Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash

financial-crashBy Brandon Smith

Those people who have any doubts about where the narrative is headed for global economic stability simply have not been paying attention lately.

As I pointed out in my pre-Brexit referendum article, “Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else? “the story being scripted by the globalists is one of the “failures and crimes” of conservative movements. I predicted that the Brexit would pass based on this language used by international financiers and elites leading up to the vote.

The vast majority of analysts in the mainstream and in the alternative media refused to acknowledge the possibility that a successful Brexit actually works in FAVOR of the globalists, because it provides them a perfect scapegoat for a financial crisis that has been broiling for years and is now ready to burst into flames. I find still that many people will not dare to consider the idea that a successful conservative resurgence is actually part of the plan for globalist institutions. Many argue that the elites just don’t have that kind of pervasive control over the system, or that I am attributing “too much power and ability” to them.

I find this argument rather naive but also interesting, because many of the people who claim the elites do not have such influence were also the same people who argued before the Brexit that the elites would “never allow” the U.K. referendum to pass. So, do they have extensive influence, or don’t they?  This kind of selective blindness to the game being played prevents a whole host of otherwise intelligent people from grasping reality.

These folks need to finally admit to themselves that they were half right; the globalists would not allow the passage of the Brexit, UNLESS, a successful Brexit actually works in their favor.

In my post-Brexit analysis I said that the meme of bumbling and destructive conservatives and “populists” would continue into the U.S. election, and so far it would seem this is exactly the case. In numerous mainstream articles globalists have been openly telling us exactly what is about to happen.

I find that the same naivety that developed during the Brexit campaign has also developed around the Trump campaign. Too many in the liberty movement will not entertain the idea that a Trump win is in the cards. Yet, the elites are using the same language in reference to the Trump campaign that they used before and after the Brexit.

Bloomberg’s latest report on the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank showcase numerous warnings by the elites:

The global economy has benefited tremendously from globalization and technological change,” the IMF’s top advisory panel said in a communique released on Saturday after meeting in Washington. “However, the outlook is increasingly threatened by inward-looking policies, including protectionism, and stalled reforms.”

The IMF warned in its latest economic outlook that rising political tensions over open markets and free trade could undermine a recovery already lacking a growth engine.”

In a rebuke to those advocating a turn away from trade, the members of the IMF panel redoubled their commitment to “maintain economic openness and reinvigorate global trade as a critical means to boost global growth.”

Barron’s reiterates the predictive programming, insinuating that a loss of faith in globalism and the financial elites will lead to disaster.

Leaders gathered at the International Monetary Fund/World Bank annual meeting didn’t mention Donald Trump by name this week, but they warned the anti-trade and populist movements fueling his presidential campaign, as well as Brexit, could further slow already anemic economic growth.”

“…Populist movements have not fallen on deaf ears, with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble noting during a panel on the global economy that: “More and more, people don’t trust their elites. They don’t trust their economic leaders, and they don’t trust their political leaders.”

Globalists are telling us what is about to happen.

I continue to hold to the position I always have — that Donald Trump is going to be ALLOWED into the White House, and that this will be a prelude to economic crisis. The stage is being set for a grand finale to our ongoing financial collapse. The great villain behind the whole disaster will be revealed, and we will be told that the villain is us.

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By “us” I mean conservative movements in general, though, the mainstream media and globalist spokesmen refer to us more often today as “populists”, or maybe “deplorables.” Those people who think this brand of “conspiracy” is too far fetched because it requires an inordinate level of political and economic control have not really thought the situation through.

Fact – central banks and international financiers have already created the conditions necessary for economic instability. Fact – these same elites have staved off a larger or more immediate collapse over the past eight years through the use of fiat stimulus measures, market rigging and the manipulation of public perception. Fact – the elites can easily initiate an immediate collapse if they wish by simply refusing to prop up the system any longer. Fact – the elites have showcased the ability to stifle conservative movements in the past through interference and co-option (Tea Party, anyone?). Fact – they can also give conservative movements an opportunity to gain momentum by removing some of this interference.

The truth is, at this point globalists do not need expansive or intricate control over the system in order to cause a crisis or to place conservatives in the historical hot seat. All they have to do is step aside and let the train wreck happen. And, of course, they have to position themselves as prognosticators and saviors once the crisis event occurs.

The argument also arises that “people would never take the bait;” that the masses will not be fooled by the banking cabal into scapegoating conservatives for a crash the elites created. One can only hope. However, possession is nine-tenths of the law in the minds of many, and the mainstream has already conditioned the public with the notion that the mere presence of anti-globalist conservatives in positions of political authority will negatively affect market psychology.

Of course, this notion relies on the admission of certain truths. For example, the globalists would have to admit that the fiscal system they have held together is so tenuous and fraudulent that it depends solely on false public perception and false investor assumptions. In order to blame conservatives for the destruction of the global economy, the elites will have to tell the truth about the frailty of the system before they can lie about who broke it.

This may not matter. When people are facing national or international calamity with the potential to hurt them personally, critical thinking and logic tend to go out the window.

There is also the power of distraction to occupy the minds of the masses while a crisis is taking shape, and what could be more distracting than the Trump vs. Clinton U.S. election? I have to say, I don’t think I have ever witnessed or seen a historical accounting of an election more psychotic than the election of 2016. It is truly the most divisive event in over a century, and this is why I consistently compare it to the Brexit referendum.

The tone is very much the same, with citizens on the Left side of the political spectrum being lured into rallying in support of globalism as if it is a prerequisite to peace and harmony, while citizens on the Right side of the spectrum are portrayed as knuckle-dragging isolationist barbarians hell-bent on urinating in the punch bowl and ruining everyone’s global prosperity party.

Brexit supporters were painted as older, selfish, potentially racist and out of touch with the changing times. Brexit opponents were painted as young, educated and victimized by older generations taking away the supposed future benefits of globalism.

Trump supporters are labeled as older, mostly white-centric, uneducated and fearful of the changing times. They just “don’t get” that it’s 2016. Trump opponents are elevated as the academic and worldly class battling to prevent another Hitler.

During the lead up to the U.K. referendum, polls indicated a wide margin in favor of the anti-Brexit crowd and the assumption by almost everyone was that the Brexit would fail.

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The lead-up to the U.S. election is also rife with polls indicating in most cases a margin of victory for Clinton over Trump. Of course, only a complete idiot would take polling numbers seriously in light of what happened during the Brexit.

The Brexit campaign witnessed what appeared to some to be an unrecoverable black swan event – the killing of British MP Jo Cox. Almost everyone claimed that the murder of Cox by an apparently pro-Brexit assailant meant that the Brexit was doomed (I actually argued that the murder would be forgotten in a week and that the Brexit would pass anyway).

The Trump campaign has witnessed its own kind of “black swan” event with the release of recordings from eleven years ago in which Trump is heard making “lewd remarks” about women. It is surprising to me how many conservatives (let alone liberals) have been declaring Trump’s candidacy effectively “over” due to the scandal. These people are dupes.

Once again, I argue that the Trump tapes will be forgotten in a week and that they have no bearing whatsoever on the election. They are nothing more than bread and circus. Beyond the fact that really, almost no one cares what Trump said a decade ago, I argue that this election has already been decided. I argue that the globalists want Trump in office, just as they wanted the passage of the Brexit. I argue that they need conservative movements to feel as though we have won, so that they can pull the rug out from under us in the near future. I argue that we are being set up.

Again, the elites are openly telling us what is about to happen. They are telling us that if “populists” (conservatives) gain political power, the system will effectively collapse. To what extent is hard to say, but let’s assume that the situation will be ugly enough to influence the masses to reconsider the ideal of globalism as a possible solution. The elites are fond of the Hegelian dialectic and the philosophy of “order out of chaos,” after all.

The only way to counter this developing lie is for liberty champions to first accept the idea that our political victories might be ultimately meaningless and that we are being allowed to take charge of a ship that is already sinking. Only then can we distance ourselves from an exponential fiscal disaster by distancing ourselves from the narrative.

Perhaps I am wrong, and in November we see a dismal Trump performance and a Clinton victory. But if we see a “surprise” Trump election win, just as we saw a surprise Brexit win, then it may be time to consider that the surface of this situation is not what it appears.

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18 Comments on "Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash"

  1. Not in any political group myself. Do know what I read and comprehend. That in this case is portions of the history of Free Trade.

    Britain used Free Trade to force China to legalize the opium trade. This forced China to be flooded with opium which addicted their people in order that Britain took silver traded for labor in processing cotton goods. It was Britain that furthered mono-agriculture in setting up colonies, each with only one trade valued good, crippling the Fair Market & Fair Trade.

    London, England is now the world financial center. It is this center in conjunction with Rockefeller’s IMF & World bank which report to Bank of International Settlements. These are the crooks responsible and accountable.

    Rockefeller’s has patents on the Zika virus and as well might also have stake in Bayer, the company which brought us the Spanish Flu. There was no flu actually, it was a result from poor to no labeling on Bayer’s new wonder panacea, aspirin, which caused fatalities from toxic dosing.

    These crooks need hung in public to ensure they serve as an example of the evils the world is no longer willing to tolerate.

  2. The guy from Naturalnews said, if hillary wins, the markets will be blamed and thus usher in communism with government in total control.

    • Doesn’t matter which puppet gets in, the aim is techno neofeudal Marxism run by bankster fascists.

      • I don’t understand the apparent oxymoron of Marxism/(neo)feudalism….

        • An authoritarian system of redistribution and rationing decided by a strong central authority ~ Marxism. Neofeudal because the plan calls for a small managerial class = technocrats, next multinational corporations, and top of the pyramid controlling it all bankers, royals, superclass. Besides structure, another feudal aspect is the long term agenda is to end private property as we know it. Global Technocracy involves eventual deep capture of ALL the resources and land nicely illustrated in Spiro Skouras’ 12 min youtube report on UN and multinational takeover of the oceans and seas. Link below…

          • Scary clip… I was wondering what all the fuss was about over China’s artificial island building and the US’ claim to be the rightful authority to police these areas.

            I still don’t see the Marxist component of this agenda though, given that what we’re experiencing now, and for some time, is a redistribution to the top of the pyramid, while any social safety networks are being dismantled, all the while jobs are disappearing and the population is getting sicker and sicker….

          • Since China signed the treaty too, I wonder if the reporting on the S. China Seas was designed to make the treaty appear to be a necessity as a way to mediate disputes. Also, at height of the intense reporting I poked around to get a sense of how the Chinese govt / press were playing it and discovered it was very different from western alt media. China’s censors on the net were out in force to quell angry denunciations and their media and youth leagues were strongly admonishing the public to not protest the controversy, harshly criticizing the small group that smashed their iPhones in front of a Kentucky Fried Chicken saying such actions were “anti government extremism” and foolish in an age of global economic interdependence as boycotting American products would only hurt Chinese workers. It’s as though China’s rulers want to keep anti-globalism in check while balancing nationalism rhetoric for other needs. The Marxist component is not here yet, it’s waiting in the wings, that’s one objective of the interconnecting links of tracking and monitoring individuals in real time…Brzezinski’s “Technotronic Era”:and the foundation of the old Technocracy movement in the US in the 1930s when they didn’t have advanced enough technology for their proposed system. Last week I came across some unsettling information on big social changes in China and Russia that hint at this global communist-esque redistribution This year I came to realize that both China and Russia are simultaneously engaged in massive crackdowns on mild dissent (and even non dissent such as human rights and labor advocacy). A puzzle. Then this past week I stumbled on information that, over the past decade or so, the govts of China and Russia have been promoting a strong resurgence in the popularity of Mao and Stalin, respectively. To the point of deification in China with some people praying daily to their Mao statues – which Mao was completely against when he was alive, btw = very odd. Also in China there is a growing zeitgeist that the people need to return to communism to redistribute wealth, as the wealth disparity in China is worse than the west, including the US. It so happens that the nation with the highest wealth disparity is Russia, so much so economists say it should be in its own special category. Putin recently said the USSR should have never been dismantled! When his statement ruffled a lot feathers in Russia he clarified his view saying he meant that the USSR should have been reformed instead of dismantled because the breakup was too painful. At the same time, it was being reported in Europe that Putin is re-creating the KGB, that is, a powerfully centralized intelligence force and there was even talk of possibly using the same name used during the Stalin era. Sorry, Veri Tas, that’s a lot of info to give you for this little point I wanted to make that I think these two big nations are being prepared for Global Technocracy, which is just as totalitarian as the Mao and Stalin eras. It’s also the end of “capitalism”. I find a lot of loose threads and try to link them to what I understand is coming. Yes, the top of the pyramid is grabbing all the resources to own and control with the notion that we will be allowed use of the land, homes, access to food, energy, etc. as they deem necessary. The aware ideologically left establishment is going along because they are being told it will be the end to global hunger, homelessness, and environmental destruction (thus the term sustainable). Sorry I’m too tired at the moment to look this name and quote up, but a high level IPCC official publicly admitted about a year ago that IPCC environmental policies were not really about protecting the environment, they are designed to create a new economic system. Another one: Christiana Figueres head of UN FCCC “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.” Hope that helps clarify my comment. A lot of info, sorry! Cheers, blue

          • Much to ponder. Thank you.

          • You’re very welcome.

          • Also thanks for the Spiro Skouras reference; it brought me to the Newsbud site, one I hadn’t come across.

          • Glad you found it. Sibel Edmonds is a smart dedicated woman, her website is Good to be discerning there too. A worry that Nimmo from Infowars recently joined. Collins believes the climate change meme and pretends chemtrails don’t exist. Same ol, same ol’..

  3. Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash
    And that ain’t gonna work either so I hope they hurry. Trump by a landslide in November…

  4. the deplorable redneck | October 13, 2016 at 7:12 am |

    Time to come inside kiddies and watch the great boob tube. Be sure and read your Kommon Kore assignments. Take your vaccines ( designed to halt your natural immune system functions and cause all sorts of exotic disease especially cancer and neurological types), eat your gmo (more disease). Don’t have any rationale thoughts or you might have to get ADHD synthetic psychotic drug inducing meds that will put you in a place you will never recover.
    This is what the FDA,CDC,WHO, AMA, et al, bring to the table. Nothing but misery and death from the unholy bankster/bigpharma/ industrail/military thieves that have stolen the wealth of the world and tie our labor to their satanic usury fees.
    Government is the worst investment I have ever been swindled out of.

  5. Are you folks ready for this?

    The vast majority of the members of western “idiot-cultures” will believe it!

  6. Brandon: Globalist/zionazis control our elections via computerized votescam and phony-registered “people” and their endless steams of counterfeit currency made available to allies and relatives. I really have a hard time believing they rather have Trump and “we the deplorables” to gain a head of steam that will literally be unstoppable the next 10-20 years vs. putting that walking corpseBitch into power, especially with 3 SCOTUS seats coming up. Not to imply they couldn’t “work with trump”, no different than what happened with Reagan, but I say Hellary is their choice.

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