Ep. 7 – Portugal Bank Bosses Quit, Castro Prophecy, & The War on Cash

Bosses of Portugal’s biggest banks are quitting less than 3 months from starting work. What did they see on the books that scared them away? Second, a 1981 prophecy that Fidel Castros’s death will signal economic collapse in the US. Third, the idea taxing cash withdrawals is floated as the latest weapon in the war on cash.

Ep 6. – Filmmaker Aaron Dykes Discusses New Documentary “Obsolete”

On this episode of The Vin Armani Show, we are joined by independent journalist and filmmaker Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media. His writing, research, and analysis is widely known and respected in the alternative news industry. He discusses his new documentary, “Obsolete.”

Ep. 6 – College Students Triggered by Post-It Note, Housing Market Crash Report, & Election Recount

In this podcast, Joe covers story about millennial college students being triggered by a post-it note that suggested they accept the election results. The students wanted the note investigated as a hate crime. The second segment covers the potential housing market crash around the corner. A third segment covering recount efforts to put Hillary into the White House.

Ep. 4 – US Banks Called Systemically Dangerous & Silver Used in New Washing Machines

In this episode, Joe covers how two large US banks were recently named as some of the most systematically dangerous financial institutions in the world. The second story is a report on brand new washing machine that injects nanosilver into each load to eliminate odor-creating bacteria. Third story is Joe’s take on pizzagate.

Ep. 5 – Fake News List & Guest Aquaponics Expert JD Sawyer

On this episode of The Vin Armani Show, our guest is JD Sawyer of Colorado Aquaponics and The Aquaponic Source. Aquaponics is one of the most powerful technologies for individual liberty, security, and health. We find out why. Also, Christian and Vin dig into the #FakeNews controversy. What’s at the root and why does it matter?

Ep. 4 – Bitcoin Developers Chris Odom and Cliff Baltzley of Stash Crypto

On this episode of The Vin Armani Show, we speak with Cliff Baltzley and Chris Odom of Stash Crypto. They have created a Bitcoin product called Stash Node Pro that has big implications for the future of finance, privacy and liberty. Check them out at http://www.stashcrypto.com

Ep. 3 – Journalist Derrick Broze on the #NoDAPL Protests

On this episode of The Vin Armani Show, we have an in-depth interview with Derrick Broze on the issues surrounding the protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline near The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Derrick has been reporting from the front lines of this battle and shares his experience and insights with us.

Ep. 1 – Lyn Ulbricht: Silk Road Trial Was Corrupt

In this inaugural episode Vin interviews Lyn Ulbricht mother of the Silk Road creator, discusses the silencing of Julian Assange of Wikileaks, the false flag missile attack by Yemen rebels that provoked US response and Apple’s desire for a cashless society.

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