What You Need To Know About The Belgium Attacks

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the most important details surrounding the Belgium attacks and gives you a larger perspective on this important global event. Fact check everything yourself, as the sources for everything are mentioned in this video; and do not let emotions get the best of you during the important time.

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  • gifteconomy

    17 years ago, on March 24th 1999 US/NATO has started the bombing of Serbia without the UN resolution and in massive lying/diabolizing media attacks!
    Today two Muslims’ states exist on Serbian lands: Kosovo and B&H – both are Muslims sleeping cells where Islam is the law!
    Now SHAME on satanic US foreign policies

  • littljo

    All gubberment has been usurped the world over. They stage these false flags(ie: lies) to create fear and bring about some reason to perpetuate more wars.
    These are the zentral bankers bringing death to the general populace.
    End the banks and a thousand years of peace will commence.
    Gubberment sponsored death and paid crisis actors (I don’t get how they sleep and I hope they don’t).

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