Taxation is Theft

By Anachris

Anarchris breaks down what is implied in different forms of taxation which, as we all know, is theft! The video seems to be loosely a part of One Group’s Viral Meme Campaign Taught The Internet That “Taxation Is Theft”.

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7 Comments on "Taxation is Theft"

  1. The few on the top of the pyramid, those who understand what Money IS and how it works, will always rule the masses that are ignorant of this subject.

    But hey, the masses LOVE their delusions !


  2. So infrastructure will be built by privately-owned companies, and I will be able to shop around so that market forces will come into play?
    How does this work for bridges and freeways?

    During a crisis, will I be able to afford to pay a for-profit fire brigade, or will they be community volunteers?

    I was under the impression that Anarchy referred to a social system characterized by the decentralization of authority and can apply to both Capitalist and Socialist economic systems, as in Anarcho-capitalism, social anarchism/ socialist anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, etc.

    Educate me.

  3. Who is taxed and the level of it may be theft, but the bigger problem is that profit is theft.

  4. You trade dollars for the services and protection of the state, no one forced you, so it’s not theft, it is just trade. you don’t have to pay taxes, they are optional. Only U.S. citizens who use our currency and government services need pay taxes. If you don’t use our systems of justice, you owe nothing. But if you really don’t want what America has to offer, you should probably go to some other nation.

    • So you feel you need to pay someone else to protect you? What you are telling me is you are incapable or you are just too damn lazy to protect yourself let alone take responsibility for yourself? So you need to “trade” currency for protection? (Which btw currency is a joke,that dollar bill sitting in your wallet only has value because we the people put a value on it. Other wise what is that piece of special paper really worth? Nothing it serves no purpose to survival or necessities we need as humans.) “You don’t have to pay taxes” tell me when was the last time you didn’t pay taxes on anything? Have you actually ever tried not paying taxes? And please tell me what “services” the government actually provides? Protection? Lol please, open your eyes, do you really believe that our armed forces and our government is here to protect us. Wrong, those armed forces that everyone is so proud of will be turned on We the people in a second if those who actually own the armed forces feel they need to protect their investments.

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