Everything Is Almost In Place, The Economic Crisis Is About To Begin – Episode 1198

Greece is getting to default on the debt, countries are setting up parallel system to protect themselves. German industrial production plunges most since 2009. The pace of hiring has slowed, those allegedly quitting has slowed. We are the downward slide into a depression. Atlanta Fed is already cutting GDP. Tax receipts on a federal and state level are continue to decline which shows the jobs numbers are fake. Trump is preparing the economy for a reset, the elite want to bring it down to blame it on him, the battle is on.

Ep. 72 – Debt Apocalypse Beckons, Fiat Currencies Collapsing, Apartment Glut

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses an article about the coming debt apocalypse because debt is growing faster than GDP. All fiat currencies appear to be collapsing – Pound, Dollar, Euro And Yen will be worthless within five years. Final segment is about the apartment glut that is coming.

Truth Bombs Are Exploding All Over The Place & The Corporate Media & Elite Are Scrambling – Episode 1197

Former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is urgning Tsprias to turn his back on lender and create their own currency. American biggest companies are slashing jobs. Bad news the economy is in a recession and it is slipping into a depression. The market could be in for a 50% correction. Gold bullion banks are allegedly going to open their vaults to become more transparent. Arizona along with Utah are pushing bills to make gold and silver legal tender bypassing the Fed dollar.

Ep. 71 – Town Hall Turns Against GOP Pol for Obamacare Repeal, $27B Sancuary Cities, Climate Whistleblower Ruins the Agenda

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses a story about a GOP politician requiring a police escort to escape a town hall meeting that heckled him. The second story is about spending BILLIONS of taxpayer money on sancuary cities. The final segment is about an NOAA whistleblower who claims the data was manipulated to influence lawmakers to take action against global warming.

Ep. 70 – Court Reopens JP Morgan Silver Rigging Case, Club’s Judges Block Trump, Veggie Shortage in Europe

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses how an appeals court overturns JP Morgan’s dismissal attempt of a silver price rigging case. The second story is about the club’s judges blocking Trump’s immigration freeze. Final story reveals how fragile our food delivery system is. Europe runs out of fresh vegetables.

Utah Getting Ready To Dump The Fed Dollar & Make Gold & Silver Legal Tender – Episode 1195

Job numbers are out and they are just as manipulated as before, not much has changed. Unemployment rises to 4.8%.”Not In The Labor Force” Plunge By A Record 736,000. Employment stalls. Deutsche Bank is getting to layoff thousands of workers. Factory orders are at the same levels as 2006 which puts the trend in recession levels. Trump signs executive order rolling back Dodd-Frank legislation. Is Trump working for the banks? Utah pushes bill that will allow gold and silver to become legal tender bypassing the Fed Dollar.

Ep. 69 – Audit the Fed, Facebooks Gains $1B in Accounting Change, Taxpayer Screwed Again, Trump Talks Tough With Oz President

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses how the Federal Reserve is increasingly coming under scrutiny by lawmakers as they grow unhappy with performance. Facebook gains $1 billion in earnings due to a simple accounting change. Taxpayers screwed again by guaranteeing rents. And Trump talks tough with Australia president.

Ep. 68 – Feb Web Bot Summary, Dow Companies Revenue Sinks, Interview with David Morgan,

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses a report about how the Dow 30 companies are experiencing sinking revenue. The second segment is the February Web Bot summary. Final segment is an interview with David Morgan about precious metals markets.

Is Trump Setting His Sights On The Federal Reserve To Expose It? – Episode 1194

Brazil’s unemployment creeps up. US continuing initial claims continually rises. Student loan debt problem is a lot worse than original thought. US productivity has never been so low for so long. Iran ditched the dollar and actually set a date when it will happen. Is Trump getting ready to go after the Federal Reserve, he is now questioning why the Federal Reserve is helping foreign banks and not the US. A study was conducted and it shows that fake news did not alter the elections. Berkeley students smashed windows destroyed property because they didn’t like who was going to speak at an event.

The US Economy Flashed Another Major Warning Sign Of A Depression – Episode 1193

UK Parliment authorizes Theresa May to proceed with Article 50. Italian youth unemployment surges to 40%. US adds unexpected 246k jobs in January. Manufacturing CEO says Obamacare hurt business and cost increased dramatically. US construction declines as housing declines. Mortgage application decline after a small bump up. Another economic indicator is flashing a depression is coming.

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