How Will Private Charities Survive Without Stolen Tax Dollars?

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani covers a couple of stories about private charities. When faced with government budget cuts, charities rediscover how to fundraise, showing that they don’t need to steal people’s labor (taxes) to survive.

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Vin Armani is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post, TV Star of Gigolos on Showtime, and co-founder of Agorist newsletter Counter Markets. Follow Vin on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube. Get the weekly podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Vin is available for interviews at email Vin (at)

  • CAWS

    Now if we could just make private corporations survive without taxpayer subsidies. Starting with the two new nuke plants being built along the Savannah River that have been assessing ratepayers for years & are still not finished & may never be finished.

    • guestimate

      Or how about the legalized ponzi scheme known as fractional reserve banking, creating a bogus debt out of thin-air created dollars, and trillion-dollar interest payments your taxes also pay for.

  • Bob Cherry

    Wealthy along cannot power a society. The religion of greed has a short shelf life. People of all classes and differences must cooperate. John Locke, “Govt exist to take man out the state of nature”

    • guestimate

      So true! They say they are the only producers when in fact they are a minority of parasites while the majority of workers are the real producers. I suppose they hope to have driverless cars, trucks & buses, AI factories so they don’t have to pay workers, but then who will have income to buy their goods? Short-sighted is right. Only utopia works for everyone. Try for less and that’s what we get. Bring on the guaranteed income, the people are sooo ready!

  • Taking care of business!

    No charity should be funded, subsidized by Uncle. The righteous, true, moral ones “survive” already, not desiring, needing Government involvement or potential involvement in their outreach. Any charity that cannot exist without the Government is ill-conceived, not meant to be, or poorly managed. I contribute to a large number of nobel, tax-exempt charities and the satisfaction that I am serving the Lord is my motivation, even if the deduction is dissolved.

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