The Difference Between a Fascist and an Anti-Fascist with Larken Rose

By Jeff Berwick

Jeff interviews Larken Rose, topics include: defining alt right and antifa, both totalitarian, the current use of the term ‘nazi’, power cannot be used for freedom, state indoctrination, a criticism of Stefan Molyneux, open or closed borders, some perspective on the Muslim ‘threat’, the US troops are the real terrorists, the immorality of statist ‘libertarians’, ‘anarchists’ for Trump, Trump is pro military and police state, Larken’s seminars on debating with statists, bypassing statist indoctrination, ‘Candles in the Dark’, logic and evidence do not work, statism basically a cult, The Mirror to be more effective than any conversation, exponential growth of freedom, the end of the ruling class, Larken’s report on Anarchapulco and on becoming a Jeanjacketarian!


Jeff Berwick is the host of Anarchast and founder of Dollar Vigilante. Subscribe on Youtube or on Steemit

  • blue579

    Alt right is a CIA term that Killary Klinton introduced. We shouldn’t even use the spooks’ psy op labels.

    What’s wrong with alternative views? Nothing. Right isn’t traditional conservatism when it’s tied to neocon globalists. Alt Right is a bogus term.

  • Joe Blow

    Normally I am a fan of Larken’s but he is starting to get a little irritating with his condemnations of others. More ego and arrogance than good insight. Perhaps the spotlight of his “15 mins” is getting too hot in his own head?? 😕

    • Common Sense

      I stopped the video at 16:56 when he basically stated, ” If you don’t think like me you’re a scared moron”
      He’s contradicting his own philosophy.

      • Joe Blow


    • William Burke

      Something about Larkin Rose always bothered me; now I see I was right to trust my instincts. Denouncing anyone who differs from one even slightly is pure divisiveness, and Rose seems to be here to divide, not unite.

      That alone is reason to distrust him.

      • Joe Blow

        Heard him on some web show and watched The Tiny Dot and one on Staism, both very brilliant. But you are correct about trusting one’s gut. What I think was off for me from the start was a cockiness or arrogance in his “tone” and not his words. But this time he spoke without openness to others.

        • William Burke

          I’m not disputing he’s brilliant. I like to hear a little doubt in people’s words. He’s too sure of himself, and doubt is a reality in any field.

          • Joe Blow

            One of the big challenges of people out here in blogland is they confuse fact with opinion. One I react to a lot are the religious fundamentalist rants. Another are the unvetted or linked brash condemnations…”he is Communist dupe, or they are sold out to…” that sort of thing.

          • William Burke

            You mean like “the Bible literally the word of God, and proves God’s existence”? I’ve gotten in some arguments over that. Maybe if they have an autographed first edition.

          • Joe Blow

            Or a selfie with him/her. 😂

          • William Burke

            “Here I am with God, who is happy because he just finished the Grand Canyon!”

          • Joe Blow

            You got the idea. 😄

  • Rog

    Cultural dilution is real, Larken, it is a tactic of war. The Celts, ancient cultures of Europe, Romans etc. were all subdued by this method. Nations of people, not necessarily governments, have every right to control who comes into their midst. You don’t let the neighborhood crackhead into your house to live do you? I’m as hard core as you, Larken, but even I understand the right of a people/culture to self determination. Even in an idyllic anarchy, people will enforce what they believe is in their best interests, government or no.

    • William Burke

      I think cultural dilution is inevitable to some extent. But cultures should have a right to try and prevent it. Hopefully it can be done non-violently.

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