Land Of The “Free”: More US-Born Americans Detained At Border, Asked For “Papers Please” As “Liberty Lovers” Call For An Even Bigger Police State

By Melissa Dykes

The most confounding development since Donald Trump took office is the mounting number of people basically begging for a bigger police state than we already have here in America … but more on that in a moment.

Stories are coming out of all corners of the U.S. with much more frequency in recent months about people being “stopped and frisked” without any probable cause whatsoever, American-born citizens being detained for hours at the border for seemingly no reason at all (unless profiling based on nothing more than a foreign-sounding name is now legal “probable cause”), and ICE has increased random “stings” in cities nationwide where people are just rounded up and detained in large groups to check everyone’s papers … please (except for the “please” part).

Cases in point include an American female Olympian who happens to be Muslim with a Muslim name who was detained for two hours at the border without any reason given. Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad won a bronze medal during the 2016 Olympics. She also “won” the honor of being detained for an extreme vetting session based on…?

Come on. We all know what it was based on.

For those wondering, despite mainstream media reports, this woman was actually detained right at the end of Obama’s final term before Trump was sworn in.

Another recent case involved a US-born NASA scientist who went to South America for a couple of weeks to race solar-powered cars. He left while Obama was still president and returned under Trump’s America. The man was detained and forced to unlock his smart phone for border patrol agents before they would let him back into the country … again, seemingly based on nothing other than his last name, as the agents did not even bother to look  Sidd Bikkannavar up in the system to find out he was born here and has worked at the Jet Propulsion Lab for a decade.

Meanwhile, on the streets, a naturalized US citizen from India named Aravinda Pillalamarri who has lived here for 30 years now was simply out for a walk in late January steps from her home in her town of Bel Air, Maryland (which is, just by the way, 90% Caucasian) when she was stopped by police who demanded an ID because of a “suspicious person” call. Not legally defined probable cause, mind you, and there is no law requiring anyone to show ID to police while out walking when they are not suspected of an actual crime.

The comments on these kinds of stories on The Free Thought Project website are horrifying in my opinion.

It’s everything from things like this:


To this:


Idiotic blind obedience to authority aside, were you aware we live in a country where a person cannot even go for a walk without being detained and forced to show “papers please”? Well it’s happening with increasingly frequency in recent months to the point that we might as well not even have a Fourth Amendment anymore.

While the Olympic medalist believes she was detained for no other reason than having a Muslim name, I know I’ve personally been detained at the border and grilled and had every personal item in my car right down to my dirty under (it was a road trip) riffled through by a border agent with an obvious attitude problem who apparently just wanted to make our day hell because he had no reason to suspect us or any probable cause whatsoever and he treated us like total criminals anyway just for trying to come back into our own country after spending three days in Canada.

I’ve since been told we were probably flagged in the system because we’re activists with the alternative media, but somehow I bet he just treats the majority of people that way because that is the level of tyrannical police state we are at in this country.

Here’s what is making it worse to the point of intolerable, though.

As Brandon Smith of Alt Market recently pointed out, comments begging for MORE tyrannical police state are becoming all too common these days; and in a scary twist, becoming that much more common in supposed “liberty movement” circles:

As an alternative analyst I am privy to trends in the liberty movement and in conservative circles that might not be immediately obvious to casual readers. Already, I am witnessing calls among conservatives to abuse government power to defeat the Left. I have seen comments such as:

“Trump should use the NDAA to imprison these leftists indefinitely…”

“The only solution is to throw the leftists into FEMA camps…”

“Trump needs to shut down the leftist media…”

“Sometimes it is okay to bend the rules of the constitution if you have the right president…”

And comments like this are popping up everywhere in liberty media boards. Now, I recognize that some of this talk is being posted by paid disinformation agents and provocateurs, but, I have heard regular conservatives and patriots, people who are long time proponents of the Constitution, echo similar sentiments.

When did we get to a point where so called “patriotic liberty lovers” are the ones begging the hardest for tyranny? Begging state agents to basically light the Constitution on fire? Begging to have their rights stolen along with everyone else’s?

That’s perhaps the most frustrating, disturbing development of all.

Guess they’ll be the ones now arguing that if we aren’t doing anything wrong, we have nothing to worry about, right?

Yeah, good luck with that.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

~ Pastor Martin Niemöller

(H/T: Quinn Sysmith)

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

  • Tuaca1107

    OMG Malissa!!!!! She had to wait for TWO hours!!!!! Where oh where is the justice in this. Oh wait, perhaps there was a line?!

    • againstcorporaterule

      So, I take it you loved Obama when he put the TSA in power and militarized the police?

      • Tuaca1107

        And you would be 10,000gb wrong!!

  • againstcorporaterule

    Don’t worry. When Bill Cosby finally got exposed there were a TON of trolls with plenty of time on their hands to make endless stupid comments in favor of Bill Cosby’s “innocence,” but it became pretty obvious that it was in no way, indicative of how the majority of the public felt. It’s what they do when they’re hanging on for dear life: intimidation, name-calling, etc, trying to make us all believe that we’re outnumbered when the opposite is true.

    Also, it is interesting how Alex Jones made a career out of ALWAYS warning against the police state and 9/11 propaganda, only to turn around and use the word “snowflake” to describe those of us who are still against the police states regardless of who is at the helm -Obama or Trump..

  • Alex Thomas

    What I find interesting about these claims that “liberty lovers” are begging for a police state is that they ignore the obvious fact that the POLICE STATE/DEEP STATE is openly working AGAINST Donald Trump. Its like certain sites are so used to always going after every aspect of the government that they cant actually see that we now have a president who got rid of the TPP and has deep state actors illegally leaking material to the corporate media.

    Think about that for a second. Trump got rid of the TPP and hes bad?

    It is an indisputable fact that the vast majority of the global elite are actively targeting the Trump administration.

    • Alex Thomas

      Its like alt media figureheads doing their own sort of “virtue signaling” by attacking Trump when hes openly fighting the same forces they claim to fight. I’m not even saying Activist Post is doing this I just mean throughout the alt-media

      • WatchmanofEzekiel33

        You are 100% correct.

  • Melissa quoting Brandon Smith :
    “….As an alternative analyst I am privy to trends in the liberty movement…..”

    Brandon, in all his articles, perpetuates that FALSE left-vs-right political paradigm. Needless to say, this is exactly the Globalist line of operation. So, is Brandon a dupe caught in this FALSE paradigm, or a Globalist hack ?

    In one of his late articles he is promoting the crazy idea of a “civil war”, which brings division and destruction. This is another line of the Globalists……

    Beware of Brandon Smith !

    He is not an “alternative” analyst, in my opinion.

  • Paul Panza

    “liberty” is not the same as FREEDOM. The “Liberty Movement” is an obvious scam of the alien/military/industrial/complex who is using this substitution of terms to further obfuscate the real rights of the individual citizen into the naval paradigm. Needing to obtain “liberty” one is still under the thumb of authority whereas FREEDOM is your unalienable birthright. The “Liberty Movement” is the wolf in the clothing of the sheep; the movement is scamming the populace to accept the Rule of The Sea over the Rule of the Land. I want my freedom I don’t need their liberty.

  • Common Sense

    Modern day issues are not as simple as to paint with a wide brush as done here.

    1) These so called agents within the TSA are usually low paid local people who now have a badge and uniform and the little power given goes right to their head.
    2) We have conditions where people are entering the country and doing bad things and there is an overreaction to compensate. (this is a result of the immigration laws being intentionally ignored to the benefit of the people at the top)
    3) There is a huge fight right now where mindless people ae confusing the difference between illegal people and immigrants. BIG difference. We are ALL immigrants.

    There’s just three examples of the variables that are at play with Mellissa’s situation.
    It’s never a one size fits all answer to what is going on.

    Many of the articles here and other alt news sites are resembling the sensationalized, click bait, and spin tactics used by MSM. I get the feeling they are twisting articles at times to generate readership or help form a certain opinion. Sound familiar?

    • Jim Lunsford

      The people doing the worst things aren’t from other countries. They are from this one and they hold positions of power. Examples include congress, criminal justice system (all levels), and so on and on and on ad nauseum.

  • NJguy – Proudly Deplorable

    No one (except libtards) wants a police state. But, Hussein created an illegal mess in this country that must be cleaned up. If that requires more police, then fine. Don’t blame Americans for wanting to undo Hussein’s mess.

    Btw, Activist Post is NOT a conservative sight.

  • Archie1954

    Fascism and a Police State do not protect liberty, they destroy it! Other countries are issuing warnings to their citizens about travel to the US. They cite chaotic gun proliferation, police brutality, judicial problems etc. as good reasons to be wary when travelling in the US.

  • Guadamour

    I’ve always contented that the US is a “Free” Country–You are Free to Do What You Are Told!

  • yingyangyou

    My whole adult life I have been stopped by police when walking anywhere near a public gay cruising area here in snowflake-filled Massachusetts. No Liberals seem to care in the least. In fact, they didn’t blink when gay venues all over the country were slammed shut by cities in reaction to HIV during the 1990’s. Now they are screaming about violent criminals and illegal immigrants being stopped by police. And they would most likely not care that gay men are likely to be harassed and killed by the Muslims they seem to want here in larger numbers. The hypocrisy of Liberals reeks.

  • Jim Lunsford

    When I used to fly commercial, I was always the “random” search.

  • Jim Lunsford

    So did Aldous Huxley.

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