Ireland Fights HPV Vaccine Injury & Pharma Control Over Public Health Services

By Jefferey Jaxen

The world is watching as Irish communities have gained public, political and mainstream media traction. Irish families have faced an uphill battle against a pharmaceutical invasion of their healthcare system. Loss of informed consent and medical ethics at the hands of the school system has come between parental rights. HPV vaccine injury from Gardasil & Cervarix is mounting as the country’s medical system plays catch-up to help its injured daughters. Yet acknowledgment within Irish healthcare and politics is still slowed by the crippling pharmaceutical control and conflicts of interest that remains.

Visit R.E.G.R.E.T Ireland’s HPV Vaccine Injury Support Group

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3 Comments on "Ireland Fights HPV Vaccine Injury & Pharma Control Over Public Health Services"

  1. Pharmaceutical companies along with the American government are actively killing the American people. Think about that for a minute. GMO’s, fluoride in the water, chemtrails in the sky, poisonous vaccines.

  2. I commend the people of Ireland for standing up to Big Pharma. One can only hope that the amount of pushback from people in the USA will reach a tipping point so that the insane logic of vaccines is finally exposed to everyone.

  3. Big Pharma – the mercenary death machine of the gold collar scum crowd that run these agencies from the top down is at war with our children and are all complicit.
    Iceland big pharma.
    see :
    nagalase – the immune system killer.
    cas9/crispr – the receptors that the keys (ligends) bind with.
    bacteriophage – the nano bot that is instructed to attack a particular part of the brain and has the ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier.

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