Chemtrails Exposed: John B. Wells Interviews Peter A. Kirby on “Caravan to Midnight”

chemtrails_deesBy Activist Post

Last Wednesday, John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight interviewed Activist Post’s own Peter A. Kirby.  As one might guess, the topic of discussion was CHEMTRAILS.  In speaking of the New Manhattan Project (NMP), John and Peter discuss: a chemtrail connection to Donald Trump, Nazi scientists building the NMP, Monsanto’s possible role, overall cost, and a possible Alaskan chemtrail fleet air base.  Join Peter and John for a spirited one hour and twenty minutes full of riveting information.  Here is the video:

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Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher and staff writer at  Check out his comprehensive exposé “Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.”

Twitter @PeterAKirby

Image Credit: David Dees Art

  • Joanne Long

    How in the world do you connect Trump with this?

    • Ah ha! You’re going to have to actually listen to the interview.

  • littljo

    Chemtrails are what the HillBillary biped needs to sustain her shrieking noises.

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