Top Silicon Valley Exec Developing Telepathic Mind Control Technology

By Aaron Kesel

A former Google[x] exec Mary Lou Jepsen wants to bring telepathy to your list of technological needs, accomplishing this feat through a simple ski-hat.

“I figured out how to put basically the functionality of an M.R.I. machine — a multimillion-dollar M.R.I. machine — into a wearable in the form of a ski hat,” Jepson told CNBC.

So how does she hope to achieve this and is it possible?

Current M.R.I. technology can already see your thoughts: “If I threw you into an M.R.I. machine right now … I can tell you what words you’re about to say, what images are in your head. I can tell you what music you’re thinking of,” Jepsen said. “That’s today, and I’m talking about just shrinking that down,” she added.

For years, this type of technology has been successfully tested starting with the CIA testing electrodes to read thoughts during MKUltra, the “Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab” or PEAR for short and MIT.

From 1953 to 1973, the CIA was involved with all sorts of projects including — mind control, and reading, remote viewing and other experiments allegedly to target the Soviets and politicians. However, the experiments were done on non-consenting test subjects. And the official number of those tested is unknown since CIA Director Richard Helms destroyed all the records pertaining to the project.

Fifty some odd years later the black budget technology is coming out for public consumption in the clear world. Already, there are remote-controlled drones which are driven and robots that move their arms with the thoughts of your mind. The Chinese have tested using this technology for controlling robots for their soldiers and the list goes on and on, this isn’t new.

Jepsen isn’t the only Silicon valley technocrat trying to push mind reading technology.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk launched Neuralink, a company with a transhumanist agenda whose aim is to merge our brains with computers.

“Elon Musk is talking about silicon nanoparticles pulsing through our veins to make us sort of semi-cyborg computers,” Jepsen said. But why not take a noninvasive approach? “I’ve been working and trying to think and invent a way to do this for a number of years and finally happened upon it and left Facebook to do it,” Jepsen continues.

Still, even though Jepsen says it’s “noninvasive,” after her former company Google has been accused of privacy violations time and time again including handing information to the NSA, one can only trust her word so much.

The scary thing is that sending an image inside someone’s head to another person was proven by a Harvard University scientist in 2014 who sent a message from India to France.

But what’s even scarier is that this could be used by government authorities to create an Orwellian Society like that out of George Orwell’s 1984 where we create thought crimes.

As Truthstream media’s Melissa Dykes said last year during the Davos meeting, elite were talking about implementing brain decoding technology without your consent into the legal system.

Technology is about to openly bring us an era where government authorities can read people’s minds without their permission and use it against them including in court, pre-crime, thought police/thought crime and labeling people including children as potential criminals based on their brainwaves.

It’s not a matter of will this technology be abused, it’s a matter of when it will be abused. Everyone deserves their own safe space inside their head free from outside criticism. Not to mention implementing a technology like this where hackers will seek to exploit the technology creating a dangerous situation for the users who knows what is capable. We are literally moving into The Matrix or  Minority Report.

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post. Follow us at Twitter and Steemit. This article is Creative Commons and can be republished in full with attribution.

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Image Credit: Truthstream Media

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15 Comments on "Top Silicon Valley Exec Developing Telepathic Mind Control Technology"

  1. Isn’t that a “red line” for the few who refuse to be sheep? If the state has the power to read your minds, the ultimate invasion of privacy and infringement of our “right” of agency, then how do we vote that problem down, how do we email, write, call, and leave messages to our representatives so that they stop this from propagating? This is way beyond gerrymandering, redistricting, closing polling places, this is the last key to the kingdom of enslaving humanity.

    Think about the corporations who are itching to move beyond their real-time watching and analyzing of the human condition for profit, through social media; if you can READ thoughts, it won’t be but a eyelash from IMPLANTING thoughts.

    How do we, the good and honest people of the Earth, live with this technology? Think about sub-neural advertising, about experiencing movies as if you are part of the action, a MASSIVE sleight of hand to get the masses to happily give up the last free space on this planet, our own minds.

    I guess we march towards Kurtzweil’s “singularity” or we decide that we don’t want to. This seems to be another vector for a violent confrontation. Unless this gets fast tracked as the better than VR or AR media experience. The mind reels at the implications.

  2. It is not the technology we should blame, but how it is used. We know they have abused their power by looking at what we do on the computer, but we must not blame the computer only the people who invade our privacy on the computer.

  3. Could you not, you scientifics, use your knowledge to target elite brains with messages like :
    – ” gift water” – FREE WATER TO ALL,
    – “gift fruits” – FREE FOOD TO ALL,
    – “gift lands” – FREE LANDS, FREE MOVE, FREE GOLD … to all !
    Let us share and gift what ever we could – let us plant FREE GARDEN for all 7 billionpeople – let us turn our planet into a FREE SPACE where people work only out of PASSION and love TO PRODUCE GIFTS !

    • It seems to me that Obama already did that. See how poorly that’s working out.

      • Do you have FREE WATERS ? FREE FOOD? FREE GARDEN ? FREE MOVE ? Do you work out of passion ? Do you produce gifts for your people ?
        Obama did help bankers to reap you of ! He worked hard for the system ! And, you too !

    • only work out of passion….. and how interesting it will be watching 7 billion play all day long.

      • Working for money out of need to pay water, food, house… is slavery that kill work-motivation ! That’s why we could consent that ALL WATERS must BE FREE OF CHARGE as well food, houses… AFTER that, people could work out of passion and NOT OUT OF OBLIGATION like today ! Working is pleasure if you work out of PASSION !

        • How can anything be “free of charge” if there is a finite supply of said item/product and a cost to producing and/or delivering it?

          • gifteconomy | July 12, 2017 at 9:56 pm |

            Read once again – WE HAVE TO CONSET, it means, WE HAVE TO DECLARE that all warters, food, basic needs must be FREE of charge – we need the will and solidarity, majority to do so !
            Meanwhile, Start planting FREE FRUIT-TREES in a guerilla way to create A FREE GARDEN; give FREE SERVICES ; SHARE & GIFT as much as you can – let us turn our planet into a FREE GARDEN THAT IS PARADISE

  4. You don’t need to read my mind – just read my writings and posts. What would be advantageous is if could see what the F.. up government and politicians are thinking after 15 years of war in the M E, Africa, and the other top secret operations that do – Nada- for Americans. And make sure Mary Lou – that you have a “delete total brain functions” when the politicians wear them – Por favor !

  5. This is not being developed for the use of private citizens but is a missing skill of the Overlord Reptilians; who will be able to use this on US by the half-breed slaves. These puppets like Bush or Clinton etc. and/or their surrogates will have direct control of US as opposed to their fear/warbased mechanism that has been used for millennia on humankind. The Reptilian Overlords smile at the availability of such a tool.

  6. hey… Tin Foil Hats don’t seem so strange any more, huh?

  7. With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you…

  8. First of all, we’re already very deep into Orwell’s nightmare …and they cannot control telepathy. They know it’s very real. Both Russia and the US spent millions studying it but they cannot understand it. They spent a long time investigating a specific tribe that used telepathy almost routinely but the spooks couldn’t figure out how they did it. IMO, in order to master this form of communication; which cannot be stolen or programmed, is to be very sensitive to both the earth itself and other living things. They can use drugs and plenty of awful things but when it comes to telepathy, spooks have no chance….

  9. It will be so good invention for us and i know every one are like to get. For make us more happy such kind of technology is be more familiar day by day in here.

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