Israel Bribed GOP Senator With $1M To Shut Down Iran Nuclear Deal

cotton_netanyahuBy Brianna Acuesta

Apparently it only costs $1 million to bribe Republican Tom Cotton to sabotage the globally-important Iran Nuclear Deal, and it can even be a nation fraught with tension with America that’s offering the money. In a shady maneuver, Cotton accepted nearly $1M from the Emergency Committee for Israel and agreed to be the face of the opposition against the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Cotton has been known for his opposition to the deal and his pro-Israel actions, and now we know why. Wiretaps revealed that,

Mr. Netanyahu and his advisers had leaked details of the US-Iran negotiations—learned through Israeli spying operations—to undermine the talks; coordinated talking points with Jewish-American groups against the deal; and asked undecided lawmakers what it would take to win their votes, according to current and former officials familiar with the intercepts.

This information came from the Wall Street Journal report that discussed the surprising find while wiretapping Israelis.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, and his top aides were recorded when meeting with members of Congress and Jewish-American groups and reportedly leaked information about the nuclear deal to convince those present to oppose the deal. The meeting included Israeli leaders asking the members of Congress, “How can we get your vote? What’s it going to take?”

The Emergency Committee for Israel donated the $1M to Cotton’s campaign, knowing he was an Israel sympathizer. Shortly after taking office in March 2015, Cotton penned an open letter to Iran, signed by 47 other Republican lawmakers, warning them that even if a deal were agreed on, a Republican president would not uphold the deal. This was meant to encourage Iran to back out of the deal, but instead it backfired on Cotton and the signees as some contemplated prosecuting them under the Logan Act. The Logan Act states that no unauthorized U.S. citizen may negotiate with foreign nations while the U.S. is in dispute with them. At the time, negotiations were still underway with Iran.

Not only were Cotton and the other 47 Republicans not prosecuted, but Cotton has gone on to undermine America in favor of Israel by seeking to kiss the ring of Netanyahu during a visit to Israel in August 2015 and pledging allegiance to Israel and its Prime Minister. Cotton stated,

Today’s meeting only reaffirms my opposition to this deal. I will stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel and work with my colleagues in Congress to stop this deal and to ensure that Israel has the means to defend itself against Iran and its terrorist surrogates.

Tom Cotton’s actions border on treason, as he openly has sided with another nation’s leader over America’s president and government for whom he works. His acceptance of foreign donation money that influenced his decision to oppose the nuclear deal is unconstitutional and America should keep a close eye on him.

What do you think? Is Tom Cotton’s acceptance of donation money and his speaking out against America legal? Comment below and share this article!

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  • Dalton

    Senators undermining America for bribes…now there is a surprise….not.

  • CAWS

    They ALL should have been prosecuted.

  • colinjames71

    It’s one thing to oppose the deal, it’s another to be do transparently bribed and then go ahead and work with a foreign government. They’re all a bunch of criminals period, but this is out in the open unlike the dirt that’s secret and used for blackmail. I’m not hopeful for a persecution, I’d be surprised if there was any kind of reprimand. It’s Israel.

  • blue579

    If Israel [and the western globalists] are intent on undermining Iran’s ability defend itself or use nukes, then what was the rationale of Israeli intelligence in 2012 when it was surreptitiously providing Iran with parts for the F-4 Phantom jet and F-14 Tomcat, despite the ongoing sanctions against “axis of evil” Iran?

    Probably the same reason during the Clinton administration a Russian emigre working for the CIA as an agent was supposedly assigned the task of giving Iranians misinformation about their nuclear weapon program and then misunderstood the assignment (???) and instead gave the Iranians useful information and schematics that likely accelerated their nuclear program. Operation Merlin.

    Why were the Bolsheviks and Soviets given aid, support, and technology transfers when they were said to be the west’s arch enemies, the “Evil Empire”. It’s a never ending grotesque form of Kabuki theater and the WSJ is happy to play along.

  • MichaelB204

    It sounds like the only thing Cotton is guilty of is trying to keep both the US and Israel safe. On the other hand it seems that Saudi money bought Clinton and she was bribed to let Bengazie fall and actually cost American lives.

  • Soupor Juan

    What does this tell you about the probability of Clinton being persecuted for her dealings? Nil, nada…

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