They Have to Go: President of Philippines Demands US Troops Leave the Country

philBy James Holbrooks

Following Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s comments Monday that all U.S. troops in the country’s southern region of Mindanao “have to go,” an analyst recently posited the president’s move is an indication of the Philippine citizenry’s desire to move away from the West and toward China.

“A considerable segment of the population in the Philippines does not want to see foreign troops, including U.S. troops, in the Philippines,” Dr. Joseph Chang told Radio Sputnik.

Chang theorizes much of President Duterte’s decision regarding the removal of U.S. troops in the Philippines is rooted in his status as a populist leader, and that appeasing his electorate will “establish his credentials as a nationalist president.”

Dr. Chang also noted Duterte’s wish to “reduce the Philippines’ dependence on the U.S. in the security arena” and“improve economic ties with Beijing.” Chang further suggested Duterte may even desire to “attract foreign aid from Beijing to the Philippines.”

On Monday, Duterte continued his verbal assault against the United States — he recently called President Obama a “son of a bitch” — by claiming many of the problems the Philippines have with Muslim insurgents in the southern Mindanao region have to do with the U.S. military’s very presence there.

“I do not want a rift with America, but they have to go,” the president — who is from the Mindanao region — said during a speech in Manilla, citing the U.S. military’s bloody history in the Philippines and the animosity many citizens still feel because of it.

This sentiment was echoed by the president’s spokesperson, Ernesto Abella, in a statement issued by the Philippines News Agency.

Citing that statement, USA Today writes:

Abella also pointed to lasting resentment over the U.S. military campaign in 1906 that led to the slaughter of hundreds of Muslims in the southern Philippines. Duterte has criticized the United States for failing to apologize for the bloodbath.

Concluding, Abella said in the release: “Hence our continued connection to the West is the real reason for the ‘Islamic’ threat in Mindanao.”

The Philippines became a colony of the United States in the late 19th century, a status which lasted until the 1940s. Since that time, the U.S. has been an ally of the Southeast Asian country. The military presence in Mindanao referred to by Duterte was put into place in 2002 for the purported reason of fighting the Muslim insurgency group Abu Sayyaf.

The Philippines’ desire to move toward China comes at a time when the two nations are attempting to find common ground on the issue of territorial claims in the South China Sea. In a case brought by the Philippines, an arbitration court at The Hague ruled in July that China did not, in fact, have sovereign claim to the vast majority of those waters.

Progress toward cooperation has been made in recent weeks, however, with China appearing more willing to work with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries, including the Philippines, on issues of shared responsibility for the South China Sea.

China has also pointed out that external forces — such as the U.S. military’s involvement in the dispute — has gotten in the way of resolving a wholly regional issue.

In an August article in the state-run Global Times, China’s Vice Foreign Minister was quoted as saying that both ASEAN and China are “aware that they hold the key to solving the South China Sea issues, given the increasingly complicated situation, especially interference from outside forces.”

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21 Comments on "They Have to Go: President of Philippines Demands US Troops Leave the Country"

  1. A populist leader? Sounds like the President Duterte is a basket case, on par with rest of the world’s Pathocrats / Kakistocracies.

    “When Duterte….was running for president of the Philippines, he promised he would be a dictator. He said he would authorize the army and police force to wage a drug war and use extrajudicial killings against “suspects” (i.e. literally anyone) who resisted. He said he would shut down Congress if they ever tried to impeach him.
    [So far] Duterte has: deputized the public to kill accused drug dealers without judge or jury, resulting in 1800 deaths and counting;threatened martial law if the country’s judiciary tries to stop him; justified the assassination of journalists.” source: InternationalForecaster (dot) com 8/23/16

    There is a shift but the above article is exaggerating the rift a bit. Duterte publicly said he has no intention of cutting ties with Washington including military alliances and his call for the removal of US troops is due to concerns they will be targeted by “the terror group Abu Sayyaf”.
    http://www.philstar (dot) com/headlines/2016/09/14/1623667/philippines-not-cutting-ties-us-duterte

    • The entire world is going hard core totalitarian…we’re just not being told about it in a holistic manner. The alt media is also not reporting the brutal crackdowns on mild dissent in China and Russia, people sent to labor camps and Siberia for sharing articles on social media or blogging about corruption.

      President “Duterte justified the assassination of journalists.” It’s absolute insanity.

  2. They went to Afghanistan for the Opium and to Iraq for the Oil,
    and also Yugoslavia had/has the worlds largest quartz mines. They are there to fund the CIA through the sale of drugs. They should be booted out of all countries. We’ll ignore what the paid Intelligence Service writers of disinfo have to say.

    • The US military has been the muscle man for the global elite, pillaging and overthrowing sovereign nations and its a a disgrace most Americans have been too brainwashed to see the truth or care enough to stop it. Replacing this hammer with a Rothschild / Rockefeller UN controlled global military force isn’t the way forward towards a free humanity either. Using accurate verifiable information to describe Duterte from one of the most respected alternative media researchers is not disinformation.

    • We grew our hemp there after prohibition. Wonder if we still do. I think BDS ~ Boycott, Divest, Sanction could be in play here.

  3. Getting US troop out the Philippines would be good for both nations.

    • Very true, if that meant the pendulum is swinging towards national sovereignty, away from globalism, and towards empowerment of the people. Unfortunately, it looks like the NWO is preparing its re-alignment for global governance…timed with Obama officially signing over control over the internet protocols to ICANN, the founding chairwoman Ester Dyson a CFR and Trilateralist stooge, working hand in hand with an international internet global management committee including Michael Chertoff former DHS Secretary and executive of the corporation that produces the “naked body scanners”.

      source: The New American: Who Will Control Your Internet 10/22/16

    • noor aza othman | September 15, 2016 at 8:56 pm | Reply

      Bravo Pres. Duterte!

      US colonial presence there has nothing to do with fighting terrorism; this is in order for the ever savage parasite Zionist/ISra*l-controlled U*/NA*O’s NWO and their allies
      (that include Singapo*e, Jap*n, South Kor*a and Ind*a – see; at – Modi in US: America elevates defence relations with India on par with Nato and Israel, By Priyanka Mogul, May 20, 2016; at – Japanese Military Joins U.S. And NATO InHorn Of Africa, richard rozoff, Stop NATO, April 25, 2010; and at – A Deep, Dark, Secret Love Affair: A team of IDF officers, known as the `Mexicans,’ helped Singapore establish an army. It was the start of a very special relationship. Amnon
      Barzilai Jul 16, 2004) – to control the global energy security and wealth within the much
      linked-Pacific-Indian Ocean‘s fundamental global oi/gas transit-shipping and submarine routes, especially the globally fundamental small handful of chokepoints of the three Straits of Malacca, Hormuz, Bab el-Mandeb, and the Suez Canal (especially along the South China Sea, the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea – that ultimately links all, to – ISrael and the West through the Mediterranean Sea.

  4. Well it should be if a country wants us gone WE LEAVE! Barack cumbya needs to what is wanted!!

    Sick of the government acting like an ex-wife!

  5. Well, well. As with Sewer Nation’s treachery in Iran in the ’50’s which led to 25 years of murder/oppression under the Shah, Truth be known, (yeah, right. from the kosher media?), after the slaughter Sewer Nation inflicted on the Philippines’ people ’round the turn of the last century, I’m surprised it took those people this long to put someone in power honest enough to call a terrorist entity what it is; A western colony of Israel and Central Bank “enforcer”.
    USS liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11 got the ball rolling for me. Once I began doubting their orthodox lies and began searching outside the kosher “text books” and media, it almost literally became necessary to wire my jaw in place to keep it from bouncing on the table. If you’re one of those “my country right or wrong” believers and truth means nothing to you, good for you. There’s some of us out here who need a reason, a bona fide truth as to why we’re supposed to hate/slaughter/rape and destroy when in the end, after the dust settles and the blood/bodies are washed away, there’s still a Central Bank here f**king us into slavery, still an infrastructure rated +/- 25th , right next to Brazil, still millions living in tent cities/storm systems with their little ones, still more than 10 million jobs (and counting), being sent out of country, millions of illegals and those granted “guest worker” visas waiting in line to take our jobs…. to feed THEIR families because THEIR leaders are nothing more than “plants” put there for the next Philippines, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Bosnia etc. etc.

    • Now that the global elite have conquered the middle east, they are turning their Totalitarian Eyes of Sauron on the west. World government is an old plan which we all know….but last month a tip from an Activist Post reader lead to finding a book from 1926 on the takeover. It’s a perspective that will strongly resonate with your views, Paschn.

      • In a word; Wow. One needn’t be an astrophysicist to see why, along with Solzhenitsyn’s “200 years together”, this piece of art is hidden from we “Goim”.
        Thank you!

        • Trying again…my reply was sent down the memory hole by The Ministry of Truth. >>> You’re welcome, and I hope you can help those of us pointing out how TPTB are using distractions and Kabuki maneuvers to keep the awakened from understanding World Govt is the Neofeudal techno Matrix from He11 unfolding before us in every nation controlled by the usual suspects. They’ve been playing us for centuries, the Psy 0ps are incredibly elaborate.

        • Here’s one more website I think you’ll find historically compelling, Paschn. It’s not as active as it used to be, more of an archive now. Some documents go back to the 1800s.

      • About “the globel elite have conquered the middle east”: not so fast, my good man.
        The Elite is in dire straits in Iraq and Syria as well.

        Desperately changed course from Syria, bringing first their “secret armies” over to Libya and are now bombing the Libyan people and the country of course into oblivion.
        Not the Oilfields of course because that is for the KM. They think it is their right to steal it.

        More US soldiers are going to die for Big Corporations.
        A late Marine General, may he rest in peace, explained in 1933 for what American soldiers are dying.
        Not “to protect USA” but to kill in other countries for greed, for power, for dominance by Big Business over the people of this planet.
        To assist the KM to speed things up to get NWO finally started they invented UN, “Climate Change”, WTO, IMF, TPP, TTIP, NATO, European Union all signs into the NWO direction.

        But the Elite are NOT there yet, not as easy as they thought it would be.

        • Yes, yes, your words are well taken as I’ve long known about Smedley Butler, the Shock Doctrine, the domestic and international use of the dialect, the details of how the banksters created, propped up, funded both sides and then instigated the major wars and conflicts – for centuries. As well, mind control, assassinations, the m.o. for deep capture of industries, governments and nation states. It’s a painful burden to be this awake…which is, no doubt, a big reason why the sheeple slumber.

          With all due respect, the elite are not in dire straights in the middle east, the Greater Middle East Project of order out of chaos and “creative destruction” is coming along as planned. Syria is exactly what they planned from the beginning…including the planted meme of Syria being one of the 7 countries told to us by the impossible situation of the public whistle blowing of General Wesley Clark, a staunch global elite minion and close friend of the Clintons. Clark would never be involved in that type of leap unless he was an actor in a Psy 0p. Last year Clark said in a televised interview he supports putting “disloyal Americans” who oppose the global war on terror (thought criminals) in internment camps! He is a globalist totalitarian and his tale of being informed of “the plan” by a subordinate is completely absurd. There’s more as I have incontrovertible evidence Syria, Iran, and Russia’s elites have long been in bed with the globalists (follow the money!) and have been implementing the NWO neoliberal paradigm since the 90s, including building out the infrastructure for UN Agendas 21 and 2030, The central banks of all 3 are tied to the Bank of International Settlements, the Rothschild controlled big daddy central bank of virtually all central banks. The conflict in Syria was designed long ago to be a smokescreen for the creation of ISIS, Operation Cyclone 2.0, an excuse to bring prominence to the UN as referee and the meme of a world military and police force to fight terrorism. As well, the agenda has been to create scapegoats as cover for the plan to gradually switch out the dollar reserve system for a UN/IMF/BIS centrally controlled global [digital] currency.

          It would take an entire article to demonstrate to you that the rise of authoritarian Technocracy in the middle east based on UN Agenda 2030 is unfolding VERY RAPIDLY right now, including constant Orwellian biometric tracking, monitoring, and surveillance on a level approaching China. Besides the wealthy Gulf states, Iran is far along into this pattern too with Tehran already a heavily electronically monitored UN Sustainable Smart City. In 2011, the Saudis spearheaded the formation of a regional government system called the GCC, it has all the earmarks the UN-IMF style governance in parallel with the EU. I agree, the elite are not finished, yet, but the hour is much later than the majority of the alt media is telling you and others. If you want more details on what I’ve shared please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m here to shine the brightest light I can and to learn from others. Regards, blue579

          • Thanks, blue579. Useful info, great.
            By the way, you mention “the rise of authoritarian Technocracy in the ME based on Agenda2030. Didn’t you mean Agenda21?
            For -2030 has been decided not so long ago, the KM is eager to get parts of -2030 done quicker, (a kind of project split?) because this bloody war/invasion in Syria is going on already for at least five years and they are IMO in backlog due to Russia and other parties intervention.
            Apart from Iraq and Libya of course.

          • Agenda 21 is the older paradigm, more focused on the local organization of infrastructure, whereas, Agenda 2030 focuses on the RADICAL economic transformation away from crony capitalism and what little is left of free markets and towards the carbon credit energy based system of strict rationing using high tech tracking and monitoring on the level of the individual….to be managed by appointed bureaucrats (technocrats) under the control of the TPTB who are further centralizing control over ALL resources, in a tight legal grip largely via “treaties” and privatization. The latter, PRIVATIZATION, is one of the three pillars of 2030 Technocracy, along with AUSTERITY (in the west to be driven by continuous targeted inflation), and, of course, the electronic straight jackets that can monitor all activities and shut down all dissent with the tapping of a few keys singling out individuals to be cut off from bank transactions, work, travel, electricity, internet, phone, etc. Truly it is the mark of the beast, being adopted around the globe as this article demonstrates (and even beyond that). The specific program being rolled out in the middle east right now is UN Agenda 2030 and is euphemistically referred to in the press (such as Wall Street Journal) as “Vision 2030”. Last week the Washington Post described the Saudi and middle east. transformation as a “revolution disguised as economic reform”, and it truly is radical especially that level of control to be exerted on the west in the not too distant future. Westerners aren’t conditioned to that degree of authoritarianism, that’s why we are some of the last ones to experience the crushing boot on our necks. Europe first, then the US, in a wave like motion with increased censorship kicking it off.

            On Sept 11, the Wall Street Journal, the elites’ favorite media lapdog to introduce major policy shifts to the managerial class, described a solution to “the problem of low inflation” and that is to give central bankers MORE DIRECT CONTROL over economic programs and policies to unleash “helicopter money” on the masses. As you can well imagine, as prices of basic necessities skyrocket at some point the public would become increasingly dependent on government subsidies and government control in order to get by. That’s the essence of both Agendas 21 and 2030. It’s diabolical at its core to enslave humanity like that but it is being seductively sold as (1) efficient and cool technology (smart phones, smart grid, smart meters, smart cards, etc.); (2) a more “fair” re-distribution scientifically managed (technocracy); (3) in a manner that protects the environment (thus the tie to the “climate change” meme). You can imagine the media’s terrible coverage of the election circus, the largely engineered clashes between left vs. right, the choice of a sick and despised Hillary, and revelations of corruption by co-intelpro leakers are being done in a way to make the public so utterly disgusted with politics and fearful of some kind of catastrophe that they will submit to rule by non elected “experts” under a more authoritarian system. We’re being led by the nose.

            As far as the backlog goes, the interventions were faked, orchestrated geopolitical waltzing to distract and create a false hope that some other nation state entities would derail or stall the rise of the NWO. Totally a ruse because during that time a tremendous amount of progress has been made setting the stage for 2030 – “the post carbon era” as it’s being described in the establishment and all over the middle east. Recall, in the last five years the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has been formed and is increasingly “interdependent” with laws and cultural practices already “harmonized”. The biometric tracking is heavy. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, you cannot use a smart phone unless you have registered your fingerprints with the government, the fingerprints being required to activate your phone each time you use it, soon the phones will be commonly used for purchases. TPTB still want to physically chip us and they see the smart phone as the temporary substitute and stepping stone.

            Twilight Zone, huh? When I fully woke up after 9/11, I didn’t imagine TPTB would get this far in my lifetime. I hoped I would be old and gray, or long dead, and better yet, the whole scheme would completely unravel. Gotta keep resisting them whatever the odds, the alternative is too unthinkable for me. Kind Regards, blue579

  6. WatchmanofEzekiel33 | September 15, 2016 at 1:46 pm | Reply

    Fine no more foreign aide or anything.

    • noor aza othman | September 15, 2016 at 9:07 pm | Reply

      You think the ‘Third’ world are beggars?! Whist the ZioNazi-controlled Wezz can rob/mass murder in GENOCIDE of the Muslim/’Third’ World and their poor masses?

  7. I agree with booting them out of all countries!!!!!

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