Ep. 164 – Elite Plan To Criminalize Bitcoin, Finally Figured Out The Insane Housing & Rents, IMF Proposal Tax Money In Bank Accounts

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: (Elite plan to criminalize bitcoin) NSA malware (RansomWare ETERNALBLU WannaCrypt). I think I’ve finally figured out the insane housing and rents. IMF proposal tax money in bank accounts and raise property taxes.

Ep. 163 – 2 Clif High Web Bot Hits from April, Housing Collapse 2.0 Has Begun, Bad News for Markets, Lost Book of Nostradamus

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: 2 clif high web bot hits from April 2017 ALTA report (failing taxes). Housing collapse 2.0 has begun – visual proof. May 11th has come – Sandy Jadeja – bad news for markets or not. New meaning to Economist 2017 magazine – lost book of Nostradamus.

The Last Act Of A Central Bank, Pillage The People & Leave Them Destitute, We Are Here – Episode 1278

In this episode of the X22 Report: Home Capital depositors have withdrawn approximately 94% of the funds. Umich is seeing an uptick in confidence even though stores are closing, the housing market is declining and the GDP came in at .7%. Retail sales are in and it is a disaster. The stock market bubble is starting to look like 1999. Trump has made a deal with China, both countries will be trading meat. US Treasury Mnuchin is looking to revoke the Volcker rule and allow banks to invest in riskier investment which will allow the deposits at the bank to be at risk. Fed Evans says the Fed will raise interest rates once more. IMF is now pushing to place a 10% tax on the people of Europe to pay for the debt.

Next Phase Of The Plan Will Be Chaotic On Purpose – Episode 1277

In this episode of the X22 Report: Retail is imploding at a faster rate, the economy is breaking down quicker than the central bank thought it would. The Subprime bubble in auto loans will be the needle that pops the bubble and will lead to a crash in other sectors. Connecticut state capital prepares for bankruptcy. Trump continually repeats that NAFTA is going to be a massive re-negotiation or it will be terminated. Goldman continually warns of a major market correction. Bill Blain says something is happening in Europe and it doesn’t look good. The Fed just got a signal that it is ready to raise rates again, inflation is moving above their 2 percent forecast.

Ep. 161 – Trump Fires FBI Director James, Consumers Slash Spending Growth Expectations, Economic Cycle Theorists Say There Will Be Devastation For The U.S.

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses president Trump firing FBI director James Comey. Consumers slash spending growth expectations to lowest level in fed’s data. If economic cycle theorists are correct, soon there will be devastating for the U.S.

The Plan Has Been Revealed And Everyone Needs To Brace For The Impact – Episode 1276

In this episode of the X22 Report: The condo market and the housing market is collapsing at a faster pace. World’s largest oil trade says there is no growth. Retail is contracting, credit is breaking down, JP Morgan Chase is telling smaller banks to combine deposits because there is going to be a problem later this year. The corporate media is now reporting that because of what Trump has done with Comey the economy will collapse. Trump then signaled that the economy will not hit the 3.0% GDP mark. Trump is now pushing the economy to collapse before the central bankers collapse the system. Trump fires Comey and the deep state is now in panic.

Big Banks Pushing Smaller Banks To Merge Deposits Before The Bank Runs Begin – Episode 1275

In this episode of the X22 Report: Home Capital Group is becoming desperate they are now selling million of mortgages. Half of Canadians do not have $200 for an emergency. Gallup economic confidence declines, more and more people believe the economy is getting worse. Wholesales sales growth declines and lumber implodes. Atlanta Fed is now down to 3.6% from 4.2%. Fed reports a drop in credit card spending and consumer spending in general. We are now back to the period right before 2008 crash. JP Morgan is telling smaller banks to consolidate deposits before the economy comes down. Kushner stepped in and stopped Trump from doing away with NAFTA.

Central Banks Prep For The Collpase By Shifting The Narrative – Episode 1274

In this episode of the X22 Report: Home Capital Bank is trouble and bank runs are accelerating. Commercial loan delinquencies are rising again. The student loan system is not working, there has been a hold on those who defaulted and these individuals are receiving interest and penalties while an investigation is underway. Bernanke is making a case of why tax cuts are not good at this time, he says the economy is doing well and there is not need. Fed Marsh is worried that the last time the Fed was in agreement the entire system crashed. The Fed is now pushing to create a narrative that the economy is fine while in the background they are prepping the crash. Aetna CEO says that Obamacare is failing.

Ep. 158 – Central Bank Buyer Revealed, France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Emails, Global Collapse Children Are Literally Starving To Death

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: Central bank buyer revealed, goes on Q1 stock buying spree. France warns media not to publish hacked macron emails. Global collapse children are literally starving to death in Venezuela and Yemen.

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