ALERT: U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS to Round Up and Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away the Key

cdc detentionBy Catherine J. Frompovich

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention literally has overstepped its authority in proposing to grant itself powers that obviously negate any rights U.S. citizens thought they had by issuing the Proposed Rule “Control of Communicable Diseases” on August 15, 2016 wherein CDC will self-invest itself with the power to apprehend healthy people en masse and detain them indefinitely with NO process of appeal!

That mammoth proposed rule is published in the Federal Register [Federal Register Number: 2016-18103] online at this website. Before you read it, I suggest taking a very stiff shot of vodka or scotch, because you won’t believe what you read that is being proposed for what is supposed to be a non-communist country and its people, the USA!

But, the CDC wants to hear your comments about the proposed rule, as if it really cares. Citizens should file your comments at this website before October 14, 2016! Officially, it’s Comment No. CDC-2016-0068-0001.

This proposed CDC rule, in my opinion, is an “end run” or a “Hail Mary pass” around what’s become a nightmare situation in the USA regarding Big Pharma’s ‘sacred cows’—vaccines and vaccinations—which many more healthcare consumers are waking up to being what they actually are: neurotoxic injections damaging children, adults and pets!

In essence, the CDC is creating a police healthcare state, something that was tried in the 1980s when Representative Claude Pepper introduced three infamous bills that got me involved in organizing the country to defeat them, which we did, only now to be facing another round of excessive medical and federal agency over-reach, in my opinion.

What the CDC proposes defies the U.S. Constitution and states Constitutional rights with absolutely NO appeal process. Where is the U.S. Congress, who has oversight of the CDC? However, what should we expect from a do-nothing Congress? Why doesn’t Congress investigate the CDC whistleblower William Thompson, PhD epidemiologist, confession of fraud, deceit and collusion he participated in? Good question?

If this oppressive totalitarian-like proposed rule giving CDC police powers becomes law, kiss your kids goodbye; kiss what you thought you had in life goodbye—your body, which will not belong to you any longer but to the USA via CDC ‘edict’; and expect to be interred in U.S. FEMA camps—something the shadow government and others apparently have been planning for some time.

Just the other day I got notice of FEMA putting out a purchase order request for five million bottles of liter and half-liter size bottle water! What are they ‘expecting’?

What have all the United Nations vehicles moving around the USA been about? [1] How about all the UN ‘mercenary-like’ troops ‘holed up’ in the USA [2]! Are the U.S. military or national guard not sufficient, or won’t they do to American citizens what the controllers want them to do to us? Has the USA relinquished its sovereignty to the United Nations without our knowledge?

Folks, wake up; it’s later than you think!

This proposed rule by the CDC is the ‘icing on the cake’ they apparently have planned, in my opinion, from all the ‘political correctness’ memes they have generated along with all the false flag ‘pandemics’ that really never panned out EXCEPT the apparent current one – Zika, which may become ‘successful’ because of the fearmongering built into it, including poison aerial sprays.

Now, in my opinion and from what I’ve researched, they’ve been able to genetically monkey around with both mosquitoes and a virus to make the ‘perfect storm’ health crisis and the need for a medical police state—all created on purpose, since many of the communicable diseases they are so damn scared of have been around for ages [and the human race survived them], plus I contracted most of them as a child—as did others—and we lived through them. More importantly, our immune systems gained lifelong immunities. That’s how the immune system is ‘exercised’ into becoming a well-functioning biological process, especially when healthful, natural nutrition – not GMO ‘phood’ – is provided.

You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad)

Here are some quotes from the CDC proposed rule:

“When an apprehension occurs, the individual is not free to leave or discontinue his/her discussion with an HHS/CDC public health or quarantine officer.”

“…the proposed practice to issue Federal orders before a medical examination has taken place.”

“CDC defines precommunicable stage to mean the stage beginning upon an individual’s earliest opportunity for exposure to an infectious agent.”

And this apparent totalitarian ‘gem’ of an agency’s self-proclaimed ‘rite’:

“…(holding that a passenger consents to an airport security search by presenting himself/herself for boarding and that such consent may not be revoked by simply walking away). Thus, in order to protect interstate travel from communicable disease threats, HHS/CDC intends for this section to apply broadly to all circumstances where individuals may queue with other travelers.”

[How about your being nabbed at a local Starbucks, McDonald’s, baseball-basketball-football game, or supermarket? Folks, it’s getting to be more than Orwell ever could have imagined! What are you going to do?]

And here’s what this, in my opinion, is all about: Forced Vaccinations! They have to be forcing these vaccines for some other reason than ‘immunity’ since the toxins in vaccines damage the immune system!

“CDC may enter into an agreement with an individual, upon such terms as the CDC considers to be reasonably necessary, indicating that the individual consents to any of the public health measures authorized under this part, including quarantine, isolation, conditional release, medical examination, hospitalization, vaccination, and treatment: provided that the individual’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite to any exercise of any authority under this part.[CJF emphasis added]

There you have it, folks! Their ‘wet dream’ come true: Taking away informed consent, one of the valid legal bugaboos regarding their illegal and unconstitutional enforcement of vaccinations to attend school or work!

They, for all intents and purposes, are trashing the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights!

And finally, for now, as this is really too much to absorb or take in, especially if you think you are a free citizen of the USA:

“…individuals who violate the terms of the agreement or the terms of the Federal order for quarantine, isolation, or conditional release (even if no agreement is in place between the individual and the government), he or she may be subject to criminal penalties.”

If you value your health, your life, your supposed freedom and that of your children, family and friends, don’t you think you ought to write your comments about the proposed CDC’s “Hitler-Stalin-Mao-like” authoritarian rule making “Rules for the Control of Communicable Diseases”? Read it first; don’t take my words for granted, please.

Furthermore, more than anything, I’d like to know the names of the brains behind this totalitarian proposed rule. I’d like to know which corporate interests had input and what they said. I think if we are to have a transparent discussion about this proposed CDC rule, then citizens should know some of those details. What do you think?

God BLESS America! Is it too late yet? Please get off your duffs and do something!

Citizens should file your comments at this website before October 14, 2016! Officially, it’s Comment No. CDC-2016-0068-0001.



Image by Natural Blaze

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich is now available

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174 Comments on "ALERT: U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS to Round Up and Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away the Key"

  1. Anybody still wondering why there’s a multitude of empty FEMA camps scattered all over the USA?…..with draconian edicts such as this being decreed by the bureaucratic toads in their hierarchical miasma of gov’t alpha-bet soup agencies…are taking it upon themselves to violate the Constitution because the dual-citizen scumbag Khazarian Mafia 0.01%-that hijacked the Federal Gov’t on 9-11…says it is so???
    “Imagine a hob nail boot on your neck….. for the rest of your lives”…get the picture?

  2. Not a problem. We have the 2nd Amendment. That means we can return the favor. Millions of basements across America.

    • Naw, your firearms will be grabbed first. You won’t be fast enough on your own to resist. They’ve got 10 cops for every one of you!

      • public school math?

      • BS, I am a retired policeman and I will tell you first, there are not that many cops. Second I don’t know ANY policeman that will follow an unlawful order and break his oath to defend the Constitution.

        You watch too many movies, my friend.

        • Naw, I don’t watch any TV, and rarely watch movies, and I speak from experience and extensive research. As a prosecutor, I had cops tell me all the time they were willing to lie to get a conviction. As an attorney, I had cops as clients who confessed to me how scared they were of their fellow cops, so corrupt and sadistic. I respect anyone who takes their oath of office seriously, but every day, thousands of cops do unlawful and harmful acts. Makes me feel good that you don’t think you did.

        • You came thru in a different era Sir. Things aren’t what they used to be.

        • Our county deputies violate the constitution daily with impunity. They have refused to file their Oaths on the public record as required by law to be empowered to perform the duties of office–that’s how blatant their disregard is. I want to move to your neighborhood where do you live?

  3. We are preparing for war. This is it. Over my dead body will me or my family be injected with chemicals that THEY feel necessary. This is truly a dysopian nightmare.

  4. The Luciferian Utopia has arrived. The anti Human monsters will murder a minimum of half the worlds population, and the sheeple thought ‘Obama care’ was enacted for health reasons…

    • Watching people being rounded up or going door to door confiscating their arms will be what triggers the Revolution – obviously the people are arming themselves to the teeth, when they see the Government going door to door disarming and taking people from their homes that will be the call to arms for the modern day Minutemen and there are over a hundred million out there. The People have a fire in their bellies and not much left to lose, they will be absolutely BRUTAL and unflinching to the statists that tried to enslave them – military and law enforcement will be dropping their guns and stripping off their uniforms as fast as they can.

      No worries though it won’t come to that, the CDC and traitors in the shadow government will not have time to implement these insidious plans, they along with their collaborators will be in prison for High Treason well before then – there is so much evidence of their Treason already all it takes is the right moment, the right information coming out to bring them all down. Everybody already knows who the Traitors are, just a matter of time before they are taken into custody.

      I’m so looking forward to when some hactivist exposes that all these “mass shootings” were psyops, psychological warfare on the American People, that will be enough to put them all in prison for life.

      A note to our “progressive” brothers and sisters this is why you don’t grow the government or give them an ounce more of power – never forget the wise words “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. You can’t control the government, what you can do is vote in true Conservative and Constitutional Patriots that will shrink it to where it is no longer a threat.

      Push back against mandatory vaccinations, push back against Bio-Metric ID’s, push back against war propaganda, any policy this corrupt government tries to roll out fight it tooth and nail.

      • Good comment! As far as the mass shootings being PSYOP? 3 of them were almost certainly the real deal. You may not be aware that Aaron Alexis, Myron May, and Gavin Long had one thing in common: they all alleged they were being targeted by Zersetzung-styled harassment campaigns, which are heavily PSYOP driven (though not in the military PSYOP sense of the word.)

        As for the CDC? I read the whole damned entry of 8/15, and it ‘sounds’ reasonable. But you’re right. Power always corrupts and this power, too, will be abused. ‘No recourse?’ Insane!

        I see at least two potential abuses: forced vaccinations, and (homeless?) people being snatched off the street for human experimentation. I’m sure there are others. I live in a large city, and I’ve noticed most of the homeless have disappeared. Makes no sense as the economy slowly rots!

        • Be sure to go to the public comment site included in the article and tell CDC–from which I am, incidentally, retired after 25 yrs, so this is not surprising to me in the least–anyway, TELL them point blank that, contrary to what they might have convinced themselves of (and they have, believe me!), many, many people–probably most–would rather die free than live in some FEMA camp or other. There ARE worse things than death, and one of those things is precisely what CDC is proposing. GO to the comment site and TELL them. There’s a lot wrong with CDC, but they WILL pay attention to public comments. Enough public outcry will get them to drop this insane plan. At least for a while. But the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, right?

        • Thanks brother, of course Sandy Hook was a psyop, pretty obvious and plenty of proof the super scripted Virginia “Live” shooting, the Orlando Pulse shooting, the Charlotte “Confederate Racist” shooting, even the Dallas “Micah X” shooting were psyops. Man, there are so many of them in the recent past it would take an hour just to go over them all.

          I’m not sure what these idiots behind these psyops are trying to do, they are doing incredible damage to the government’s credibility, already I would guestimate at least 35% of the public knows they are fake, we will hit a tipping point and they will get found out and then the people behind them, including the MSM parrots are going to be in A LOT of trouble with the public. These aren’t the only psyops, Ebola and Zika, I think even the national debt is meant to be a psyop to try and get people to panic in the next scripted economic collapse, but like I said before if things get really messy people aren’t going to panic, they have had enough and are going to rip these insider scumbags and their quislings from limb to limb. Forget about guns, the scumbags responsible need to worry about pick axes, arrows, hammers, rope, pitchforks and flammable liquids, it will be brutal.

          Maybe they are trying to get the public to give up on their love of Country to usher in Global Governance, but from where I sit I still love my Country and the Constitution with a passion, I just despise the criminal Bilderberg, CFR elitist central planning, social engineering scumbags that have hijacked the Federal Government.

          Personally I believe in God and I think he is letting these arrogant bastards destroy themselves, I think we are in a period of Revelations, an information age of enlightenment that will be the catalyst for a new Golden Age for humanity. I seriously hope the insiders don’t let it get too messy, I hope they back off because the insiders, as despicable as they are, they and their families will be in grave danger.

      • This is the second reply I am preparing to both support and question your statements. The first simply disappeared suddenly from existence from my computer-and this is NOT the first time actions such as this have occurred. The implications of that are truly scary as they suggest constant surveillance as well as the means and intention to stop us from exercising free speech. I can assure you I did nothing which would have erased my communication-which I considered one of my best written in communicating my feelings, beliefs, and understandings of current criminal actions by our enemy govt. and what I think should be done based on constant attention to developments. No, my response simply disappeared, reflecting the helplessness and restlessness I feel about the actions being taken to remove Americans, in my belief ALL Americans from the face of the earth in order to confiscate all available and usable assets we currently own, including savings and retirement funds we planned to use in order to support ourselves after laboring most of our lives as well as to provide an inheritance to loved ones-a tradition we may have benefited from and planned to continue, as well as other assets we accumulated through ownership of land, homes, and physical assets including family heirlooms whose value depends on who is in possession of the objects. I find the corruption so criminal, unbelievable and unacceptable that I am willing to share my feelings, though I am aware of their unconstitutional ability to label me as a domestic terrorist with no right to defend myself and subject to death as a result of my “crime”, which evidently will come soon.
        In order to try to recap my previous reply, which was lengthy to convey my reactions, and send my response before it too is removed, I offered my beliefs and questioned anyone with answers to please respond the following:
        My feelings of restlessness and helplessness are a result of my 100% belief in our government’s corruption and intent to destroy us through its many criminal and PROVABLE actions which we have not consistently used to stop them, allowing them to advance further each and every day and reducing our ability to stop them as well. I see us as having unused actions we did not or have not applied, actions which could be effective not only to stop them but to preserve lives as a result of their use. What about cutting off funds through discontinued federal tax withheld from our pay checks? Is that not a lawful action, as my belief is that we do not owe the money until April 15-we consent to the monthly deductions in order to prevent such a huge payment necessary all at once. Could that action also send the message that we are not buying into the propaganda-the fear, submission to their actions or belief we have no legal recourse, resignation that we must accept what is coming, belief we have no power to resist? Could this also be used to gather support on our side, increasing and strengthening our words and actions with their words and actions, allowing US advantage over our enemies?
        I recently witnessed Putin’s declaration of outrage and intention to help American citizens from our corrupt government beginning the actions intended to bring about our extinction. I both saw and heard him state publicly his knowledge of Jade Helm being used to institute martial law in Texas and maybe six other western states ( including my home state of California) with forces in addition to Jade Helm, including our military, foreign military such as Chinese and Russians trained to assist, UN and NATO forces and federal police, which I thought were scheduled to begin Sept. 5. I only saw Putin’s message once or twice, then it disappeared with little evidence suggesting anyone else saw what I saw. This amazed, shocked and even made me seriously question my sanity and ability to determine reality from fantasy. The only evidence I saw that it actually occurred was a written statement about how dangerous it would be to accept Russia’s support in defending us. REALLY???? Are we more afraid of Russia than the current actions intended by our government? Did Putin get that message and withdraw his support?
        Can we not apply more, and continuous pressure to Congress, pleading for them to use their legal ability to stop Obama from further destruction? Is that not the only option to stop him, short of assassination available to bring about immediate results?
        Can we not, if a way is found to capture him, use laws HE created, to imprison him indefinitely, with no charges stated, as he is subject to abide by laws too? That is truly my idea of JUSTICE.
        The only plan I see Americans intend to use is to fight back through Civil War. Though I am in 100% in opposition to our govt, actions and plans to institute world wide communism and have a desire and NEED to help, I cannot kill another human being. Physically I could do so, but the implications resulting from that action would seriously affect my mental health to the extent I feel I could or would be able to enjoy and be useful to others for the duration of my life. It is just not an option I am able to participate in.
        I believe there are more options than the 2 I have stated, and those are the ones I alone have created. I’m sure others have more. I believe that writing alone has put me on the dissident list, unlawfully but intended to use lawfully to label me a domestic terrorist and will be used to execute me as soon as possible. Evidence of this was given by the disappearance of my previous post as described. I am not scared or intimidated by them and am willing to die to try to stop them from advancing their plans to create a New World Order. I would rather allow my death than accept and participate in removal of my freedom and use of God given ability to think and act independently. I do NOT have a death wish-I just cannot justify or accept killing as a way to those means. Perhaps if I believed it the only way, then I would be able to kill, though I am not certain about that.
        I think we still have time, not much, but time as well as options to stop what is coming. I am pleading others to believe and act accordingly. I am offering my support in any way possible to prevent communism as well as Civil War. I welcome any responses to bring this about, the sooner the better.

        • No worries, sometimes I wonder if they really want to wipe out 90% of humanity, please know there are also attempts to provoke the public into doing something stupid like going on the offense, which gives the State the domestic terrorists they so badly want. If they wanted to kill everyone off why would they mandate everyone wear a safety belt? The State and politicians are about CONTROL and milking the public, and at the end of the day politicians and statists are some of the dumbest people on the planet. The only thing I’m really worried about is them doing something profoundly stupid. Thankfully they were stupid enough to turn on their own citizens which has woken the People up. Sure there are central planners and social engineers behind the curtain but most of what happens is cause and effect – they try to push gun control and everyone arms themselves to the teeth. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. They can’t control the People, particularly people that revere Freedom and Liberty. They will lose and may find themselves in prison for Treason.

          • Delusionalmyass | September 4, 2016 at 2:25 am |

            How lucky have we been in imprisoning our current dictator in chief aka Chief of Political Correctness Police Force for his many treasonous acts? Recently I was invited to join a conservative group whose mission is to study the issues currently being addressed and voted on by both houses of Congress..Each week we learn about new bills submitted, actions and revisions on bills under review, as well as bills passed and next actions needed as a result i.e. New laws, revision to current law etc. It’s pretty interesting and members include residents from each state in the US. Unfortunately, any influence I have in representing a conservative viewpoint to Congress members from my state would be a miracle! My job is to learn about legislation on their calendars, the thoughts and views of our group’s leaders, their reccommendations of things we can do and say to our state reps. to encourage them to ensure conservative views and positions are known, hoping their votes represent our viewpoints. I realize our goals are somewhat idealistic, especially in light of their decisions and actions during our current dictators administration. Few could disagree, if responding truthfully, that his actions reflect the best interest of the American people, and even if you had doubts about being able to prove his actions reflected the exact opposite-indicating he wanted to bring America down, you could prove his word was not to be trusted and easily prove the mismatch between his words and actions. So, expecting those we elected into office, even after promising to represent the people through the oath of office, rarely demonstrate that they even remember taking that oath ( (with the exception of TreyGowdy, my hero and choice for president, the only one, in my view, who could and would have the desire and ability to best bring back our rights and freedoms as stated in our constitution and bill of rights. There has been such a great deal of damage inflicted that it will take someone truly remarkable with a proven track record and demonstration of love of our traditions and with an eye to the future to reflect upon needed changes to current law with knowledge , and the ability to involve the American people in making those changes-that is immense responsibility and huge amount of work to complete, which just may require a change in term limits allowed to our president! ? Wouldn’t that be ironic! Anyway, even if somewhat idealistic, I think the goals of my conservative group are impressive and their representation of the conservative viewpoint effective resulting in some legislation enacted in our favor. The added benefit of learning about how our government works is necessary if I want a “government for the people, and by the people.”
            My own idealism is apparent I’m afraid-not wrong, but must be remembered to ensure my expectations are fair and realistic.

          • Wow… far has our representation strayed from the people…that it takes this much effort just to keep up? kudos to you….and the group you are in…..and thoughts go to how many have this kind of time when working a full time job, picking kids up at daycare,and caring for a family and Dad working too…..or whatever…..what a lot of energy watching out when we supposedly elect “likable” people who say that is what they are doing…lol.

          • Steve Bergin | September 4, 2016 at 9:33 pm |

            It’s all about prioritizing your time, i.e. don’t watch “Dancing with Stars” go to the meeting instead!

          • Delusionalmyass | September 6, 2016 at 4:50 am |

            Just wanted to say thanks for your response. I don’t have to support anyone besides myself and my 21 year old beloved cat who has few needs other than a little bite to eat once in awhile, some clean-up due to reduced ability to perform where expected, and some love and attention I will soon miss giving deeply. I have a health condition which reduces my ability to work on a regular basis. Because my activity level is reduced I learn too much, worry too much and stay sick longer. My support through this membership helps me feel I am contributing-doing something constructive which I hope helps, not only my fellow citizens but myself in taking positive action-to try to heal faster. But it does get frustrating sometimes-almost like a mouse waiting for the snake to strike!

          • Steve Bergin | September 4, 2016 at 9:31 pm |

            Every city and state should form conservative groups and get folks in mass and then we can take back our country–only way we will do it, we must educate for them to know about the wool being pulled over our eyes!

          • safety belts are part of the disjointed way gov works…and it is easy to pass any thing that placates the people pretending someone cares……while they do other things…..this is especially true for lovely but naïve women…most have never fought to the brink of their strength as even a basic recruit learns quickly his limits…and in high contact sports the same, and most women have never even shot a variety of guns long and hand….and most women have never competed in any physical sport….what is that to say? They really think that they can talk down a bad guy, and they do scream loudly in protests and such and placating them that big government lovingly watching over them (for their good) is such an easy highly successful social manipulation…..they think they can over talk it or out talk it and all will work out….like that Housewives TV show ….all that manipulative talk….so sad….so useless in the game of force….

          • StarvetheBeast | September 4, 2016 at 8:24 am |

            I hear you Joanie, I agree they are capable of using physical force against the People but that would be profoundly stupid – the blowback would make the French Revolution look like a walk in the park.

      • my friend you won’t see it….study Germany….you go to work a business is out of business and you think…oh I thought they were doing ok… week a neighbor runs out on his rent and a rumor spreads he did not pay his rent or mortgage….and employee or co-worker does not show up and we hear he had an MVA or quit or was fired for whatever….how can we check….and Hippa? how can we check the records of our loved one …they say they died of liver complications….did you see the labs? and order consult labs? no. and no and no….and then it is a state of fear and knowledge…and compliance or hope they don’t take your kids while they are in school…….it will not be door to door with officers letting you see them to shoot at them…how dumb….our only hope is to begin with robin hood preparations….and do not be discouraged with judases….they will be there and with mafia like judgement we must be able to enforce animity…..and study and prepare as our forefathers did in underground railroads so to speak….and they may come for me…but I am not hearing intelligent preparations and know that the brave as you seem to be must truly stop with the public big talk and think ahead.

        • I’m with you but keep in mind unlike Germany, and thanks to the internet the public is very awake now and knows what the government is doing and capable of – I don’t think the People will rally around the politicians, statists and “elites”, they will crush them with a vengeance. Look what happened in Iceland – know think about that response from a culture steeped in entertainment that glorifies brutality.

      • Many in the military have been indoctrinated already. The youngsters think it’s constitutional to fire on the citizenry. LEO has already been militarized & conditioned to believe it’s them against the citizenry. Don’t look for much help there. There will be no news coverage, communication will be “down” you won’t know a thing until the door is kicked in. The arming of inane government agencies was our warning. Pay attention to it.

        • I have to disagree, many in the military and law enforcement are still loyal to the People, that aside they are also motivated by self preservation, when the men in uniform see the furious masses 10,000 strong armed with everything from AK47s to hatchets and torches they will be stripping off their uniforms faster than an Iraqi rent-a-cop.

          • I am a military brat, my son still servres. I wish you were right. They’ll be moved to areas of the country where they know no one. Defiance of orders will land them in military prisons or dead unless carefully planned. The refugees & illegals are being brought here as a means to sew social breakdown & an excuse to implement martial law. We ignored the monster until it grew too large & powerful. Breaking free of it now will cost many lives. A clear understanding of the challenge ahead is needed.

  5. Pretty amazing how Americans are becoming more and more conditioned to obey perceived authority. Even when they are fake.
    The more obedient and cowardly we become the more abusive our oppressors become.

    A people deserve any regime they endure.

    • There is one thing I can say bout my self and my brothers and sisters, we were not taught to follow fools, blindly!! I advise everyone, think before you agree!!

      • You’re right of course, but the writer’s point is that they are not asking. They’re not asking for our agreement or for anything else. That’s the point.

        • Exactly, they’re most likely asking for our comments in order to identify those of us who will be the problem troublemakers to this absolute disregard for our rights which are being tossed out the window daily. A real kicker, they have written into this illegal declaration that we will be the ones paying for being forced to do this even down to hospitalization if need be. Arm yourselves while you still can since they seem to be spoiling for a fight, if this actually comes to be, it on its own will negate every other right we think we still have and you can thank the do nothing Congress as well as the government which clearly isn’t “ours” anymore. It’s a simple matter of overpopulation and how they’re going solve it. FEA!

          • object anyway or don’t complain when the come to your house with a bogus your child has influenza according to school ‘officials’ and we need to detain and isolate your entire family …that is the way it is written…please object.

          • Constitution_89 | September 4, 2016 at 12:16 pm |

            You think that’s the “kicker” and that they’re “spoiling for a fight”? They are intentionally orchestrating it and doing so intentionally because “they”are set to institute Martial Law very shortly and certainly prior to January 20, 2017. The current Muslim Brotherhood Subversive, ISIS Commander-in-Chief,AlinskyITE, Pathological Liar will remain the Dictator in the White House indefinitely. For it is what the Globalist’s/NWO/Illuminati (call them what you want, they are one and the same) intend for us all: the One World Government prophesied by Daniel and the Book of Revelation. Believe it, EVERYTHING is in place NOW.

          • Richard Pope | September 4, 2016 at 9:24 pm |

            Amen. They are all communists.
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • Just like the use of info as in polls to manipulate through the medias the dumbed down blind masses, they use the info to corrupt and as ammunition to fight. I.E. Polls show a certain person in the lead of a race therefore the medias are paid to use propaganda LIES that breed FRAUDULENT elections!

          • And the public and private education administrations have been producing “dumbed down” useful idiots for 50 years.

          • Right as rain!

          • Seed_of_Albion | September 6, 2016 at 7:37 am |

            IT’s a grim time, no doubt about it. Godspeed.

        • I don’t think antibody will ask them permission to put the CDC gestapo to sleep if they come banging on the door at 4am.

          It’s not 1932 and this is not Germany.

          • if you feel this way then you have an obligation to object…before it is law….we do need some form of this for immigration…but we need to really decrease almost every paragraph under the title LEGAL…and insist on 3 doctor with lab back up and in home if possible detention as opposed to taking an individual to an institution and the part about taking over a whole medical facility to detain populations is as scary a thing as I have read….please take time to object…

          • Constitution_89 | September 4, 2016 at 12:27 pm |

            I mean this respectfully but you are delusional to think ANY OBJECTION to what they already have “Decreed” will do anything but put you, and the rest of us in this forum, at the top of they’re list for that 4AM “knock on the door” and I doubt they’d grant the courtesy of a knock either. Sorry.

          • Take time to research the truth of it…or not,
            before putting your name on anything.

          • Seed_of_Albion | September 6, 2016 at 7:30 am |

            You might ask them at that moment whether they would mind if you gave them a shot. In the arm, of course.

        • Go research this. I don’t believe anything anymore until I go to the source.
          Then I will conduct my responses according to anything which could arise.

          • Seed_of_Albion | September 6, 2016 at 7:56 am |

            Very sensible Very wise. It’s a sad commentary that we can’t believe anything we hear or read–and even see, sometimes–anymore. BUt you’re right.

    • Thomas Jefferson, writing from Paris in a letter to Edward Carrington, dated Jan. 16, 1787, said that a nation of sheep would be governed by wolves. And here we are.

    • History’s biggest Litmus test.
      The controllers make a move; and carefully monitor our response…
      or lack thereof.

      • Like ‘Civil Forfeiture’ or Eminent Domain for private individuals

      • Come to my abode unannounced and see just what response you will get. You won’t like it I’m sure. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The rest is up to me. So if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In my domain wolves are targets. Until they take our means , or try to take our means of defense, they may well think twice before waking the sleeping giant. Which is our resolve to remain a free people. So far none of these “conspiracy theories ” have entered my sight picture. But when and IF they do, I’ll be ready for them. An armed society is a polite society.

        • . . . . I agree completely with everything that you have said. This is why barrackie and his cronies are trying to take our weapons from us. It is also why there are UN troops in our country. barrackie knows that most of the military will not raise up arms against us. I believe that some %80 support Mr. Trump. He is our only hope of saving our country from the communists.
          . . . . I am disabled through no fault of my own. Someone else didn’t follow good hygiene practices and contaminated the flu vaccine stocks in late 2000. I came down with Fibromyalia in early 2001 because of this. So I am now living on Social Security Disability. This is an appeal to anyone who can help to acquire the three guns and the ammo that I will need to defend myself and the country. I was in the AF from 1982-1986. Anyone who has been in the military takes an oath to protect the US and the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. As far as I am concerned my oath is in effect until I am called home.
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • Constitution_89 | September 5, 2016 at 11:58 am |

            As far as UN Troops inside the U.S. you are VERY correct. This was done after 9/11 under the guise of what was called “Terrorist Training Excercises” involving a myriad assortment of foreign “mercenaries” from countries of Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, South America and even China. They trained with our U.S. Military for one purpose: to acclimate these “UN Foreign Mercenaries” to the geography and topography of U.S. cities, towns and villages for the express purpose of implementing Martial Law and Gun Confiscation. These troops NEVER took an oath that prevents them from murdering U.S. Citizens who resist or are hiding firearms that are known to be owned/purchased by Americans because of licensing and registration requirements in some states.
            The Muslim Brotherhood Subversive, ISIS Commander-In-Chief, AlinskyITE, Pathological Liar had ALL references to Islamic Terrorism, Jihad/Jihadists and Muslim Extremists SCRUBBED from the training manuals of the CIA, FBI, DHS and Military handbooks. The most obscene fact is that something north of 500,000 of these UN Foreign Mercenaries are STILL INCOUNTRY.

        • “An armed society is a polite society.”….YES, and ATTENTIVE TO YOUR CIVIL AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES–meaning the oppressors will be more attentive [and not drastically indifferent] to your civil and constitutional rights and privileges enshrined in our Constitution!!!

    • Instead of telling us what we already know- how about a solution?
      You are the people as well- do you deserve it?

      • The solution is…. You have to stop looking to other people for solutions.
        You’re making an admission of ignorance and cowardice by asking someone else to fix things for you. You’re just trading one master for another.
        The solution is you, and everyone else, including me, get involved.
        Show the establishment we are tired of the tail wagging the dog and we aren’t afraid to challenge them.
        This is the part that proves our true colors because it is going to get rough then. The paranoid control freaks are going to physically fight when they can’t get their way. They will undoubtedly try to bribe, coerce, and threaten, but when that doesn’t work they will call out the muscle. The people will not start this fight but if they don’t end it they will continue to make unjustified demnds up to and including our incarceration.
        So you see. I have given a solution. Unfortunately it is one you are in denial of, and will never have the courage to act upon.
        This perceived authority everyone is so scared of is nothing more than a mafia. A gang of parasites.

        • Very, very well said as opposed to my language which may have “them” at my door at any moment now as I have that Audi Murphy reaction to being surrounded. Or Rambo reaction for those too young to know who Audi Murphy was.

        • Point on bro! Power to the PEOPLE!, People need to Stop the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail and in this country the blind patriotism to a now more than ever corrupt government. It is the dumbed down who are the blind masses who are easy to manipulate be it through the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES especially government propaganda LIES that breed FRAUDULENT elections and now race , gay bait articles to cause civil unrest to manipulate the blind masses to their way of thought and action being apathetic,lazy, people stop and uniformed to do NOTHING!

          • Richard Pope | September 4, 2016 at 9:32 pm |

            Remember the the Constitution gives us the right to remove any government that is no longer responsive to the people. The best way would be by voting. But we have seen that barrackie has become a dictator and he has poisoned congress, the Federal Court system, and the SCOTUS. So it looks like we will have to rise up in arms if hillary should win or if Mr. Trump wins and barrackie refuses to step down.
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • Voting is a scam. You are not awake yet.

          • Botswana Jones | September 5, 2016 at 11:17 am |

            Remember all the politicians got elected because the American people voted for them. That alone is a fact and not a conspiracy. Like you mentioned if you disagree feel free to vote for someone else or contact your Congressman if you need to voice your opinion on an issue. Otherwise keep prepping I reckon because to much commenting on message boards takes away precious time better spent preparing.

        • Lock and load!

        • Last paragraph…?????

        • “Unfortunately it is one you are in denial of, and will never have the courage to act upon”.
          It is sad that you make false assumptions of me. You have no idea.

          This is your weakness and will be your failure.

      • The ONLY solution is an exercise of Our 2nd Amendment “tools” and “exercising” of them IMMEDIATELY!! This in NOT a drill anymore. To Arms! To Arms!

    • barrackie and his cronies are behind this. Of course they are taking their orders from the globalist corporations that give them 10s of millions of dollars. When I finish here I’m going to give them my comments. I hope that everyone else does the same. If hillary is elected we will have to rise up in a revolution.

      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • I hope they round up Barry first.

  6. Is this fool, ready to lead in this destruction, will he be the only one standing when he finishes his job? Insanity at it’s best!!!

  7. Listen up, Americans. While you’ve been watching your cell phone and flat screen TV, 48 states in the US have passed laws that allow your local cops to seize your person without an arrest warrant. Because I ran afoul of local cops by criticizing them, they used these powers to seize my person and haul me to a local hospital where they “detained” me as a prisoner for 10 hours. 8 cops sat and stood inside my little room and immediately outside it, browbeating me and the poor ER doctor nonstop. The State forced multiple blood and urine tests on me, all of which came back at .0000 for all alcohol and other substances, including all drugs of any kind. I was examined and re-examined. The brave little doctor, almost in tears, squared off against the cops and told them I was in perfect health, not suicidal, not homocidal, not a threat to myself or anyone else. Not the answer the cops were looking for You see, folks, the cops can decide that you are “crazy” and have you admitted to psychiatric facilities which you cannot leave. With the CDC heavily invested in controlling the population through self-made “health crisis”, all of you will be rounded up and hauled away. The detention facilities were built years ago. I have viewed several of these detention facilities in my work. All life as you know it will be radically altered. You’ll be living at the mercy of power-seizing, control freaks. Shake yourself from your stupor now. I got there by Free Speech. You’ll get there by apathy and callous indifference. Either way, you won’t be able to escape via your cell phone or flat screen TV.

    • I believe you. Something similar happened to me several years ago. Most Americans can’t, or don’t want to believe that this is where we are as a nation. One way or another, they’ll learn…

    • O.M.G. Except for a couple of very insignificant details, my story is precisely yours. Long story short: Car trouble. Cops arrive. I think, “Thank Heaven!” They (7 in all) rush me, surround me, shouting and screaming. I could see that they had been trained to do it–it was too unnatural in the circumstances. Anyway, I held out against a urine test for 19 hours (nineteen), although they did take me to a hospital, parade me around–literally–in handcuffs, and finally turn me over to a doctor who threw the plastic urine-sample container at my head when I refused point-blank to urinate on command. (I was handcuffed to the bed, so they took the blood forcibly.) Lots more to the story–as well you know–but I spent the night in jail. I was one of the “desaparacidos” as in Argentina. For 19 hours, nobody knew where I was–simply because when the cops tried to bully me on a public sidewalk, I declined–in what I admit was raw language–they locked me up and held me without charges or Miranda or anything else. I am white. Male. Well-to-do. Doesn’t matter. WE are ALL the same to them. Every one of us has a target on his forehead. SO here are your choices when you get stopped by the cops: (1) Bow and scrape and lick their boots and then go your way or (2) Stand up for yourself and take the consequences–whatever they might be. “See Janus” and I were lucky, that’s all.

      • I used no raw language and remained calm and polite throughout the entire ordeal. Didn’t change much. Once cops have it in for you, they act to protect their false honor. Police do not enforce laws or operate by Rule of Law. There is no equal protection under the law. Had I done anything to directly annoy them, they would have arrested me for resisting arrest or alleged I struck an officer, then hauled me straight to the psycho ward at one of the police hospitals 2 hours away.

      • I say the same thing to you as I did Janus…please gather info and supply to independent media…..wake up more….

        • Joanie, not only have I gathered up this and more information and provided it to the media, controlled and allegedly independent, I have provided this information to the FBI, State Senators, etc., etc. etc. I know this is hard to imagine, but the way they keep us down and ineffective is that they refuse to do anything at all. This refusal includes the complete refusal to act on the information or circulate and disseminate it. The people we’ve been “electing” don’t work for us. The media is about controlling us. I haven’t given up, and that is primarily why I began “blogging”. Evil flourishes when good people say and do nothing.

          • Richard Pope | September 4, 2016 at 9:46 pm |

            Look at how they keep covering up the attacks that the muslims are taking a part in here and in Europe. These people only have one agenda and that is to either convert us or kill us. Yet the msm, and police forces including the FBI are under orders to cover all of these attacks up. and there are 250,00 of them and hillary wants to bring in at least another 1,000,000.
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • Obama specifically allowed 1.1 Million Muslim males into the US in the past 13 months, who were then allowed to bring their entire families, so there are far more militant Muslims than you thought. And, Border Patrol officers are acting as whistleblowers for thousands more that the Mexican Drug Cartels are smuggling into the US, all Islamic terrorists. It is far worse than you realize.

      • What state were you in when this happened?

      • Lucky? For me, yes and no. I was convicted via the Illegal, unlawful, un-Constitutional and Treasonous “Patriot Act” which is as patriotic as Hussein Obama or Benedict Arnold. I had never investigated it until I unfortunately was a “Guest”of the current Regime. You are also another whose icon I have clicked “follow” on.

        • Ditto. My “due process” was downright outrageous. And I will always believe that I was “disappeared” as some sort of PATRIOT Act thing, but I was never told WHY I had been arrested–then or later. They did what we call “piggybacking” charges on me–you know, charging somebody with everything under the sun, hoping that one of the charges will stick. In the end, even though I was charged with DUI and even with hit-and-run (!) (for having the temerity to have transmission trouble), I was “convicted ” of “failure to maintain lane.” My “accuser” was a man who, while I saw stopped by the side of the street (unable to get completely out of the right-of-way because I was on an upgrade when the transmisison did its thing) stopped and asked whether there was “anything I can do for you?” (I didn’t realize at the moment what he was offering–in fact, it wasn’t until I related the whole story to my mother and eldest brother the next day that my brother explained what he had wanted “to do for [me].” Yeah, I was that slow. But it simply never entered my head that anybody would bring up such a subject while I was clearly stuck on the street, but that’s what happened. Anyway, when I said, “No, thanks,” simply because I had already decided what to do–I had a AAA membership but had left the house without my cell phone–he left and called the cops. To this day I do not know what he told them, but whatever it was sent two patrol cars with 7 officers altogether–and an ambulance–to seize me. I showed up in court FOUR times (I had demanded a jury trial), and the county PAID this guy for every single time he showed up to testify against me, which he never had to because my lawyers ultimately betrayed me by entering a guilty plea to “failure to maintain lane” against my express instructions to them. ( I refused to pay their bill.) Anyway, this was shortly after 9-11 and the PATRIOT Act and everybody was hysterical, etc., so I’ll always believe that the guy who thought I was “rejecting” his advances–when I never even understood what was happening–told the cops something about “terror” or some such. But the point remains that it happened at all–or, really–that it was even possible. We are in serious trouble.

    • same thing that the Khazarian Bolsheviks did to Russian/Eastern block ‘intellectuals’…a butterfly net to the nearest asylum where you’re loaded up on thorazine…ergo rendered moot.

      • This is ringing some bells in the Oregon case…they took an independent media guy, who frankly did very little except daily reporting in a long boring style on the scene stuff about the objections the ranchers had to unilaterally taking their grazing treaties changing them and then back taxing them and more….so after a bunch gave up and left …the few remaining protested ….this “reporter” recorded daily ……..they arrested him..and demanded psychiatric meds and evals…to use that as a means to lock him up..detain him…medicate him….I didn’t believe it at first….now I do…this is scary..and sad…..his name btw is Peter (Pete) Santilli…..the stories here are giving credence to his wife’s story….omg.

      • The psikhushkas? Reminds me Brandon Raub, the US military grabbed him outside of his home for an extensive psych eval after he criticized the US govt on his FB account. At the time, his attorney Whitehead said Raub is not the exception, he gets similar pleas for help from vets every week. Test cases to see if we’ll roll over and take it on larger scale?

    • is this for real? can you send anymore info to any independent news organizations? under anonymity? it would open the eyes of many…

      • Whatever ‘You’ can imagine of the socio/psychopathic proclivities of those that inhabit the rarefied air of the pyramid cap bloodline nobility…’You’ can’t!…because they don’t think like you or I insofar as having a normal & compassionate shared heart- center /empathetic conscience that most of the 99% are innately born with…these generational reptilians have tentacles that reach right into your life & have proved themselves capable of starving to death 20,000,000+ peasants in the Holodomor in the Ukraine – AFTER they confiscated everyone’s guns! all globally totaling approx. 250,000,000+ ‘normal civilian’ deaths after WWII directly attributable to the Banksters instigating & backing both sides for War!… in general, in the 20th century alone!
        …it’s hard to keep this in perspective when one grows up in ‘apparent’ Peace time while our Gov’t is exporting ‘Democracy & Freedom'[sic] overseas, while the MSM propaganda of USA! USA! USA! -keeps the 99% out of the loop with bread & circuses ‘entrainment’ & locked into an alpha-wave’ hypnozomb’ state of sleep-walking’ drool.

    • Damn if I didn’t write that myself. You too?

      • You understand that FB is a direct pipeline to the barrackie government about everything that you write. Also why would you give that communist even more money to subvert our country? He is as much a traitor as barrackie, billy, hillary, the msm, and all of their cronies. I don’t and I will never use FB or TW.
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

        • I haven’t been on Fraudbook in over three years since I became aware of that. Truth is, NOTHING posted via the Internet is safe, not even this exchange here.

    • Here in Reedsburg, WI they use disorderly conduct to shut you up if they don’t like what you are saying. I’m not talking about someone who is screaming, yelling, and using obscene language. They will do this to anyone no matter their how they are saying it. Of course this is in direct violation of the constitution.

      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • Yes, it’s in the playbook all the government/industry players use. 3 of us were arrested in Stevens County Washington for attempting to redress grievances with a judge. I was detained within 50 seconds, arrested for trespassing then charged with…disorderly conduct.


      Howard Beale in the 21st century

  8. remember 1 thing the cdc is a private for profit company it is NOT a government agency and has no right to do anything

  9. “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.” —Benjamin Rush (1746-1813)

    Benjamin Rush was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Surgeon General to the Continental Army.

  10. Time to get our Black Flags out boys!
    Not the flag of the plague or the pox, but the flag of Quantrill, Anderson, and Todd!

  11. I just posted my opposition to this. Not like it will make a difference however. Its not like there is a democracy in this country. I and thousands of other parents made our strong opposition to S277 known and it was the fastest signed bill in history.

  12. I authorize myself to shoot any of these bastards on my property.

    • That makes 2 of us. ,,, and the VAST majority of all men in the military and other people under arms in the government who will refuse any unlawful order.

      They just do not have the troops to pull off even a small scale “round up” ,,,, We will not go into the showers either without a fight. Those days ended in 1945.

  13. It looks like a game of cards between manual medicine and criminal code.

  14. The ‘Center for Disease Control’.
    A Rothschild for profit corporation masquerading as a humanitarian governmental agency.
    We are in a completely corporate construct.
    However no memo was ever sent out to the People.
    The CDC is listed on Dun & Bradstreet, look for yourself.
    ‘Stakeholders’ in UN Agenda 21.

  15. I am a personal victim of CDC’s neglect in fulfilling their job requirements to protect the health of American citizens. I suffer from a little-known but growing chronic condition which seriously prohibits full participation in current activities, advances and worsens consistently over time, increases significantly, suicide
    rates in America among its victims ( current statistics say 20% increase), is known by CDC, who openly claim the disease is not real, anyone who suffers from it are simply delusional, though they have been given proof of its existence, and through personal experience, can state the AMA is not willing to help sufferers allowing CDC response to continue as truth,and commonly used to neglect to treat patients needing help. The CDC will not consider the research of others or conduct their own research to gain further knowledge needed to further prove their position, (let alone to see their mistake). Through all of this willful neglect, no cure is known and symptoms are relieved only partially and not consistently. In addition, the insurance we are now REQUIRED to have, is useless to us, I pay more than $350 monthly (which is about one half the monthly premium) to receive benefits, which I cannot use to treat this condition in a any way except to treat my delusions. Not only can I get no treatment, but any treatment offered results in my acceptance of and admittance of a mental disease. The treatment options for the mental condition insisted upon have unwanted side effects and the drugs used have been proven dangerous, and though can sometimes improve symptoms, do not provide any cure or advance knowledge needed to help current sufferers, or future people who will contract the condition. It occurs also in animals, including cats, dogs and horses, which determines questionable evidence that they too are simply delusional.
    The CDC’s inaction as made me further distrust and feel disrespect for a system I am required to help support. The amount I pay monthly for health insurance and by paying taxes restricts the amount left available to conduct my own research, allow for the payment needed to try unproven, alternative methods with no proven alternative and payment for costs of medicines to treat constant pain and suffering. I have suffered twelve long years, with considerable irreversible damage to my health, both physically and mentally. I know that the CDC, through continual attempts, will not acknowledge or allow for even discussion about this condition for the same reason other government agencies continue to fail in protecting and defending the people who pay for their service and use to pay their monthly bills and allow them comfortable lives. This makes my anger grow and fester, further progresses my disease and shortens my life, has consistently increased my disrespect for my country and removed all hope for change. Why? Because of influence and power by their unnamed bosses.
    In this case, because of Monsanto. My disease is one of many results of their effect on the health and duration of American lives. Who is truly delusional, and what, if any, recourse is available? Vaccines is just another symptom of a list of ways being used to kill us.

    • Have you tried Marijuana? I’m serious it actually helps a lot of illnesses – they have even found it can be helpful in treating Alzheimer. Of course Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know or try that.

  16. I filed my comment on that federal register as follows;

    You lot – the USG, want to exterminate countless millions of innocents, but under the guise of protecting them from a raft of communicable diseases, which you’ll be secretly spreading amongst the populace.

    You, along with the WHO, tried this stunt in June 2009 by making out that there was a swine/avian type flu virus sweeping the world.

    There wasn’t. All manufactured hysteria, and that Margaret Chan got promoted to something bigger still for doing her part in trying to bring in a new world order to be justified on three pillars;

    a global pandemic.

    a financial crisis.

    a man made climate crisis.

    Well, the financial crisis hasn’t progressed to collapse, for it won’t be allowed to because the Chinese and Russians, along with some others, would be strengthened thereby, making the western nations look a bit ridiculous.

    The climate has been steadily cooling these last 18yrs, so nobody seriously believes your CO2 global warming mantra.

    Go away, you have less than zero cred with me.

  17. And just who are they going to use to do this round-up?

    You really believe the men pf the armed forces would force their friends and families into concentration camps?

    Do you think officers would break their oath to defend the constitution ans follow an unlawfull order?

    And last. but not least. do you think an armed citizenry will just fo peacefully without a fight?

    Gave them self the “power” yurass They have the power to get killed trying.

    • 1. Brainwashed police convinced it is for the safety of the children and public.
      2. Yes, see first answer.
      3. Yes, because they are mostly unprepared otherwise. The alternative will be watching their children starve or suffer from illness. As a parent they will not have a “real” choice and we cannot fault them for making it. But, there will be cells of the prepared that remain free and lead the resistance.

  18. Those who care about these governmental abuses should file COMPLAINTS–not “comments”–with their federal and State Representatives, and with their State Attorney General Office–the Investigations Department.

    • Been there, done that (dozens of times), stonewalled every time. I know its disheartening and torpedoes hope wrapping our minds around the fact that nearly every government agency head and their minions are criminals but that’s where we are.

  19. Sitting on the lake in the forest watching waiting its a good place to die or maybe not.

  20. Thank God I am the age I am.

    • You ain’t out of the woods on this one. Big pharma has adults in their vaccine cross hairs. Don’t forget the ebola and Zika hoax scares. They’re working on a ‘mandatory’ vaccine for each of those and anything else coning down the turnpike.

  21. The citizens of this country have the ultimate final word in this matter. Let these idiots, or ANY federal @sswipe for that matter over step their “Constitutional” bounds, and WE THE PEOPLE will put an end to their idiocy, and for that matter, their tyranny, once and for all. This government, needs to learn, AND WILL learn, that the people are in charge, NOT the government. Should they fail to understand this concept, they will find the learning curve is very painful.

  22. If you lay down in the face of adversity you will forever be a slave. America is becoming a nation of sheep, very docile sheep. Except when they are attacking their fellow citizens (Black Lives Matter, for example). Once you roll over, play dead, and surrender your personal protection the government takeover of your freedom will be complete. A nation of fools, we are.

  23. I read this and it is way too too toooooo broad a brush…and does not include any safeguards for the individual to provide a 3 doctor lab testing etc counter to anything that a govt bureaucrat claims their testing found …..AND it say they may take over a hospital? or medical facility…..that is really a deal breaker for many communities to have their local swat team take over their hospital?……if needed or deemed necessary? There are some good points in that if confirmed (with implementation of patient’s rights to refute by independent testing) a patient should be required to be treated and under independent 3 doctor supporting labs etc. But his is more a act of war against any population where disease might be prevalent… are we going to lock up an entire gay community because one with aids is not isolating themselves and abiding by treatment protocols? very much out of control document…….but very much needed to be part of immigration laws for sure…..and over all needed with many constitutional and humane safeguards…can you imagine …one section even applies it to influenza? We don’t even have lab tests for influenza…so who will determine that ? Needs to go viral and have citizens input panels and much of this rescinded as well apparently as some FDA policies already law…and make this truly a good thing. It can be added to in the future if necessary …but his is a badly written document.

  24. this is exactly what the bolshevic/chekka did during soviet purges.they used the mental/insanity ruse to imprison and chemically destroy your mind.they killed millions in this manner.i don t believe they are interested in just imprisoning ,they are going to kill you.

  25. I think the entire point is don’t let the basturds take you alive.

  26. Does this article have your thought processes kicking in overtime? The propaganda and disinformation being fed to the American public is spooky stuff! Is there an end to this nightmare we have lived for the past 8 years? At the moment we are living in the days of TYRANNY! Question is, do we continue down this path of destruction or do we make a CHANGE? I say it’s time to try change. Change can be difficult, but change can also be good. We need to put a final end to this progressive socialist movement in our country. The time for CHANGE is now.

  27. Population control.

  28. You want to start a “Civil War” . . . THIS, will “Do It” !. Nothing else needs be said . . .

  29. Government cannot be trusted not to politicize this sweeping new rule for epidemic disease containment. LGBT is statistically less than 2% of the population, but has been declassified as a mental disease and reclassified as a “right.” Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis require reporting to the health department to track down partners and eliminate the diseased with medication. Now there are laws protecting the “rights” of HIV-positive NOT to be named because it is politically incorrect.

  30. CDC comes for me, and I’m not sick…..

    It’s not gonna be pretty.

  31. Nazis are evolving America, under Obama and his dirty Regime.

  32. Well, when our Congress has dedicated itself to doing NOTHING, the numerous spawn they’ve created (various “departments”) are left to their own devices. They are free to do whatever they want without fear that the populace may object and use their only weapon, the vote, to overturn their megalomania, since they are all unelected. Thus congress-people are free of the possibility that those that those that “elected” them may object to the repressive actions taken by their spawn. They are free to claim a very hefty salary for doing NOTHING and enjoying MANY extra benefits in addition to being required to do NOTHING. For politicians, it’s heaven on earth! Let the good times roll!

  33. There will be gunfire…wait for it.

  34. And on this subject specifically, see California Bill: SB 277, MANDATORY Vaccination. And California Bill: AB 1671, attempting to pass legislation OUTLAWING any broadcast, showing of, and reporting and reporter review of the Film/Documentary “Vaxxed” with criminal consequences to anyone participating i.e., Theatre Owner, Projector Operators, News reporter/Columnist, publishing, publisher etc,. A Illegal, Criminal and un-Constitutional assault on our First Amendment.

    • California is violating the 1905 Supreme Court ruling on police powers and mandated vaccines. (In accordance to attending public schools)

      • Unusual for the IslamoCommuCrat Party isn’t it. Such staunch advocates of the law and defenders of the Constitution as they are. What has gotten into them? Hint: He who was good friends with Aliester Crowley, Hitler, Obama etc, etc.

  35. This is a huge red flag. If vaccines worked as advertised, it would not make any difference to the overall public health if there were unvaccinated people about as the vaccines would protect the vaccinated and the unvaccinated would contract the disease. However, this is not the case as many vaccines have side affects more dire than what they are supposed to protect us from.

  36. Before any drug is injected in mass unto the public, there should be a proof that every government official, appointee, legislator, elected and employee in the administration plus every elected and appointed judicial servant has been injected with the same doses be mandated to the public.

    Is this is to force everybody to receive vaccinations for be jailed (quarantined). There are court cases where people are fighting this because “good science” has proven horrible side effects absolutely link to injections. The individual pushing this should be jailed.

  37. So we are programmed to accept fascism? How dangerous is this? Is that why Hillary talks about pickles on late night tv. Serious issues no concern to her. She is mad.

  38. Yeah…..that’s probably not a good idea for the CDC…I can see they have fateful wishes- when you bite the hand that feeds you (i.e. American Public) and cross lines that will one day not be tolerated…well, I can see how they will have ate more than they could chew. Their plans won’t be that easy as they think. Just saying…there are lines people should not dare cross…

  39. this story is a bunch of hogwash.

  40. They should practice on the 11+ million UNDOCUMENTED individuals FIRST!When that’s accomplished go after welfare frauds and tax cheats…

  41. How different is a vaccine from a chip to ‘monitor your health’, legally?

  42. The United States being a nation of gun owners may not submit to this tyrannical and Unconstitutional CDC plan.

  43. The revolution is around the corner!

  44. Something big must be coming, the Leadership is acting insane.

  45. I would like to know where they are getting there info from that Americans are week. We are not and we are from Jacob line Ephraim and Mannash we will not take this and if we go down so will you in the end. Ya all are complete Edomites evil in wanting to run the World and ruin America.

  46. Everyone should remember that DDT was outlawed because of the book Silent Spring written by a environmentalist not a scientist and over 50 million people have died because of that lie. In the 1970s it was proven that DDT did not thin the egg shells of birds and was a fairly safe insecticide or as safe as any other insecticide but the government had spoken and of course they don’t care if 50 or a 100 million die as long as they don’t have to admit they were wrong and that is just the malaria deaths . Now to Zika the mosquito that carries it is susceptible to DDT as any other mosquito and the paten has expired so that may be the reason that they want to spend a trillion dollars to find something they already have sitting on the shelf.

  47. The CD, FDA, AMA and the rest of the alphabets are all complicit and should be banned.
    Vaccines and synthetic drug pushers are the root cause of all disease.

  48. The corrupt powers in control must be worried about this information getting out because their globalist PR firm (Burson-Marsteller) behind the mask called ‘Snopes’ is ‘already’ engaging in damage control operations on this subject.

  49. Ever find yourself on a runaway train?

  50. As an EMS member since 1975 I call BULLSHIT. My body belongs to me and not the O’Government. This is the closest document to the Nazzi Concentration Camps to ever come out of DC. I guarantee that if this comes to pass you will have a battle if not all out war of the American people against the Government, even if I have to lead it myself. This idea needs to go away as quickly as it appeared

  51. This so-called “rule” makes it a CRIMINAL action to refuse anything:
    “he or she may be subject to criminal penalties.”

    By doing so, it falls under the judicial system instead of the health system. BIG MISTAKE!

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