Why This Former Atheist Now Goes to Church

By Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh explains his Easter Sunday visit to church and his spiritual journey from atheism to pantheism. “As a pantheist, choosing to see the divine in everything…We are the universe becoming aware of itself. It’s quite a beautiful thing.”

Pantheism is the belief that the Universe (or nature as the totality of everything) is identical with divinity (Wiki).

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  • Paul Panza

    Atheism does not need a singular perfect supreme being to represent divinity. Atheists understand that the Dao of Nature is a continuum without a beginning or an end; not necessarily a supreme human creator of all but life sustained and maintained ad infinitum. It is okay to not believe in “god” and yet be at one with nature. Nature does not require human worship nor dues to be paid, guilt trips to be laid, politicians to represent it or an alternative media to explain it. Nature is as nature does; a grand mystery that needs no name. “god” is just a word.

    • eddysachs

      An Atheist by definition, implies the antipode-> GOD….How about just accepting ourselves as an eternal aspect (wave crest) of (spiritual) infinite ‘Consciousness’ ….having a very temporary stay here on Earth in 3-D.

  • eddysachs

    You’d think this was an Adan Coquette (pun) reality TV show ..airing out his transitional state of mind lately for all to see…Get centered Adam …then tell us about it later…right now you don’t know whether to Flip Flop or Fly (imo)

    • John Cook


  • Louis Charles

    It ill be interesting to see how Mr. Kokesh develops as his following grows… especially with the kids as they begin to discover him, and take their “spring breaks” or “summer internships” at Freedom Ranch. When those kids begin to “make a life”, and they choose Ash Fork, AZ as their own homesteading locale, whereas “Kokeshville” starts going “viral”, then we are going to see some action. Yavapai Co. will get interesting. It will take one intelligently planned “Anarchi-zona” festival up in Flagstaff in the summer to kick it off. Then, from that, if it becomes a recurring annual event. Liberty wins…

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