Ep. 149 – Congress Refers Hillary’s Private Server For Prosecution, Peak Stock Market Absurdity, Elemetal Gold Scandal

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses congress referring Hillary’s private server company to DOJ for prosecution. Have we just reached peak stock market absurdity? What does the elemetal gold scandal say about gold prices.

Former Central Banker Just Signaled That The Economy Is About To Crash – Episode 1265

In this episode of the X22 Report: The Canadian housing market is popping their is already a bailout to save a mortgage company. Initial jobless claims inch up. Consumers are tapped out, credit defaults on the rise. Pending home sales decline and they have been flat-line for years. Durable goods decline. GDP is estimate has now dropped to .2%, this is terrible. Trump flips on NAFTA, he is now going to negotiate it first, if it does not work then he will make the move to remove it. Trump says the Government my shutdown. The Government has shutdown in the past and the people didn’t even notice. Bernanke says not to worry. Everyone should be worried now.

Ep. 148 – Canada’s Housing Bubble Explodes, Cops Detain Entire School, Venezuela Plans To Give Firearms To Loyalists

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: Canada’s housing bubble explodes – biggest mortgage lender crashes in history. Cops detain entire school, illegally search 900 kids. Venezuela plans to give firearms to loyalists so they can purge growing resistance.

Do You Feel It, Something Just Changed – Episode 1264

In this episode of the X22 Report: Canada housing regulators are now warning of a housing bubble. The US is seeing the echo housing bubble of 2008. The central bankers need more debt pushed out, so those student’s with student loans will now be able to purchase homes by changing the rules. Trump is getting ready to sign an EO to cancel NAFTA. Bubble Alert, we have now passed the bubble of 2007 and are now headed to the 1999 bubble. Congress will pass a week extension to discuss the budget. Rand Paul says to drain the swamp the money must be taken away. The only way to do this is to crash the system and to remove the central bank.

Ep. 147 – 11 Facts Prove The U.S. Economy Is in bad Shape, 46% of adults can’t cover emergency expenses, Trade Wars Begin

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses 11 facts prove the U.S. economy in 2017 is in far worse shape than it was in 2016. 46% of adults can’t cover an emergency expense of $400. Trade wars begin Trump announces 20% tariff on Canadian softwood.

Central Bankers Tricks Are Now Being Used Against Them To Bring The Economy Down – Episode 1263

In this episode of the X22 Report: Consumer confidence stumbles and stock market soars. J Crew letting 150 employees go. Housing prices surge in the 20 bubble cities and new home sales surge according to the government. Trump pushing for a corporate tax like Obama. Trump budget for the wall won’t be a problem with the debt ceiling because he will wait until later this year to discuss. Trump is borrowing and creating more bubbles, using the central bankers trick to bring down the market. Flynn allegedly took money from Russia for a speech and never reported it.

Ep. 146 – Web Bot Report Summary, The Central Banks Have A Problem, Trump Wants Corporate Tax Rate Cut To 15%

In this episode of The Realist News podcast, Joe discusses may 2017 Cliff high’s ALTA (web bot) report summary. The central banks have a problem here! – Bill Holter. Trump to order corporate tax rate cut to 15%, loading up to $2 trillion in extra debt.

Ep. 26 – Adam Williams, Comeback Coach And Avatar Master

Our guest this week on The Vin Armani Show is Adam Williams, Comeback Coach and Avatar Master. Adam N. Williams is a self-described “former sycophant” and Wall Street Derivatives trader.

He lives in the Netherlands and now works to serve others, one person at a time, as a Guide and a Coach.

Either This Is A Secretive Plan That Will Benefit America Or Prepare For The Worst – Episode 1262

In this episode of the X22 Report: IMF says Greece needs to sacrifice more. After 50 weeks Caterpillar finally has one week that hit 1% sales and its because of China. The economy is declining rapidly and it will accelerate as we move along into this year. Banks in Spain are insolvent and Deutsche Bank says it was fun while it lasted but the economic election surge is over. The economy is at a point where the hard data is showing we are already in a recession and headed for a horrific collapse. Trump warns that Obamacare is dying on its own.

Ep. 143 – Fantastic Strategy To Get Silver, The Last Time This Happened The Market Crashed, Mother of all Secret Societies

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: Can’t cash out your 401k fantastic strategy to get silver? (Borrow Against it). SRSRocco warns stocks, bonds, and real estate headed for a financial enema. The last time this happened the stock market crashed. The pilgrims society – mother of all secret societies (manipulate everything).

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