retail is now dependent on government food stamp money. The economic system is breaking down and each state is now feeling the effects. Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, NJ and many other states are started to feel the economic collapse. With the states failing we are now on the precipices of a failing pension system, this failing pension system will hit hard as the economic system fails. GDP estimates are now converging with each other.

The Hammer Is About To Fall – Episode 1320

In this episode of the X22 Report: UMich consumer sentiment is in decline as more and more people do not see the economy improving. Illinois, Connecticut and 14 other states are all facing the same problem, not enough funds and big bills, this will not end well. The EU banking system is worse than we originally thought and what the EU wants us to believe. According the BIS Trump’s tariff system will bring down the economy, the corporate media is now playing this up.

Ep. 36 – Lori Harfenist, Author, Journalist, Political Commentator, And Host Of The Resident

This week we welcome Lori Harfenist to The Vin Armani Show.

Lori Harfenist is an author, journalist, political commentator and self-described “punk.” She is the creator and host of The Resident, a long-running project, currently distributed by RT America, featuring Lori’s unique take on current events.

Ep. 213 – How To Get In On An ICO, San Francisco Awards $190,000 Over A Sanctuary Violation, Trump Overrules Cabinet

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: How to get in successfully on an ICO like a boss (using myetherwallet). San Francisco awards $190,000 to (you won’t believe it) over sanctuary violation. Trump overrules cabinet, prepares to unleash global trade war.

Ep. 212 – Connecticut Faces Day Of Reckoning, Yellen Says Financial Crisis Probably Won’t Happen, The World Is $217 Trillion In Debt

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: It’s not just Illinois, Connecticut faces Friday day of reckoning. Joke of the day, Yellen says a financial crisis probably won’t happen in our lifetimes. The world is now $217 trillion in debt and the global elite like it that way.

The Silence Is Deafening, Indicators Point To An Event On The Horizon- Episode 1319

In this episode of the X22 Report: Moody’s warns that the private label credit cards are going to be in trouble as more and more retail stores close. Q1 GDP was revised to an incredible 1.4. What made GDP surge, the spending on recreational vehicles. Banks begin to buy back there own stocks, this is not going to help the economy. The Treasury will run out of money by mid-October. Fed Ballard says the Fed has lost control of the market. Traders are worried about what Yellen says. The central banks are working with each to crash the system.

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