Ep. 209 – Seattle’s Minimum Wage, Psychic Mom’s Inspection Prediction, 2 Shuttered Macy’s Stores In San Francisco

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: Seattle’s minimum wage hikes crushing the poor 6,700 jobs lost. So how did my psychic mom do on her inspection prediction? The fate of the 2 shuttered Macy’s stores in San Francisco.

Start The Countdown, The Summer Months Are The Elite’s Time To Create Havoc – Episode 1317

In this episode of the X22 Report: The conference board and the gallup polls show that the consumer believes that economy is getting worse and not improving. Case-Shiller reports that the increase of housing prices has slowed. Fannie Mae reports that mortgage apps are declining, the banks confirm this. The central banks have been purchasing tech stock to keep the market up, now it seems they are in trouble and if they go down the entire market crashes. IMF revised the US growth outlook, there review shows that Trumps policies will not happen and the economy now declining and will not improve.

Ep. 208 – Threats Facing The Global Economy, Contagion From The Bank Collapse In Italy, Fed’s Hidden Policy, Why ETH Is Dumping

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: BIS lists the four biggest threats facing the global economy. Contagion from the 2 Friday-night bank collapses in Italy. Get ready for QT1 a first look at the fed’s hidden policy. Look at what PAY Token is selling for now and why ETH is dumping.

The Plan, The Plot & How The Deep State Is Being Out Maneuvered – Episode 1316

In this episode of the X22 Report: Because of austerity Greece is feeling the pain of a garbage problem, the workers have gone on strike and want the government to give them full employment, meanwhile the garbage is piling up. Out of nowhere around 4am thousands of contracts were dumped to bring the gold and silver price down. The automobile perfect storm is on the horizon. Durable goods has imploded on itself. The BIS is warning that we will be entering a recession soon and they are prepared to shift the blame. Chicago’s Fed economic indicator has imploded pointing to a major disaster.

Ep. 207 – Crypto Profit, Interesting Story From China, New York’s Billionaires, Web Bot Hit

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: First mining finance corp, gonna spend some crypto profit here. Interesting boots on the ground story from China. New York’s billionaires row suffers biggest foreclosure in history. Web bot hit, two Italian zombie banks toppled Friday night.

The Collapse Will Be Driven By A Credit Collapse, Has The Date Been Set? – Episode 1315

In this episode of the X22 Report: Corporations are now looking at block-chain technology. Visa, Microsoft and many others are turning towards the crypto world while the corporate media and the banking community will begin to tell you how bad the block-chain is. The BIS is warning that a recession is headed our way, the corporate media is already putting out more articles of a recession. Goldman, Citi and BofA are now blaming the Fed for the past recessions. A Hedge fund manager has predicted a date of the collapse of the economy, now you know we are getting close.

Ep. 206 – Credit Card Debt Slaves, McDonalds Replacing Cashiers With Digital Kiosks, Rand Paul Health Bill, Illinois On The Brink Of Bankruptcy

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: Credit card debt slaves move to top of fed’s bank worries. McDonalds is replacing 2,500 human cashiers with digital kiosks, here is its math. Rand Paul health bill is now Obamacare-plus. Unfunded liabilities have turned Illinois into a banana republic on brink of bankruptcy.

Everything Is In Place, The Fed Unwind Is The Last Step, This Is The Warning – Episode 1314

In this episode of the X22 Report: McDonald’s and other food service businesses will be replacing workers with automated food ATM’s. New homes sales magically rebounded, but when you go deep into the numbers you can see that this is more fake news. Fed finishes stress tests on banks and they all passed according to the Fed, the biggest worry is all this credit card debt, if the system crashes the banks might be in trouble. Fed Bullard says that the Fed should hold off and wait for Trump’s policies before raising interest rates again.

The Fed Is Now Preparing For The Next Economic Crisis, Here’s How – Episode 1313

In this episode of the X22 Report: Sears Canada decided to announce that it will be declaring bankruptcy, approximately 3000 people will lose their jobs. Warren Buffett steps in and purchases Home Capital Group, big surprise since they were on the verge of collapsing. Junk bonds are signalling the great debt binge is now coming to an end. The Fed announced that will start to unwind its balance sheet, why now? The obvious reason is that the bubbles are at the top, its time to unload and prepare for the next economic crisis. The Senate releases their new health bill. Rand Paul says it still does not benefit the people, this is another rewrite of the original bill.

Brace Yourself, It’s Going To Get A Lot Worse Before It Gets Better – Episode 1312

In this episode of the X22 Report: India joins the Bitcoin revolution. Ford is not building a plant in the US and it is not building a plant in Mexico, they decided to go to China. Illinois comptroller says they are very close to a major crisis. Existing homes sales popup but first time buyers only accounted for 33% of all sales. Many of the other sales were investment firms. China tries to stop the yield curve from flattening or inverting but could not do it. The central bank is getting ready to blame the economy collapsing on Trump, already he is getting blamed for falling oil prices.

Ep. 204 – India Legalizes Bitcoin, Ethereum Flash Crashes, George Soros Slams Brits, How To Buy Into An ICO

In this episode of The Realist News podcast: Bank of Canada demos blockchain-based digital dollar and India legalizes Bitcoin. Ethereum flash crashes massive 96% $13 on Coinbase then recovers. George Soros slams Brits’ false hopes as the UK economy nears tipping point. How to buy into an ICO via MyEtherWallet.

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