Dr. Rand Paul Introduces Tulsi Gabbard’s “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” in Senate

This week, U.S. Senator Rand Paul introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists Act (S. 532) to prevent American taxpayers’ money from being used to directly or indirectly support armed militants who are allied with or often working under the command of al-Qaeda, ISIS, or other terrorist groups. The legislation serves as a companion bill to H.R. 608, which Representative Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2) reintroduced in January.

“One of the unintended consequences of nation-building and open-ended intervention is American funds and weapons benefiting those who hate us,” said Dr. Paul. “This legislation will strengthen our foreign policy, enhance our national security, and safeguard our resources.”

“For years, the U.S. government has been supporting armed militant groups working directly with and often under the command of terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government. Rather than spending trillions of dollars on regime change wars in the Middle East, we should be focused on defeating terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda, and using our resources to invest in rebuilding our communities here at home,” said Rep. Gabbard. “The fact that American taxpayer dollars are being used to strengthen the very terrorist groups we should be focused on defeating should alarm every Member of Congress and every American. We call on our colleagues and the Administration to join us in passing this legislation.”

You can read S. 532, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, HERE, and you can find more information below:

S. 532, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act:

  • Makes it illegal for any U.S. federal government funds to be used to provide assistance covered in the bill, including weapons, munitions, weapons platforms, intelligence, logistics, training, and cash, to terrorists.
  • Prohibits the U.S. government from providing such assistance covered in the bill to any nation that has given or continues to give such support to terrorists.
  • Instructs the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to determine the individuals and groups that should be considered terrorists, for the purposes of this bill, by determining: (a) the individuals and groups that are associated with, affiliated with, adherents to, or cooperating with al-Qaeda, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, or ISIS; (b) the countries that are providing assistance covered in this bill to those individuals or groups.
  • Anticipates changing conditions by requiring the DNI to work with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Armed Services Committee, and Select Committee on Intelligence to review and update the list of prohibited countries and groups every six months.
  • Provides for accountability and transparency by requiring the DNI to brief Congress on its determinations.

Source: Rand Paul press release

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  • Tulsi gonna get herself Wellstoned. and I ain’t talking Maui wowi.

    • Abe

      god i hope not. but you bring up a legitimate fear. i hope your wrong….

  • Euclides de oliveira pinto net

    Inocente a deputada… quem arma os mercenários é a CIA, com recursos oriundos do tráfico de drogas, principalmente a heroina… o dinheiro não aparece nas contas do governo… além disso, o saque de petroleo da Siria, Iraque e Libia garante petróleo barato, que está sendo refinado nos USA e os derivados são vendidos normalmente no mercado mundial… ganham de todos os lados… observe o incremento de atividades das refinarias situadas nos USA – milhões de barris de derivados do petróleo estão sendo exportados diariamente… não é nada de “shale oil” (que custa caro)… o petróleo árabe é de alta qualidade e os lucros são absurdos… e não pagam royalties… isso é estratégia da máfia Khazarian…

  • doucyet

    The irony here is that the Congress of the United States of America has to pass a bill against arming terrorists. WTF………………..!

    • chris

      gee,since they willingly arm rtheir mercenaries. can we call it what it is treason/ and impeach the entire govt. but the sheeple still don’t get it,the people are the real power ,not the govt.

  • Undecider

    Yes, let’s stop mass shootings. Overseas.

  • Heretic Jones

    As usual, the notion that the government will fix a problem that they themselves created is absurd. Keeping weapons out of “terrorist” hands, eh? The government defining who terrorists are is akin to psychopaths defining psychopathy. But I guess Rand and Tulsi don’t want to get suicided so they continue to work within the system.

  • littljo

    Must be common practice in the swamp.
    Drain the swamp.

  • Louis Charles

    As long as the Fed keeps their “legal” counterfeiting shop open for biz, this bill is like throwing a pillow on a raging forest fire, hoping the feathers will extinguish it. “Money” needn’t be “authorized” by congress to fund anything, any longer.

    • David

      Louis Charles++That’s accurate. Consider how Obama, on his own, gave $7.5B to Terrorist Iran, who are now perfecting ballistic missiles. He did this without Congressional approval.

  • Abe

    go tulsi. you rock…..

  • Arch Deacon

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham both just dropped an Overy…

    • Mike Fetter

      war’s good cover for songbird and whiffenpoof

  • Joe Blow

    True bi-partisan work.

  • Herbert Dorsey

    It would be informative to keep a record of how each member votes on this bill. It would show which members of our government actually support terrorism and which ones don’t.

    • *If* it gets voted on. Many bills never receive a vote.

    • David

      There are supposed to be records. I’ve actually heard Fienstein tell Congress people to go ahead & vote for bills & she would keep it from going public.
      This is what we have in Congress. I believe we have a soft coup going on right now.

  • Mike Fetter

    yeah boiieeeeee!
    Trump Dump Pence, Tulsi for VEEP 2020
    no moar war

    • chris

      falling for the political game are you?

      • Mike Fetter

        sick of the war game. et tu?

        ms gabbard is a heroine.

        you’re welcome to think what you like of either or both of us.

        • chris

          gabbard is a fraud. you are falling for the same false hero status that brought us obama and other leeches in govt. poor thing.

          • Mike Fetter

            made a living detecting fraud & don’t see fraud in Gabbard or her motives.

            i see in her a patriot who wants to stop USofA’s endless wars in the ME on behalf of another nation.

            what i don’t see is a record of your Disqus remarks – not atypical of a shill.

            you a fan of America’s men and women fighting and dying in what should be other nation’s wars?

          • chris

            perhaps your detector is broken. perhaps you need to look further. whats her sudden motive? ask that? why the sudden attention getting drive. gee,she volunteered to go play the war games a few yrs ago. now she wants to stop it? and you can’t see this obvious game playing? shes a rabid islamaphobe as well as an israel firster. all members of the govt that proclaim for a foreign,illegal state above their own country need to face the unemployment line.

          • Mike Fetter

            my first attempt to respond to your remarks didn’t stick, gee wonder why.

            abbreviated summary:

            people who see war firsthand change their minds about it right quick. especially Americans who are called on to defend against non-threats to America. details supporting my remark of mine were obliterated when my initial response was torpedoed.

            prove your allegations against Gabbard – you can’t, she isn’t.

          • Mike Fetter

            still earning clams doin’ the forensic accounting bit, thanks for your concern.

          • Mike Fetter

            no moar war on behalf of “fair weather allies”.

          • chris

            its more not moar.

          • chris

            clearly you aren’t too bright. apparently you want to play stupid. go check out the hindu fraud yourself. guess who is her money backer, sheldon adelson. that would be enough for anyone who is aware and awake to know. prove you aren’t a moron now. idiot.

          • Mike Fetter

            HuffPo hates her – she’s anti immigrant, anti-refugee, pro-Putin, called McCain a terrorist enabler and wanted into Trump’s cabinet. Right wing Democrats are not pariahs in my book. Again, think what you like of who you like.

          • chris

            lol lol yet she married a refugee. lol or if you prefer immigrant. better stop trying to find a savior in politics. there are none. the people must realize change only comes from themselves. these frauds are always pushed to enable the govr/elite agenda. the fact that she is such good friends with adelson should be more than enough to question who her loyalties lie with. but…. poor sheeple such as you always believe the hype for the latest poster person. lol pathetic.

          • Mike Fetter

            “…gabbard is the marilyn munster of the democratic party.” deal with it.

            btw, i got a savior.

            mind your diastolic, the world needs your genius.

            p.s. – i read lol as lucifer our lord. i don’t know, but i wonder about folks who use that shorthand. here’s hoping you get right.

          • chris

            you keep attempting to make personal remarks. you fail as you fail to detect a fraud. i bet you voted for obama too. lol

          • Mike Fetter

            politics are not toxic and it costs money to play. only so many places to come by the wherewithal. for all politicos reality dictates need for sugar daddy. a certain amount of moral relativism comes with the territory. mind your blood pressure.

          • Mike Fetter

            no moar proxy war on behalf of fair weather allies

          • chris

            gee, tell that to the warmongers in govt. one of which is gabbard, lol lol endless war is too profitable. the u.s. has been at war for over 100 yrs with someone. its called imperialism.

          • David

            Obama had all kinds of RED FLAGS when ge ran for office. But, people still voted for him because he is black. But, then, we would have gotten Hillary. It was like playing the game double jeopardy.

          • chris

            yes it was damned if you do,damned if you don’t.

  • Jeffrey Liberty

    How can any member of Congress oppose this Bill? Yet they will.

    • Bob

      Because they get kickbacks from the defense contractors who earn money from these neverending wars

  • davidk

    When will obma’s muslim brother hood be declared a terrorist group?

    • chris

      i see you fail to understand who created the muslim brotherhood. look to the usual culprits,th u.s/uk govts.

      • davidk

        I see you are passive/aggressive. Regardless of it’s genesis, my question stands.

        • chris

          gee, passive /aggressive. perhaps you need to look up that meaning too.

  • Jimmy

    John McCain will say it’s necessary to arm terrorist to protect us from the Russians

    • As a resident of Arizona I can only say, “Dang John McCain and he war mongering ways.”

  • chris

    well duh! its already illegal to provide aid to an enemy,created or real,its called treason. this fraud needs to be ignored. shes another islamaphobic pro israheller.

  • Tom

    It is NOT what you want Mr and Mrs Con-Gress, It is what the owners of this country want.
    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”
    – Rothschild

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