Media Casually Tours Orlando Shooter’s Apartment Only 24 Hrs After Shooting?


By Melissa Dykes

“I’m beginning to think this is part of a social experiment to prove how many people are not paying attention.”

Apparently the FBI accidentally left the doors unlocked and the windows open to the shooter’s apartment…allegedly a crime scene to the largest terror attack since 9/11. I uploaded this video under the category “entertainment” because it can’t possibly be news.

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  • Man W’th Cap

    It’s all bollocks, unless CSI can do their job in 24 hours.

  • outlaw63

    the next morning the helicopter footage showed a mostly empty parking lot

  • Tuaca1107

    They did the same thing in San Bernardino Reporters were on the news going thru their things. However if those two places were props, then it makes sense.

  • Dakota

    Republicans = conservative Judaism = Israeli Likud Party
    Democrats = secular Judaism = Israeli Labor Party
    Republicans + Democrats + democracy = national victim cult = Israel

    • Contrarianthefirst

      Coming to much the same conclusion.

  • BlackJack77

    They did the same thing after the San Bernardino shooting. What a great way to destroy evidence and reinforce the official story. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

  • Contrarianthefirst

    No comment.

  • strawberrytart

    Remember at Sandy Hook the cop rubbing his hands all over the gun they found in supposed Adams car?!

  • Leah

    Yes, we see it all- but YOU decided to show it to the world as you make comments about trampling the privacy of someone’s home!

  • onetree

    I’ve said for years these “events” seemed like they’re testing the public’s gullibility. Unfortunately, most people seem to still be getting high scores on gullibility.

    • Brett

      Yeah. Freakin amazing what people go along with. They are not like us mate. They are sheep and more interested in the new model smart phone that they can never put down for 5mins! Its a hopeless situation I think and they will suffer because of their sheepishness…Cheers.


    It’s all over the net. Not a single picture from inside the club. They are here, amongst us. Pray to Jesus.

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