Ep. 25 – MEAR ONE, World-Renowned Artist And Activist

On this episode of The Vin Armani Show, our guest is world-renowned artist and activist, MEAR One.

MEAR ONE has been at the forefront of LA’s graffiti and mural culture for nearly three decades. He is famous for having pioneered the Melrose graffiti art movement in the late 80s and is considered by many to be LA’s most prolific public muralist.

Trump Just Turn The Tables On The Fed – Episode 1256

In this episode of the X22 Report: London housing market is imploding and this is starting to happen in many other countries. Boeing will be laying off hundreds. Homebuilder confidence dips in April, the housing market is imploding. Empire Fed declines as the real hard data shows what’s really happening with the economy. Trump is playing with the Fed and just turned the tables on the Fed to show that they are the ones bringing down the economy. Be prepared the push is on to bring the economy down, the fight is who will be blamed.

Trump Prepares The US For The Collapse Of The Central Banker’s System – Episode 1255

In this episode of the X22 Report: Retail sales decline for the second straight month in a row. Foot traffic and restaurant sales decline which show people are cutting back and is an indicator that the economy is breaking down. GDP is now estimated at .5% and this is the manipulated number. The real GDP number is in the negative range. The good guys along with Trump are preparing the US for the collapse of the system and the end of the Fed.

The Deep State Ups The Ante And Pushes Their Agenda With This Simple Move – Episode 1254

In this episode of the X22 Report: Umich confidence rebounds. Those who are making more than 100K a year are worried about defaulting on loans. US homeowner cannot afford a 4% mortgage and the Fed is continually raising rates, this will become a disaster. The Fed is communicating a disaster and is showing how they are going to collapse the economy. Turkey is going to confiscate the people gold using this covert act to make the people think its good for them. .The economies around the world is collapsing and the Fed is pushing the collapse hard and it might begin later this year.

The Trap That Was Set For The Deep State Is About To Be Sprung – Episode 1253

In this episode of the X22 Report: Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas warns Trump that the system cannot continue with this debt load. Trump promises to make the government more efficient. The Fed pats itself on the back for a great job well done. The Fed is now broadcasting to the world that they fixed the economy. The IMF released a paper letting everyone know that Russia might be to blame for what is happening to the economies of the world globally. Judicial Watch file suit and tells states to fix their voting system numbers. Former Hillary Clinton employee arrested for treason.

Ep. 135 – Trump Abandoning Economic Reforms, Real Estate Market Plunges In Q1 2017, Trump Flips On Five Core Campaign

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: Is Trump abandoning economic reforms to embrace defense spending? New York city office real estate market plunges in Q1 2017. Trump flips on five core campaign promises in under 24 hours.

Ep. 134 – Corporate Pensions Might Dump Their $1 Trillion In Equity Holdings, Metal Silver Storm, What Tesla Says About The Stock Market

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses corporate pensions might start to dump their $1 trillion in equity holdings (Stocks). The calm before the precious metal silver storm. What Tesla’s “inexplicable” Ponzi scheme valuation says about the stock market.

We Are Watching A Deadly Game Between Good And Evil – Episode 1252

In this episode of the X22 Report: UK retail sales decline as inflation hits and make it harder for people to afford items. Labor market has declined, hiring and payroll declining and the economy is rolling over. The pension funds are ready to implode. The stock market has been pushed up since the election and the Fed is now prepared to stock the stimulus and let the system implode on itself. Google is now going to use the corporate media to fact check the news. This is the deep states way of pushing their story out there to convince the people.

Ep. 133 – Fed Warns On Stocks, This Is An Extinction-Level Event – Jim Rickards, 4 Days To Avoid A Government Shutdown

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: Fed warns on stocks and look what happens. Federal reserve policy. This is an extinction-level event – Jim Rickards. Once their vacation ends, congress will have 4 days to avoid a government shutdown.

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