It Looks Like George Soros is Funding the Trump Protests Just Like He Funded The Ferguson Riots

soros-burningBy Daisy Luther

Paid instigators are making an already bad situation much much worse.

As riots and protests rage through the streets of America, the question has to be asked:

Does someone behind the scenes want to see civil war in the United States?

The answer is almost certainly yes.

And it isn’t likely to settle down any time in the next few days. (If you aren’t prepped for this, go here to learn how to stay safe.)

You can also read this article, in which a quote caught on video from Project Veritas shows how the Clinton campaign caused disruptions via “bird-dogging.”

There’s a lot of evidence that someone is funding these protests.

An eyewitness in Austin, Texas spotted protesters being transported by chartered coach buses.

Then there was this Craigslist ad.


There are many more tweets along these lines, but suffice it to say, suspicion is high that these, just like the Clinton campaign, are rigged to manipulate the American people.

Why would anyone want to cause all this trouble?

That’s where the web gets tangled. It certainly seems counterproductive to set fire to America. After all, what these people are doing is likely to end up with more tyranny – like martial law, for example.


That’s precisely the plan.

Back in August, hackers from a group called DC Leaks got into the private documents of the Open Society, an organization founded by George Soros. Soros, whom DC Leaks referred to as “the architect and sponsor of almost every revolution and coup around the world for the last 25 years” is a pro-globalist billionaire who has been trying to take over the world via shadow government for decades.

Zero Hedge reported on the findings in the Soros leak:

The documents are from multiple departments of Soros’ organizations. Soros’ the Open Society Foundations seems to be the group with the most documents in the leak. Files come from sections representing almost all geographical regions in the world, from the USA, to Europe, Eurasia, Asia, Latin, America, Africa, the World Bank “the President’s Office”, as well as an unknown entity named SOUK. As the Daily Caller notes, there are documents dating from at least 2008 to 2016.

Documents in the leak range from research papers such as “EUROPEAN CRISIS: Key Developments of the Past 48 Hours” focusing on the impact of the refugee crisis, to a document titled “The Ukraine debate in Germany“, to an update specific financials of grants.

They reveal work plans, strategies, priorities and other activities by Soros, and include reports on European elections, migration and asylum in Europe.

An email leaked by WikiLeaks earlier this week showed Soros had advised Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State on how to handle unrest in Albania – advice she acted on.

As well, it’s important to note that Soros provided a whopping $33 million to activists in Ferguson, Missouri, escalating a protest to a siege. The Washington Times reported:

…liberal billionaire George Soros, who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe while forging a political machine powered by nonprofit foundations that impacts American politics and policy, not unlike what he did with

Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times.

In all, Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations…

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This is business as usual for the OSF (Open Society Foundation), as explained by director Kenneth Zimmerman:

Mr. Zimmerman said OSF has been giving to these types of groups since its inception in the early ’90s, and that, although groups involved in the protests have been recipients of Mr. Soros’ grants, they were in no way directed to protest at the behest of Open Society.

“The incidents, whether in Staten Island, Cleveland or Ferguson, were spontaneous protests — we don’t have the ability to control or dictate what others say or choose to say,” Mr. Zimmerman said. “But these circumstances focused people’s attention — and it became increasingly evident to the social justice groups involved that what a particular incident like Ferguson represents is a lack of accountability and a lack of democratic participation.”

Soros-sponsored organizations helped mobilize protests in Ferguson, building grass-roots coalitions on the ground backed by a nationwide online and social media campaign.

Other Soros-funded groups made it their job to remotely monitor and exploit anything related to the incident that they could portray as a conservative misstep, and to develop academic research and editorials to disseminate to the news media to keep the story alive.

The plethora of organizations involved not only shared Mr. Soros‘ funding, but they also fed off each other, using content and buzzwords developed by one organization on another’s website, referencing each other’s news columns and by creating a social media echo chamber of Facebook “likes” and Twitter hashtags that dominated the mainstream media and personal online newsfeeds.

Soros was busted for paying protesters to go into Ferguson and stir things up. This is not theory. It’s FACT. The Daily Mail reported that Soros spent $33 million to bankroll the protests. The Washington Times reported that it was totally cool, though, because humanitarian that he is, Soros just wanted to help the civil rights movement. What a guy. Of course, this seems to be a thing with the kabillionaires. The Ford Foundation and Rockefeller foundation also fund “social activism.”  Which is kabillionaire code for “mess stuff up and wreak havoc.”

And guess who footed the bill for the rent-a-thug protesters at Trump rallies in California and New York? (Here’s another source, too.) You guessed it. Everyone’s favorite Hungarian-American troll.

Keep in mind that the organization Black Lives Matter was born through the Ferguson riots.

Does this look familiar?

If the Modus Operandi in these protests looks familiar, that’s because is organizing a lot of them, and MoveOn is funded by…you guessed it: George Soros. The organization was originally founded to combat the impeachment of Bill Clinton…are you seeing a link here? Another proud instigator is the Answer Coalition which also – are you sitting down? Has links to Soros.

There are a lot of people who are out there because they genuinely oppose a Trump presidency. The unfortunate thing is, their opposition comes from propaganda that they passionately believe. They are acting based on misinformation and they’re being professionally manipulated.

The next step here is martial law, which nobody wants.

Well, nobody except George Soros and friends.

Someone who wants to see America ripped apart is causing this division. Last summer, it was leaked that Soros attempted to destabilize Russia and depose Putin in 2012. Putin responded by banning Soros and all of his organizations from Russia. In 2014, Putin issued an international arrest warrant for Soros.

We could certainly improve both international relationships and our current situation by extraditing Soros immediately.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, where this article first appeared, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at

  • bamaclt

    The problem is, when this old evil scumbag finally dies, his demonic son will step in to fill his hooves.

    • kartashok

      He should be murdered ASAP along with his son.

      • Dr Studebaker

        sons evil spawn comes in a pair

    • Sue Merriner

      We need to design a plan to destroy hiw whole empire, not just get him.

      • Flame

        Right! See my post a few comments above. If his organizations were legally linked to terrorism, their assets could be seized, which would cripple their power, just as Trump is looking to do with the Muslim Brotherhood. Then work from there.

        • DarkEyes

          A very simple, good, logic, legally plan.
          Good thinking.
          Is he not intertwined with eating Dong Dong pizzas?

    • L. A. McDonough

      America seems without hope, as next two months critical, many concerned about Trump’s safety as he plans to drain the swamp of the bad guys (alligators). Scum bag Soros is no doubt paying the police depts off all over to enable these rioters (druggies, unemployed bums, minorities, welfare trash, etc) to create mayhem leading to martial law. Police are apathetic, arresting some to make it look like they are “working”. I do not trust the VP Pence he is a globalist.

      • Harleyrose

        You are 100% wrong about our police. They are certainly not ‘paid off’ by Soros!
        The paid-off slaves are the lib/prog activists, the radical loon global warmers, the feral BLM and other militant leftist orgs in the US and the insane, corrupt Democrats.
        The police, as always, will save you if you let them. The enemy is the anarchist racist terrorists rioting in our streets!

        • Robbins Paul

          The problem as I see it goes to the White House and the DOJ. You cannot pay rioters and get away with it…..Soros should have been arrested days ago. And his funding cut off….and all of his people and henchmen rounded up. But here we wait , maybe by design….

          • John Tripp

            Nobody is paying anyone to express their views by marching. It’s a free country, if you don’t like public protest, move to Russia or China.

          • Injeun

            A riot isn’t a protest. Neither is breaking the law a constitutional right. Neither rioter nor law breaker deserve to be free.

          • John Tripp

            Huh? What police state do you live in?

          • Flame

            The one that draws a line between free expression via signs, chants, and speeches and others where the “expression” takes the form of vandalism and attacks on people who are expressing peacefully.

          • UGR

            Wow, you are blind and uninformed. I guess you don’t read much. These are not protests, these are riots.

          • Smurfet

            It is a troll

          • Smurfet

            Omg are you serious? They don’t hide. Watch the veratas tapes

          • DarkEyes

            I have the impression that the contrary is going on here.
            The Donald voters have to be “attacked” because this is a clear preparation and intimidation war against the not-Hitlery voters. To create chaos and my impression is these riots take the liberty to start a civil war at the end.
            Because so suddenly in many big cities of your country there are “organic demonstrations”? Me A**h, for the “Democrats”.
            If you are well informed thru the years you should recognize the same pattern of “demonstrations, thereafter chaos, thereafter the first shot, there after Regime Change”-tactics as happens so ofthen abroad, for “democracy and freedom”.

            Open your eyes, my good man, American people will now get the Ukraine-threatment, or the Syrian-treatment or the Egyptian-threatment supported by your Mr. Soros.
            IMO, that is what is behind this “innocuous” demonstrations.

            Plenty of NGOs in America, all owned by Mr. Soros and the overwhelming thing is they are all advertising “love”, care for society, environment friendly talks, etc.
            All lies. Mr. Soros is a part of The Cabal and The Cabal want America destroyed, no cultures, no borders, millions of “refugees” to be imported, when necessary delivered by UPS Air. Nobody notice but in the meantime your country will be “occupied”.

            May America and the American people be save and get their Land back in their own hands and control.

          • Smurfet

            As long as Obama is president nothing will happen

          • Flame

            Only 60 days to go . . . .

          • Flame

            Only I’d have had him arrested much more than “days” ago. And his funding is his own. Declare his organizations as terrorist and seize the assets.

          • DarkEyes

            Good plan. But he has hundreds and hundres of organizations/NGOs throughtout American and the World.

          • DarkEyes

            Then we can ask ourselves the following. Why has there not been an arrest warrant for Mr. Soros for bringing Ukraine, which is his “private” project, to the edge of abyss?
            Everybody knows he is the leader of the band, has hundreds of NGOs to wage war against everybody he chooses.
            Mr. Soros is still running around, free. Something rotten in the state of Denmark, I’d say?

      • Flame

        One small thing I’ve noticed about these demonstrations across the country. Look at how many of these “spontaneous” protesters show up with artistically created and professionally printed Corplast signs, compared to those who grab a piece of cardboard or poster board and hastily scrawl a message with crayons or felt pens. SOMEbody has to be paying for those fancy signs, and it takes time and premeditated intent.

    • meis

      Anything less than a guillotine will not work. Or maybe Madagascar Plan V.2. Good luck Murica.

    • Flame

      He has four sons and a daughter. The youngest son is listed as an “artist.” The other sons are all in business in capacities similar to papa, and the daughter runs a nutritional supplement company. (I need to find out which one so I can be sure never to buy from it.)

      Soros is naturalized. If the admin has backbone enough, they could investigate Soros’ foundations and/or business interests. If evidence is sufficient that they are funding unrest, I would think the assets of those businesses could be seized, just like the gov’t can do with Muslim Brotherhood or similar. That would pull some of Soros’ financial teeth. Then his citizenship could be revoked and papa deported. Since Russia has a warrant for his arrest, we send him there. That would likely strengthen the relationship between Russia and the US to our advantage and get rid of some of the vermin causing trouble in the US.

  • Michael

    Can’t ANYTHING be done to take this man down. I don’t care how rich, how powerful, or how much influence a person has, encouraging acts of anarchy with violence of all sorts of manner is UNACCEPTABLE.

    • marla cooley

      Keep #EXposingTRUTH #OpSTOPSoros #OpDENYSoros #EndCorruption

    • Smurfet

      Not while Obama is president. He isn’t unhappy a the Marxist acting

  • gamer

    Altair, Ezio, Connors wherefore art thou…!!!
    Sacrifce the goats.

  • LongLeggs

    Russia kicked him out for this same crap – US let him in !

    • marla cooley

      #OpSTOPSoros #OpDENYSoros

    • Flame

      So revoke his citizenship and deport him to Russia where they have a warrant for his arrest.

  • Pacemaker4

    someone thinks jade helm is the answer.

  • James Stamulis

    Pray that God keeps Trump safe and when he becomes president evil ones like Soros get a midnight visit from seal team 6!

    • DarkEyes

      As far as I know your “Seal Team 6” has been “eliminated by dark forces”, it does not exist, or does not exist anymore.

  • FiuToYou

    You got enough money you can make anyone disappear!

  • See Janus

    I assure you that the 60 year old women in the room paying these guys to disrupt Trump’s campaign are nasty militant Lesbians that were promised cushy jobs in the Hillary Clinton Administration.

    • eddysachs


  • masmpg

    THIS MONSTER IS FUNDING ANYTHING THAT WILL DESTROY THE CONSTITUTION! He also gave #BLM 100 million$ along with ford foundations 400 million they gave to them.

  • DLWilson

    If I were you, Activist Post, I would worry about getting sued for defamation by George Soros. For no more evidence than you have published, “New York Times v. Sullivan” won’t save you.

  • Glocker

    Why hasn’t a patriot picked him off yet?

  • Love of Money

    Up to 3,500 hundred clams a day ? I would go and at the end of the day donate 1,000 to the Trump camp , buy my wife a nice gift like a new fry pan and floor mop and myself a full bag of weed. Cash left over to pay my Mexican gardener in full …..

  • Steven McGinley


    • DarkEyes

      That is why we have permanent wars on the globe since 1913. All for money and powe and wars planned by The Few.

  • Alleged Comment

    Well, if everybody knows his why are they letting an old fatherless man let loose the other fatherless morons on you?

  • nimbii

    Trump ought to work out a deal with Putin to “arrange” for Soros abduction to Moscow. Boy that would be a good start to a sound foreign policy. Maybe his sons too.

  • magic1114

    I’ve never wished a heart attack or physical harm on anyone. I’ll make an exception for scumbag Georgie Sorass… Make it the mother of all heart attacks!

  • Sue Merriner

    If we comply with Putin’s arrest warrant we’ll have a start at crumbling the soros empire.

    • Jürgen Koch

      Our new President elect is a draft dodging, tax dodging, peeping Tom, racist, misogynistic, con artist, thief and perv.
      That’s why they’re protesting.

      • LM24

        No because they are violent racists.

      • Sue Merriner

        Anything Trump has done pales compared to bill clinton’s crimes and killery’s too. Remember Benghazi?

  • MA Deuce

    A DJT USAG could issue a warrant on the soros vampire, just on his collaboration with nazis, that he said made him feel more powerful than at any other time.

  • marla cooley

    #NewWorldOrder & genocide of the people is why #SOROS is paying actors to disturb and divide us! #WAKEUP The #CorruptRiggedEliteEstablishmentPolitics has been under their command for years now!
    We have actually thrown a cog in their wheel! #StopNewWorldOrderTakeover #BreakThemUp #EndCorruption #SaveOurRepublic #TakeBackOurDemocracy #OpSTOPSoroa #OpDENYSoros

  • Ivan arisbal

    Scumbag Soros has. Invested a lot of money in gold, gold is always a bet against the dollar;I bet the scumbag wants the USA and Trump to fail so h e can make some. Extra money.
    When he dies,hopefully sooner rather than later, he won’t take a dime with him to the afterlife, it he will have to answer for all his crimes.

  • Viggo

    I’ve been keeping myself updated on the situation and posts since the election, and i don’t know, i may be out of my f#cking mind, but this is starting to sound alot like helter skelter. Is this really happening?

  • Doug Brown

    When Trump is sworn in Soros will be dealt with.

  • See Janus

    It’s paying work, if you can get it. That’s what the US has come to…..few living wage jobs. Don’t let principles get in the way. It’s theater! Live Theater. Improvisation!

  • PopeofWisconsin

    We’ll know right off the bat if Trump is the real deal if he does or doesn’t go after this motherfu©ker. It should be the top priority.

  • 58

    Get the DOJ to follow the money trail, it will eventually lead to SOROS – let his new DOJ dog him for years, put him on the defensive.

  • KoolK

    This article makes it sound like this guy does 600 jobs all at once. : /

    • KoolK

      Also, anyone that’s ever worked for a legitimate non-profit knows the Open Society is simply a legitimate and very competitive grant source to apply for funding from. It’s just business 101 stuff. Nonprofits are not government-run, not based on the primary goal of turning a profit, and there are many different ones that reflect many different values. They’re good for America.

      • Scot Parrish

        Soros is using his nonprofits to create a crisis and a dollar/stock collapse. He stands to hugely profit from the crisis he funded, beginning years ago. Think the long game, the way Soros does. Get it my child?

    • Douglas Kelly

      KoolK, no it doesn’t.
      So you’ve never been exposed to big business, tiers of management and delegating things to others? You ought to get out of the house more often. Soros is not some guy working off of his kitchen table at night. He’s a major international player worth billions of dollars.

  • Christian Gains

    Soros is inspired by evil & narcissistic dictatorial spirits…The ENTIRE Ukraine division was financed by “Georgie porgy”, in his effort to destabilize Russia….he also, LITERALLY broke the Bank of England! He thrives on destruction of decency & order….a VERY VILE CREATURE!!! PRAY AGAINST HIM!!!

  • glendaleburbank

    Since Soros is a US Citizen, we can lawfully deport him to Russia where he can face “Crimes against the Russian People” in a court of law. One thing this does is allow the Russians to hold court and prosecute Soros, because even with a conservative supreme court after Trump appointments; Our SCOTUS will not prosecute the rat. Russia, however, will have no mercy and either execute Soros or jail him. Let’s hope they do this to the rat’s son as well. Just a thought….probably won’t happen; but I can dream.

  • Cat Sparks Oostdijk

    The first citation you use, is from a faux news page, so I have trouble knowing if I can believe the rest of the info. Please fact check a bit better, or at least make sure you’re not reporting satire/fiction. ;(. I’m really looking for reliable non mainstream news.

  • Jennifer Harris

    Wanted: sharpshooter with long range rifle for hit job…….

  • Eli

    declare him a terrorist and arrest him for sedition and anarchy financing

  • Ben

    Want to see how free you are? Want to see the true tyrants? See who you can criticize or not, especially in an alleged public comment area. I reckon Soros pays Active Post’s bills. I had written a comment containing Truth and factual statements. Awe well.

  • Edith D Thurman

    This is such BS! They must really love idiots!

  • James

    Do you have to be American to sign it?

    • kartashok

      Nope, anyone in the world can sign it, but they took it down unfortunately.

  • James

    People don’t seem to realise how long Soros has been preparing for all this. In 1995, I met a British girl who had an Open Society grant to study the European gypsies, who seem to have been one of the causes he took up after the fall of the communist bloc. That’s over 21 years ago.

  • Skimommy

    Extradition will fix many of our ills, perhaps Russia would like to keep his money too.

  • Paschn

    Odd, don’t you think? here you have a screaming example of a maggot supporting (by definition) acts of terrorism yet Sewer nation’s Judas Class/(lol) law “enfarcement” hardly make a ripple. But let the
    “Goim” begin a legal/much needed attempt at interfering with the Central Bank’s wall street and it’s “F**K the constitution! All cops on deck! Ahh, the political correctness/control of dual citizenship, got to love it.

  • what if…

    How is this not RICO racketeering? This is a genuine psy-op that has been totally exposed. This exposure of the truth will not go away for them now either.
    The globalists have completely failed to pull off another secret operation! Enough is enough!

    • Smurfet

      Wait for another administration. You can’t ask the corrupt puppet to send corrupt cops to do an honest legal job

  • tyson1010

    Why can’t we drone this puke or find someone to take him out? It wouldn’t be hard either. He is old and you can make it look a like natural death. Even if it is questionened as suspicious, no one will believe it. I would then send a message to his POS son telling him that he is next if he even thinks about taking over for his vile father. The son looks like a typical pansy sissy millennial. He will go to a safe space and disappear.

  • SupportMcCarthyism

    City Council of the cities where these riots are taking place should be filing lawsuits against George Soros for instigating them.

    • Smurfet


    • DarkEyes

      There is no backbone enough, I presume.

  • Dan Mass

    It is treason. He is committing treason.

    • Smurfet

      Cotizenship should be removed from anyone using these tacticts to overthrow our government & to seize control of the people. You can’t just get rid of them because you have all the schools & educators & big business owners who are pushing the Marxist agenda. Fix the education problem & it can be fixed

  • John Tripp

    Actually, there are a lot of American voters that simply don’t support a POS loser like Trump as their president. Get used to it, we’re not going away until he’s locked up in prison.

    • Em Dee


  • John Tripp

    This entire board is filled with Russian hacks. In fact, this website comes from Russia.

  • Fortuneless

    George Soros and his son should be eliminated permanently.

    • Flame

      Make that sons, plural. He has 4 of them; only 3 in similar businesses.

    • loulou2lou

      Why don’t you do it.Is this the final solution?

  • dori

    get rid of billiary and soro put them on a plane together and let them live out their lives

  • Elaine Cossette Price

    I wonder if they realize they can get put in jail for terrorism, (Being paid to riot) They need to ask themselves WHY they are doing this. The money they get is not worth it and I have heard there were some groups from Ferguson, he didn’t pay..

    • Smurfet

      You have to have a law enforcement that will arrest them. Right now you have corruption at the helm. Wait 2 months & they should return to normal. Or more normal

  • Ben

    Sincere and genuine apologies to the staff and associates of Activist Post. I retract & belay my statement that Activist Post is owned by Soros. I stated that due to my comments seeming to take the proverbial eternity and a day to “clear” moderation. Thought perhaps there was untoward censorship afoot.

    I now understand this article evoked a plethora of commentary. I have sympathy for Activist Post’s poor overworked servers, or their host’s servers. Can easily “see” how a wildfire roused hornet’s nest of blathering humans could slow cpu time down.

  • Injeun

    So why isn’t this guy in prison, and all his money seized?

    • Smurfet

      Because we’ve had blobslist like him in office & now we have a bigot puppet still in now.

      • Em Dee

        We will soon be rid of Obama the feckless, don’t worry.

    • SupportMcCarthyism

      His money is probably why he’s not in jail.

  • Sonnenrad

    What are you, some kind of neo-Nazi anti-semite bigot?

    • Em Dee

      Sounds like you may be.

  • Smurfet

    Moveon is one of his

    • kartashok

      Yup! They took a while to realize we were attacking him on his own site.

  • Smurfet

    I heard on audio in his own voice him talking about helping Nazis
    Millions died. You can see proof in old videos. There are almost no survivors left.

  • Smurfet

    I tried to blow ck you. Why won’t you go away?

  • sallyM

    I thought California or NY were the worst cesspools, Oregon you take the CESSPOOL trophy.
    Georgie porgie kissed the little…kiddies…and they all went weeweeweeing out into the night.
    Disgraceful…succeed please.

  • Paul Gill

    The American people should rally together and play soros at his own game and do a peaceful protest outside his home in Katonah, New York. People need to make everyone aware of what soros’s game plan really is.

    • Flame

      Don’t waste time “protesting” him anywhere. Revoke his citizenship and deport him — and any family members who are complicit with him. Russia wants him. Send him there.

  • Yvonne Massey

    Hillary and Obama have abandoned us. There is violence being committed on innocent people and even children by people throwing temper tantrums for not getting their way while Soros pays them to protest and Hillary sits back and watches without doing anything about it. This country is lawless. People are not facing penalties for their crimes. Immigration is a joke. Our own government has shredded our constitution in order to achieve their own person agendas. Our own police force and military are under attack by American citizens who simply have to cry whatever foul suits them. Terrorist attacks are being committed on American soil against the the very people protesting for the right’s of these terrorists. Our country has been turned inside out and has lost direction. These people protesting today are not angry that Hillary lost, they are angry because they lost a free life delivered to them by our government. Millennials are upset that they cannot have free education, BLM is upset because they will be required to work for a living, low income families upset because they may have to be drug tested for government assistance and minimum wage wont go up to 15 dollars an hour even though they wont work in fear of losing government benefits, refugees angry because Americans want them to be vetted. This presidential race was not about electing a new President, it was about America wanting our country back. There is a law (Public Law 414) that states in Chapter 2, Section 212 which is “the prohibition of entry in to the US if the alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by force, violence or by other unconstitutional means.” By the simple act of waving a vetting process is breaking the law and allowing anyone to enter giving those people at least a year to do irreparable damage to this country while in the process American taxpayers are forced to house and feed these people and sacrifice our own rights to them. The simple act of reaching out to help people has become a danger to this country by hands of our own president. Hillary supporters believed in her. They truly believed this country would become the “Land of Free Benefits”. That’s what made it so easy for her targeted groups to believe the lies she claimed about her opponent. These people today are rioting, burning the American Flag, burning and or destroying public and private property, beating and killing their American bothers and sisters who don’t follow their own beliefs, calling out for the assassination of a President eElect and for vicious crimes to be committed on our future First Lady. There is a law against assassination threats (18 U.S. Code § 1751 – Presidential and Presidential staff assassination, kidnapping, and assault; penalties) These people are being allowed to run rampant through our city streets without paying the consequences for their criminal actions. Another law being ignored is on rioting (18 U.S. Code § 2101 – Riots) People are dying by the hands of these rioters. Our military has become the laughing stock of the world. We have weakened the ones who defend our very lives, our beliefs, our country, we have disrespected those who have fought and DIED to give us our rights to protest. This country is backwards and that’s why Donald Trump won this election. The entire country turned red (republican) which should stand out as a message from the majority of Americans that enough is enough. That we wont tolerate the corruption in our government any longer and until Trump actually takes his place in the White House we will still be a lawless country because that is Obama’s legacy and Hillary’s dream.

  • lithium451

    You guys really hold a grudge:

    “The world is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions. It is happening in Syria. It is being perpetrated by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in support of his protégé, (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad,” he said in a new statement on his website posted on Thursday morning.

    “When the facts are fully established, Putin’s bombing of Aleppo will be viewed as among the modern world’s most egregious war crimes.”

  • Thomas Pratt

    I hope Trump is secretly working on a plan to have Soros removed!

  • A conservative friend shared this article with me and I am dumbfounded that anyone takes this seriously. The entire evidence that Soros is involved is that 1) some protestors arrived in nice buses, and 2) someone claiming to be a European TV reporter took out a Craigslist ad.No connection to Soros at all.

  • Zaphod Braden

    The interview is on YOUTUBE

  • DarkEyes

    Hitlery style, I would say?

  • DarkEyes


  • DarkEyes

    Now they are looking for an alternative to live. Their eyes have probably fallen on Ukraine.
    Because the ChocoKing invites the pseudo-Jews to come to Ukraine. And they are very present and buying what is valuable for business or whatever.
    There you go.
    Pseudo-Jew are their own words in an article in an Israelian newspaper a couple of months ago. They admitted they are Khazarians living in Israel.

  • dseals

    Add the Actor-vist fake activist Jasiri X to the list of Soros’ paid army.

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