Cloud Seeding Was Used Before Hurricane Harvey, Did It Amplify Its Impact?

By Aaron Kesel

Documents leaked to me earlier today seem to suggest that there were cloud seeding operations going on in West Texas on August 24th one day before Hurricane Harvey hit nearly destroying some areas of Texas, flooding whole neighborhoods.

The document was found to be uploaded to the West Texas Weather Modification’s alleged website showing that there was a cloud seeding operation that may have further amplified Hurricane Harvey which touched down only the next day after the cloud seeding occurred.

“Southwesterly flow aloft will work in conjunction with abundant surface moisture to help initiate a shower and storms. It appears the best shot will be across western sections of Trans-Pecos where a weak dryline is set up,” the document reads.

The document goes on to state that the team of scientists saw a “window of opportunity” in Culberson/Reeves County for seeding.

They then fired six glaciogenic flares over Reeves County; this was the first day seeding in August and the eighth in the season, according to the document.

Cloud seeding is nothing new and has been in fact utilized in Texas before in 2011 and 2012. George Bomar, who manages the Weather Modification Program for Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation told about weather modification over Texas at the time.

“The proven success of Weather Modification, Inc., in atmospheric and weather operations, is evident by our lengthy and impressive client listing speaks for itself. Our reputation for successful cloud seeding and meteorological services leads our veteran pilots, experienced meteorologists and radar engineers around the world. Our valued clients include private and public insurance companies, water resource management organizations, as well as federal and state government research organizations,” their website states.

When questioned about what it means that the operation was a success Bomar stated: “it means that the storm lived longer and produced more rain over a larger area.”

Now to be clear, I am not accusing any cloud seeding organization in Texas of intentionally strengthening the storm; I believe that these scientists meant well and wanted to experiment and spread out the rain from the storm. However, the statement by Bomar is one to re-read a couple of times. A successful cloud-seeding operation means the “storm lives longer and produces more rain over a larger area.”

This mean that it’s a high possibility that cloud seeding prior to the hurricane could have caused it to be amplified not only in strength but causing it to last longer than it would have normally from mother nature. Essentially by playing god with the weather the situation may have been made worse. Last year, in Los Angeles scientists did exactly what Bomar wanted, using cloud seeding to boost rain from the El Niño storm bringing rain to the then drought struck areas of California, according to the LA Times.

The CIA has even invested its time and money into geoengineering practices, as has the U.S. military with operations like Operation Popeye during the Vietnam war.

Rutgers scientists, led by Alan Robock, who performed geoengineering experiments have previously warned of the dangers of the practice stating it could cause droughts, famine and mass deaths. It’s well known that messing with the weather can have a very bad effect creating killer floods. The UN was even urged in 2010 to stop its geoengineering projects fearing they could harm nature and mankind.

In August 15, 1952, it was admitted that a team of scientists working with RAF under Operation Cumulus, jokingly called Operation Witch Doctor, caused a flood in the Devon village of Lynmouth, Britain that killed thirty-five people from the torrential rains, The Guardian reported.

In 1997, nearly 50 years after the incident then Secretary Of Defense William Cohen expressed that countries were “engaging even in eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

So with all these instances of creating rain one has to wonder if the cloud seeding before the hurricane in Texas was exactly like in Britain – an experiment gone way wrong. The only thing to do now is to come together and help those affected by the storm.

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post and is Director of Content for Coinivore. Follow Aaron at Twitter and Steemit.

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12 Comments on "Cloud Seeding Was Used Before Hurricane Harvey, Did It Amplify Its Impact?"

  1. Still making weather accidents after 75 years. Can we all lay off the drugs for one week?

  2. USAF redeploys X-37B climate chaos, earthquake and tsunami inducing orbital HAARP weapon

  3. West Texas Weather Modification Association proves cloud seeding chemtrails are real

  4. Fedgov has been chemtrailing off the west coast of Africa for a decade, killing the North American hurricane cycle while they poisoned our entire ecosystem. Lately, this criminal trash has stopped chemtrailing off the west coast of Africa and they may be steering these storms into America.

    Not only does geoengineering have to stop … those responsible need to pay with their lives. Geoengineering is a crime against humanity.

    • Its man imitating GOD trying to control the weather around him and yes these experimentations have killed thousands of people I suppose and they should be punished. I agree.

  5. I am worried about the unlimited stupidy from these bad called “Scientist”, they are just stupid terrorist

  6. When they spray the Gulf before an incoming hurricane they are hoping to slow down it’s velocity but like Katrina Harvey’s damage was due to massive rainfall. If you are in the area before he hurricane’s impact the spray actually has an oil on water rainbow look to them. They are not the everyday aluminum barium type. The people running these programs are trying to prevent an Andrew type hurricane of type 5 hitting landfall. Their goal is to eliminate freakishly high winds even if it means unprecedented rainfall of 40 inches or more. Knowing this you probably don’t want to purchase a home unless you know how many feet it is above sea level.

  7. Literally overwhelming. Woe be to those of you who feed this beast.

  8. HAARP could have also been used to manipulate the path. It went from a tropical storm to a category 4 in record time. Then it went into Texas and came back out into the Gulf to gain more strength and pick up the moisture from the Gulf to dump into Texas and Louisiana.

  9. Published by Springer, the Summary in “Aerosol Pollution Impact in Precipitation: A Scientific Review” says
    “Very small concentrations of large or giant Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN or GCCN) can serve as precipitation embryos and significantly affect the growth in precipitation”.
    These technologies were primarily developed by the military for warfare use (e.g. creating fog to hide ships at sea) and was used against people in the Vietnam war. Their use is a crime against nature and a crime against humanity. The United Nations could ban these practices but don’t. Unannounced, so called “experiments” continue throughout the world. The book gives details of recent “experiments” over various regions of the USA, Australia, South Africa and the world’s oceans.

  10. Pull the air traffic control radar images, and see what actually flew into the storm without a transponder code or an active IFF!
    Then, overlay the flight paths with squall bands that developed within 5-40 minutes of the flight path.

  11. So when are we going to start doing something like writing to the lazy assed senators and M>E>P.s to put a stop to this manslaughter of our countries,These inhumans can destroy any country in the world and in fact blackmail these corrupt goverments .It must be stopped .Read The Millenium Report that explains it all

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