The Hidden History Of Corruption Behind Friday The 13th

By John Vibes

The unlucky Friday the 13th is one of the most well-recognized superstitions in the Western world. This tradition is over 700 years old and has a very interesting origin. During the 12th century, there was a massive religious war that consumed most of Europe and Asia. Europeans referred to these times as “the crusades.” This war lasted centuries and allowed an elite class of knights to accumulate so much power and wealth that their influence rivaled both the monarchy and the church. The Knights of the Temple of Solomon, or more commonly known as “The Knights Templar” were the most influential political force of their time. They were the world’s first international bankers and were the corporate giant of the Middle Ages.

The Templar Knights were a military force throughout the entire Crusades, but didn’t become a strong political organization until they were given diplomatic immunity by the church in 1126. Their close relationship with the church was unusual for the time, as the lifestyle of a knight was usually associated more with the monarchy. The Knights Templar represented both the warrior and the priest, and they were often referred to as the “fighting monks.” This best of both worlds diplomacy allowed the knights to form their own political dynasty which transcended the established powers of the time. They did not have to abide by the same rules as the church or the monarchy, but instead they had the advantage and privileges of both institutions.

During the Crusades it was rumored that the Templars studied alchemy and discovered forbidden knowledge on their journeys. This would not be the first time that this has happened in history; it is actually quite common for conquerors to return home with ancient artifacts, just like Napoleon did with the Rosetta stone, for example. Some say that instead of offering their discoveries to museums, the Templars kept the artifacts and knowledge within their own order. This is all speculation and legend, but what we do know for certain is that the Templars were conniving aristocrats who became the world’s most successful multinational bankers.

They had most of the known world caught in a complex pyramid scheme that is eerily similar to the scams that are being run by international bankers today. They collected taxes for protecting trade roads, bankrolled both sides of all the wars and exploited the massive peasant class, using them as workhorses to build their fortunes.

Through these shady practices the knights ended up having more money than the monarchy and the church combined. Both the church and the monarchy were deeply in debt to the Templars from loans they had taken out, so one would be able to argue quite easily that the Templars were the most dominant political institution of the time. Eventually the monarchy grew very threatened by the immense power of the Knights Templar. The person to finally take action against the Templars was King Phillip the 4th of France. Since the Templars were under the protection of the church, King Phillip needed papal permission to overthrow them.

In order to get this blessing, Phillip covertly murdered 2 popes in less than a year until a candidate of his choice was in power. With all the necessary steps taken, King Phillip made his move. On the morning of Friday, April 13, 1307 there was a surprise raid on all the Templar offices. The knights were being arrested on over a hundred different counts of heresy and treason and many confessed after being brutally tortured. After a short, rigged trial the Templars were sentenced to burn at the stake. The grand master of the Knights Templar cursed the king and pope before he was executed, and synchronistically both died within the year. It is said that a fleet of Templar warships managed to escape France the night before the raids, which allowed those remaining members to maintain control of world events from behind the scenes. They apparently did this by changing their names and moving to various different parts of the known world. In fact, it is said by many that the Templars who managed to escape the Inquisition fled to Switzerland and reestablished their international banking cartel there.

This theory makes sense considering that the country has been a safe haven for bankers and robber barons for centuries. There are over 500 major banking institutions in Switzerland, the majority of them are owned and controlled by various elite bloodlines and covert organizations that I’ll describe in detail later on. It is estimated that around 35% of all the wealth in the world is held in Switzerland. The World Trade Organization or WTO is also based in Switzerland. These banks are among some of the only financial institutions in Europe that aren’t subject to audits and investigations from the new European Union government. The financial district in London called “the city,” as well as the Vatican in Italy, is also given the same kind of protection and secrecy, but they are the only areas in Europe that have those kinds of privileges.

It is also rather interesting that the Swiss Guard is responsible for guarding the pope (located in Italy, not Switzerland), a task that was once the job of the Knights Templar. The flag of Switzerland is actually an inversion of the Templar’s shield, the flag being red with a white cross and the shield being white with a red cross. It is important to mention that the banking elite may have ties to the areas government and economy, but they have nothing to do with the people of Switzerland. They do not represent them and their actions should not be held against the people of this country. In fact, Switzerland is one of the best places on earth to live, with very free social policies. They have a low crime rate because everyone in the country is armed and drugs are legal. They also remain neutral in all major wars, but still, when there is smoke there is usually fire. Although I wouldn’t mind living in Switzerland myself and imagine it is filled with wonderful people, there are just too many clues pointing to this region as playing a vital role in the many worldwide banking schemes. With this being a very realistic possibility, Templar influence would seem to put the puzzle together nicely, but it’s not something that we have been able to prove yet.

Switzerland is just one of the many places where the ruling class has established a stronghold to operate from, the same goes with “The City” in London, the Vatican, Washington DC and Zionist Israel. The people that live in these places have nothing to do with the elite’s plans, aside from being used as workhorses, cannon fodder and political pawns. Since the days of their fall from grace, the Templar Knights and their predecessors have learned their lesson, and have continued their work in secret. Even if the official order went underground, their business model and diplomatic strategies are still very much alive today and have a deep impact on our way of life. The Templars became an all-powerful “invisible government” by mastering and manipulating politics and finance, much like the bankers that influence world events today. In fact, today’s multinational bankers follow the Templars model precisely and use all of the same age-old tactics to exploit the masses.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. John is currently battling cancer naturally, without any chemo or radiation, and will be working to help others through his experience, if you wish to contribute to his treatments please donate.

  • research2ok

    So demonizing the Knights and creating a conspiracy theory connection to international banksters is your point? Creating an irrational prejudice in impressionable minds. You totally ignore the bloody imperialist spread of the real terrorism of Europe and the Middle East by Islamists, who were thankfully opposed by the heroic Knights Templar, and Charles Martel, among others, preventing Europe from being over run by killers, plunderers, rapists, cultural destroyers, who pose as a “religion.” You likely ignore this occurring in Europe, spreading to the USA, right now, correct?

    • Paul Mitchell

      I’ve been looking into this and related (historical) subjects for over 4o years. At the time the crusades took place most Islamic countries in the Middle East were far in advance of Europe culturally, economically and certainly academically. The crusades were nothing more than European barbarians emerging from the dark ages (only dark in Europe thanks to Mother Church and the various monarchies) invading the more cultured and rich Islamic counties. Since the time of these invasions and plundering s Europe has held the Middle East in the yolk of colonialism. Yes, Islam was very imperial, as was just about any nation strong enough to be so during those times..
      Nonetheless, don’t confuse the people from the early middle ages (from the Middle East) with the people who live there now. They are the victims of hundreds of years of colonialism and now genocide in some areas. We created this, Europeans, Americans and now others. Not the other way around

      • web_watcher

        Well said! However, the yoke of oppression was the kind of restraining collar you yoke an oxen team to, not the kind you see in an egg. Unless you were just yolking about the oppression.

      • research2ok

        I read the truth of some of the “Islamic advance”, such as Islamist conquerors by the sword going into Christian majority Syria, and taking their technology, and “making ” it their own…..the Crusades were a delayed response to the savages from Mohammed, the beheaders and rapers of women captives, thank God for their beating the beasts back, for a time, and then expelling the imperialist Islamists from Spain. If not for the incessant drive of the barbaric Islamists, the Spanish would not have gone to the New World. You see they needed to find gold in order to beat back the unholy “religion” of the imperialists Muslims, who were threatening to take over all of Europe. Some of you indoctrinated people need to get some real perspective on world events.

    • See Janus

      Please do not forget William of Gellone, the Exilarch son’s from the Langeudoc whose mother was Charles Martel’s daughter.

  • See Janus

    Great start, John Vibes!!! You have connected many dots. Well done. You will also find lines running into Portugal and Scotland. The Friday the 13th Events took place in an assault on an island in the Seine in Paris where some of the treasure was still stored. Much of what was there was, in fact, removed before Friday the 13th. Keep researching this subject, and it’ll blow your mind how much more you can learn. Definitely trace these actors from Jerusalem to various islands in the Mediterranean where they set up camp before Friday the 13th. If you research the popes during the centuries, you may not see them as being the “holy” relics they now pretend to be either.

    • research2ok

      The Popes did not declare that non believers, or “infidels” should be beheaded, as Mohammed did, did they? They did not declare that captives can be robbed, women raped, enslaved, their territory taken? No Muslims did. Their heritage lives on today with ISIS.

      • See Janus

        So great that you are joining in this blog! The horrendous torture and deaths attributable to the Roman Catholic Church (“RCC”) began with the Office of the Inquisition in the early 1200’s. Once the RCC discovered the tremendous money making opportunities of seizing the property of alleged heretics, or as you say, “infidels”, the RCC became both wealthy and powerful, and could afford their own armies. The Followers of Mohammed, also known as Mohammedans for centuries, have been the ultimate destroyers of culture, custom, hospitality, decency and rights. What do you know about the origins of Islam? Do you have access to the Encyclopedia Britanica in the years before 1898 when the RCC purchased the encyclopedia? And, why do you think the RCC bought them? You will be amazed to learn more about this. Tony Bushby has written the most enlightening books on Islam/Mohammed in this Century. The previous exposes date to the 1920’s from a priest who left the Vatican to reveal the truth, but wrote in German while teaching in Austria. You must see this information. And, yes, ISIS is a group of organized thugs justifying their harm and harmful lives with impunity under the auspices of Islam.

      • AzamKhan

        It’s short sighted to assume Mohammad ordered ‘beheadings.’ In fact I would strongly question your knowledge of Mohammad and his dealings with his enemies. Numerous accounts tell of enemies being intercepted during a pursuit to kill him and upon finding out, the first thing he would ask is if the captive has been fed.

        You fail to see how many many became Muslims on the account of the character of the companions alone. Sure, in this case religion ties hand in hand with politics and imperialism for that matter, but the times were not like they are today. There wasn’t some de facto agreements and treaties and military alliances in place. It was a kill or be killed realm. Islam brought several disparate nomadic tribes together all for the sole purpose of improving character.

        Raped women? Again you fail to see how Islam brought so many rights to women who were treated like 3rd class citizens in a morally inane society. In fact they used to decide the fate of widows from responses that idols demonstrated based on throwing some liquids or chemicals on them. It was ridiculous.

        ISIS has nothing to do with the heritage of Islam. Whereas Mohammad heritage was to fulfill Abraham’s legacy, ISIS is nothing more than a movement that was fed to create chaos so that the military industrial complex can benefit and have something to strive for. Now that has shifted to Putin as he’s constantly vilified. I’m sure you saw the communist era and how Americans were told to hide under their tables because the ‘commies’ were coming.

        Don’t be biased against Islam. It’s quite beautiful

        • research2ok

          ISIS are the true Muslims, most everything they do is what Mohammed and his gang of cutthroat pirates did. You can intellectualize forever about it but you cannot change the truth. The God that created this world did not tell us to kill those who do not believe in the “God” that Mohammed created. You do not have to intellectualize to know the truth. It is very simple . Jesus said to pray for your enemy, Mohammed said to kill him, not just kill him, but to cruelly sadistically behead him. That is not from Jehovah God, that is from the pagan moon god “Allah” that the savage terrorist Mohammed created.

          • What if “the enemy” was the enemy within? The part of us that advocates for lying, stealing, hating, killing, and so on? What if Mohammad – and Moses – and Jesus – were very clear on the concept that the real war is an inner war between a voice of love and a voice of fear? What if the voice of fear is the “infidel”? What if metaphor has been interpreted as fact and fact as metaphor? I have noticed that is a tendency in religions after the master has departed.

        • See Janus

          Thank you for contributing.

        • Some people are led by fear and are unable to understand that the essence of religions may quite different than the end result after thousands of years of adulteration… and bad press. I suspect that in every group there are leaders who profit from inspiring evil thoughts and behaviors in their flocks – and there are leaders who inspire the flock to adhere to the original beautiful teachings. If we all practiced the good in our religions, the world would be a lovely place.

        • research2ok

          Don’t use your tricks to excuse the barbarity of Islam.

      • Veri Tas

        While witch-hunts only became common after 1400, an important legal step that would make this development possible occurred in 1326, when Pope John XXII authorized the inquisition to prosecute witchcraft as a type of heresy.[34] (wikipedia)

        • See Janus

          Well done! And, the Mothers of Darkness institution resides in its castle in Belgium, ever ready to preside at these “spiritual” events. The “nuns” did their part too, as they ran the prisons for the unwed mothers from whom the babies were taken.

    • web_watcher

      Lo? There were other Fri/13’s in history, interesting. It is also said that the Cathars of France were massacred on a Friday the 13th. This is supposedly when the King asked the Pope, “How can we tell which ones are Cathars?” to be answered: “Kill them all, let God sort it out.”

      • See Janus

        I have read several great books about the Cathars, including one out of England in the 1930’s about how a number of Cathars reincarnated into an area of England at that time and recognized each other. I lent the book to someone and never got it back. Wow, what a story!

  • research2ok

    Poor job, John Vibes. Knights Templar have nothing to do with todays’ banks, Switzerland is a tax haven for obvious reasons, not some vague ancient history.

    • RomertL

      How do you know that?

    • Busdriver Bill

      Do you have a line in the water, or are you just running around with your doors and windows bolted shut? Got to be the latter – there are so many folks under the thrall of the big propaganda machine – open your eyes, man! John may not be entirely accurate, but most of what he writes jibes with what I’ve found true.
      And you are right to be concerned with the spread of jihad through the west. But why does the west encourage it, FCS? Most of the governing bodies in our western culture seem bound to some lemming like suicidal rush to oblivion. It is as though there is a mass hysteria – a psychosis – ravaging our politics, our culture. We’d better wake up soon, or we’re done.

  • ICFubar

    Oooweeeooo….If the Templars could be attacked to such an extent then were not the power described but were marked for looting by the real powers of the day.

  • Laskarina

    One and the same.

  • See Janus

    My responses to you have been repeatedly censored by Activist Post. Why?

  • RomertL

    Yea, I agree with most of what you say. I would add that most other religions have been infiltrated by Luceferians as well. But how does it contradict the article? Humanity is infiltrated by many different secret societies

    • I didn’t intend to contradict… but to add info to the article. Yes, there are lots of secret societies. The Luciferian appears to be one of the most dangerous, encouraging evil (e-v-i-l = opposite l-i-v-e.

  • research2ok

    Thank you for your good commentaries on your site, I can see you work for the “light”.

  • I saw some very interesting videos today – near-death experiences of Muslims. Very different than the NDEs of Christians. As I said above, res, Islam was taken over by Luciferians very early. So many of its “values” are Luciferian… and they are opposite Christianity’s values. Luciferian is 180 degrees – totally opposing – the values of Christianity.

  • research2ok

    Yes quite true, it is said the angels of Islam are Jinnis, demons,agents of deceit, if you discuss with Muslims this becomes apparent early on. Anyone with common sense can see Islam is behind the daily horror show around the world, especially if you see the real news mainstream media will not show you, yet weak minded liberals, atheists/agnostics, “intellectuals” like many who read this site, are tricked by legalism and false logic to go against the basic common sense they forego.. sad for these. I know in the next world God will be in control, and those who have worked against his Creation by evil, lies and violence I do not expect will be going to Heaven.

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