Only Love Can Defeat the New World Order

By James Corbett

Whatever side of whatever political divide you are on, these times will pass. The question is what will emerge on the other side. Do we want a world of hatred and division where people are divided and ruled by psychopaths and warmongers, or a world where love brings us together to create the world we want to live in? It’s not the Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be’s choice to make; it’s ours. So what world do you want to live in?


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19 Comments on "Only Love Can Defeat the New World Order"

  1. NWO = satan. and satan is already defeated long time ago. time is short

  2. “It is no measure of health to be well well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”. – J.Krishnamurti

    • I lived in Ojai where Krishnamurti lived and often spoke publicly; he was the anti-guru, an uncompromising opponent of bullshit.

        • He is my favorite modern philosopher. Sadly, his quiet lyrical voice has been drowned out by bullies and shouters. It’s great to meet someone else who was so deeply effected by his totally unique approach.

      • Quickly! Bring him here to re-educate the dismal majority here- in Sewer Nation. Perhaps he can undo 100 years of Bolshevik poison/treachery and resurrect critical thought, patriotism and a desire for truth! Renewing love concern for fellow Christians/Muslims being slaughtered at this very moment by the same Bolshevik infection responsible for tens of millions in Europe.

        • Bolshevism died, even in the USSR, in 1956 when Krushchev revealed to the Soviet Parliament that Stalin was a paranoid criminal.

          The fascists, from Hitler on, have used anti-communism as their core organizing principle. The Nazis killed 25 million in the USSR….and lost!

          Bolshevism has been dead for 60 years! Yet, the fascist must re-invent it in order to justify their bloody dreams and deeds, as Hitler did. d

          Krishnamurti was no fascist! Nor did he insult people like you. I have read many books by Krishnamurti and heard him in person many times. He said he was a pacifist and critized those who thoujght people praying for victory in war was absurd because their own nationalism had caused the war.

          In his homeland, the Communist Party is recognized and in 2004, in coalition with other leftists parties, took power,in the form of the United Progressive Alliance. For Krishnamurti, the fascist paranoia about “the Bolsheviks” was not part of his universe.. (See The Paranoid Style in American Politics by Hofstader to understand the rise of the right, paranoia, and anti-Communism).

          He encouraged people to think beyond Communism, Fascism, and “Social Credit.
          His advice applied to people like you who embrace an ideology and vent their hatred on those with whom they disagree. He came out of a culture where communism was not a demon but one of the mainstream parties; and Ganhdi was a socialist (you think socialism is Communism, whereas it is the opposite; the greatest satirical critic of “Bolshevism” was a life long socialist (Animal Farm, 1984). In most of the world,communists are accepted and part of the mainstream. Only in fascist nations did anti-Communism grow powerful enough to kill millions of innocent people, based on the absurdity that “neutrality” or independence was at root a Bolshevik plot.

          JFK rejected this theory, which Truman and Eisenhower had promoted with proxy wars killing millions, and for that, he was murdered. The anti-Communists use murder as a political weapon, whether an elected leader or a million in Southeast Asia, then 3 million in Vietnam.

          I urge you to read Krishnamurti and give up your illusions. His no bullshit approach was meant to dis-illusion, a precondition of seeing the truth.

          • Read “Power vs Force” by David R. Hawkins and you’ll really understand how Gandi’s use of Power defeated the British Empire without Force.

          • Thank you Greg, I will take a look. I have understood how Gandhi’s strategy worked since becoming a pacifist 55 years ago. His lesson was that moral force, in the end, can wear down even violence. But he also said: “Violence (ie physical force) is better than surrender. Pacifism is active, resists, and is the only means consistent with the goals of peace and justice. I learned firsthand in the Civil Rights and anti-war movements of my youth how force can defeat violence, how people power can overcome thugs armed with guns and criminal laws.

            I have practiced non-violence forover 55 years, being a vegan in diet and lifestyle.
            Like Gandhi, I reject violence against all living creatures. Camus, another of my teachers, points out, in the Rebel, that value arises out of rebellion. Non-violent rebellion/resistence creates, in its operation the values of ahimsa, or harmlessness, the renunciation of violence, which creates the value of a peace in a way that war or violence never can.

            Hawkins is sort of New Age, which bores me to tears. But his basic argument is no doubt valid…..

            The Civil Rights movement saw a joint effort of Southern Baptists and student radical/atheists. Common ground: the demand for justice.

            I “really” already understand Gandhi’s thinking having studied and practiced his principles from the man’s own words. I thank you for your suggestion but reject the implication that my understanding is not real.

          • I’m sorry, didn’t mean to imply in any way your understanding is not real. I am 66 years old, and still learning and evolving and believe there is always additional valuable knowledge yet to be acquired. It’s too bad “new age” bores you to tears, it’s gotten a bad rap and there are too many misconceptions about it), I don’t think Hawkins is new age myself, but do believe he was one of the most enlightened beings on the planet as was Gandhi. Different times and places. Take care.

  3. When Clinton said, “Putin is a new Hitler,” she said it out of her deep Christian love.
    When Trump said the Mexicans (the most law abiding group in the nation) are rapists, he said it purely out of love.

    As Dr. King said: “Only love is powerful enough to defeat hatred.”

    Non-violent resistance brought independence to India, the end of legal segregation after 400 years of legal oppression led by Dr. King, and in Eastern Europe, in 1989, the most totalitarian regimes in the world were overthrown non-violently with people power.

    Love as a principle and strategy is not “affection (as Dr. King made clear)” or romance but compassion (Buddha, Jesus) and the rejection of both tyranny and violence. Nothing else has ever defeated hatred.

    • “Non-violent resistance brought independence to India”.
      One look at their teeming/failing infrastructure shows how well the façade of independence has worked for India. Just as the façade of phony “independence” freed Canada, Australia et al from the synagogue’s Central Banks and the Red Queen’s hold over same, eh, L.D.?
      Gandhi was a decent man, a true pacifist, but all his selfless actions did was drive the colonial stranglehold of the Red Queen underground and create a parasitic “pacifist” subculture of skin-deep pacifists more interested in self aggrandizement notoriety than concern for their fellows, L.D.
      You’ll have better luck taking your horseshit to a private chat room and just “warm and fuzzy” each other into a state of “enlightenment”. I doubt you’ll be able to create enough of a follower base to make a difference in your bank statements in open forums, L.D. your nasty little hateful heart is too easily stripped away by your lack of control over your own bias.

      • Your incoherent claims are fact free. India is not a fake independent nation. It has the highest economic growth of major countries in the world. And under British rule, India went from a once prosperous nation to a per capita income of $500 a year. Since 1950, per capita GDP has rised from $500 to over $6000.

        It is pretty clear that you are a brainwashed anti-Semite too cowardly to make clear your ugly delusions.

        You would have better luck at Stormfront. And thanks for the insults followed by sincere advice. My “little hateful heart” forgives you. My bias is for compassion. How sad you are, my suffering friend.

  4. Only Love Can Defeat the New World Order , love and a .45.

    • Violence begets violence: since 9/11, over 400,.000 Americans have died from guns, 150,000 being murders, over half being family and friends (source: FBI Table of Homicides.

      The War to end all wars resulted in the worst war in history. The war to bring democracy to Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, and Libya has brought more and more violence.

      The only successful defeat of tyranny was non-violent: Gandhi took down the British Empire in India (which armed rebellion had not accomplished) and after 400 years of Abolitionists, The Civil War, etc etc, it was non-violent resistance (I was there!) that ended legal segregation.

      And in Eastern, the 10 most rigid totalitarian states were crushed with no violence, just peaceful but determined resistence and people power.

      The 7 wars the US is now fighting have only created more violence.

      The fundamental lesson of history, taught by Buddha, Jesus, and our 20th Century martyrs, is that violence only makes things worse, that the best strategy is non-violent opposition. Those who do not learn from history will repeat it until we are all dead or learn that violence cannot create peace, and that weapons and arms races lead to war.

  5. WRONG! Only love can ESTABLISH the true New World Order. It is our destiny to achieve the recognition of the oneness of the human race. But the politicians are powerless to accomplish this miracle.

  6. The goat worshipers killed John Lennon….all you need is love, love is all you need.
    Must be the truth.

  7. John Lennon was a hypocrite – he lived on much more than love! Lol!

  8. Good discourse James.

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