Adam Kokesh Explains His Shift Away From Political Activism to Focus on Self Sufficiency

By Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh explains why his activism has shifted from raging against the machine to directly building freedom into his own life through homesteading. He says he was spending too much energy trying to be right instead of trying to be free. Great message and lessons here.


  • blue579

    Excellent to live by example as I try to do everyday too, but please don’t go to sleep, victory gardens and homesteading are not going to be anywhere near enough to stop the tyranny headed our way. Low energy lifestyles are actually part of TPTB’s new paradigm and they know how to twist virtually any idea into their warped agenda. Gotta stay ahead of their curves – and thank you Adam for your contributions.

  • Kokesh helped me realize that reforming the system was a waste of time and that the system itself was the problem.

    • ShawnCathcart

      You’re right, the system is the problem. Adam found freedom when he realized that, and when he stopped believing that progress toward freedom can be made via fighting the establishment. Freedom comes from not believing that the “government” has the right to rule you, or anyone else.

    • L. A. McDonough

      Agree, cynic in NY: I have been in the battle trying to inform since the late 70’s and gave up on any political activism and even voting over a decade ago. We need to focus on getting house in order, getting rid/selling items no longer used/needed, and ditch loser friends and relatives which will be a security threat later on.. We need to get with like minded friends and have bartering networks. Go to: leaderless resistance by Louis Beam , anyone reading this will know what they must do. I’m way older than you and Kokesh, been retired seven years. Patriots work over decades (60’s on) has been in vain (beating a dead horse), starting with trying to get us out of the UN and no win wars.

  • GovtlovesU

    Going from one extreme to another. Trying to open carry in DC to self exile… hmmm, Maybe there’s a middle of the road to be lived?

    I have to wonder if this is part of a court ordered agreement for him to stay out of trouble??

    • OldeSoul

      Where do you get the idea this is “self-exile?” He’s becoming self-sufficient.

  • OldeSoul

    This is really interesting and I congratulate Adam on this move. All the unknown people who went before him and developed self-sufficient lifestyles paved the way. Adam has a large audience he can influence and help to do the same. In terms of individual energy expenditure, creating the change you want to see is more successful than fighting that which you don’t want.

  • john smith

    And up pops the other cointel pro..they probably had to reinstate him now that the others had to be pulled out of the field..what amazing timing for him to come back

  • nimbii

    I have not seen Adam Kakesh before this video. I cannot say I understand his point of view having not been a follower of his. It is interesting his choice to act in his best interest and go from activism to self-sufficiency.

    As a recovering psyc/soc double major, I recall one definition of mental health as how close our heads and hearts are. With that in mind, Kokesh’ move to self sufficiency might be one of simple self preservation.

    As a retired quality assurance manager and corporate gypsy my wonderful wife and I look forward to making a move like his within a year of so.

    The prime mover for us is the NWO and our 2016 elections. Trump is the test case for Americans throwing off the NWO yoke at least for a while. No need to go much further, if you support Trump and realize he’s self funded, you’ll see my point.

    If an establishment candidate wins, we can look forward to palliatives as the NWO walks us down the path of managed decline. In that is the case it will take decades for the NWO to reach a critical mass and collapse resets the West. We won’t be around to see it and we wish those of you as braver souls well.

    • paulrevere01

      If trump gets near the heat of the seat called POTUS, his 4 bankruptcy stash, seeded with 8 figures from his dad will be melted like butter in the southwest sun. TPTB could bankrupt him in a twinkle, and will do it if he continues his socially and ethically bankrupt ways.

  • Louis Charles

    What defines “political activism” for an anarcho-cap/voluntyrist? One of them can’t even make a case for using the Courts (and Jury Nullification) to make their points. In their world, that doesn’t exist. So, one can only conclude is thta we need to see this ilk purchasing an ever increasing amount of private property in a select county until they have enough “voters” to dismiss said governing body and show us how their political science theory shall work in practice. I especially want to see how they will hold off the encroachments of other governmental bodies, foreign and domestic. Otherwise, what Mr. Kokesh is defining as “living free” is hogwash. He is only living as “they” allow him to live.

    • Joseph Slabaugh

      He is right now fighting for his property with out permission from the county.

      • Louis Charles

        yep. Aug 9th. Major day!!!

  • William Burke

    Checking in by checking out, in other words?

  • William Burke

    Dig yourself, darling.

    • hit

      ok sweet willy…

  • John Cook

    In my opinion our only chance of avoiding centuries of brutal slavery to the Tribe is something going badly wrong with their plan that effectively destroys their system. To survive that disaster we need to do the sort of things that Adam is doing so I think he is definitely on the right path – attempting to reform the current system is hopeless and a bit stupid. I concentrate on showing as many people as possible what the true source of the problem is (the Tribe of ‘chosen ones’ whose religion says they are destined to rule us ‘goyim’) before we lose the internet and preparing myself for the hard times ahead, which is mostly mental and spiritual preparation. Storing food and guns is necessary but short term and no substitute for building community and mental/spiritual strength.

  • Brett Redmayne

    Adam Kokesh is not an activist. He is and always has been a selfish grand-stander without a job.His political stunts have only two purposes, to put donations in his pocket and to stroke his inferior ego.Now he uses self-sufficiency as his supposed reason for activism, when the real reason is he is broke, homeless and too lazy to get a job.. Now, that’s an activist example for all Americans to follow. Fortunately, he will probably starve in the woods… unless more fools send him money!! What a complete phony!!

    • L. A. McDonough

      Most folks now days do well if they can help their grown kids or send themselves money to pay bills and buy food. I never support patriot groups, tea party, or any org. or individuals, etc because they do nothing or produce any results in last sixty years incl the JBS the flagship patriot org.. Voting is useless. I help the missions here that help the poor and two group homes in my area for kids. Patriots work thru the decades has been for nothing, vain.

  • mia

    Awesome! Believe it or not, most of us have followed this same path.

  • yukamama

    How about some freedom for the Turkeys? They want to be out of the cage and roam around.

  • Real Deal

    Hey Adam… No need for money… Now that you’re free, what do you wipe your blow-hole with out there?

  • Cindy Davidson

    It’s not a “free” lifestyle…it’s lots of hard work. It costs a lot of money. What it is is a change in lifestyle. His choice is NOT better than anyone else’s choice. It’s having the right ATTITUDE about where you are and what you are doing.He’s very judgy, and changes do have to come in the system. Yes, we need to keep our perspective. He is complaining about his own attitudes about his past life, not everyone needs to “go back to nature”. More people just need to grab a different attitude. Change of perspective, attitude, feelings, awareness is NOT about where you live or what you do per se, it is about mental, emotional shifts….internal stuff.

  • Gwen Cooper

    So does this mean that he’s going to stop begging for money from everyone on the internet all the time while secretly living off his trust fund? Sounds like he’s willing to do anything to stay “free” of gainful employment at an actual job. Hardly admirable.

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