“X-Files” 2016 Exposes the Non-Fictional Police State in a Jaw Dropping 3 Minute Clip

total surveillanceBy Matt Agorist

Launching its new series last month, the X-Files was an immediate hit with the premier drawing more than 20 million viewers, plus another 1.1 million streaming on Hulu and FoxNow.

But how many of those 21 million viewers actually grasped what was talked about in the episode that premiered on Jan 24th?

In an eye-opening 3 minutes, that was broadcasted to millions, the X-Files exposed the chilling reality that is the police state control grid and the surveillance state.

The X-Files writers, while mixing in alien and weather control theories, are unafraid to bring up the very real notion of perpetual war, the surveillance state, the PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, and the horrid police state created by these measures.

During the segment, the speaker even explains how the police have been militarized as a means to control.

A government that taps your phone, collects your data, and monitors your whereabouts…with impunity. A government can use that data against you when it strikes, and a final takeover begins.

Whether or not that takeover has begun or when it will begin, is arguable. However, the government tapping your phone, collecting your data, and monitoring your every move — is here and now — and it is most assuredly being used against you.

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#NWO: Watch as characters in the first 2016 episode of The X-Files describe the #NewWorldOrder

Posted by WTFRLY.com on Monday, February 1, 2016

Matt Agorist writes for TheFreeThoughtProject.com

  • fgt4urights

    Ironic, a site calling itself Activist Post intentionally deletes activists posts and information which is in the best interest of the public. We then wonder why the public is living under collective Stockholm syndrome while bad things happen around us. A site intended for debate and information is being suppressed of information sharing. Maybe you’re not who you pretend to be.

    • Brett

      You know what, friend? I noticed the same thing! My sharing posts are not showing up on twitter either. However, they are on FB. Not sure whats going on here but i have posts deleted and sometimes i cant post a comment at all. Ads keep freezing up my computer and i noticed AP promoting bitcoin on Twitter. Which is of course promoting a cashless society. Glad someone else mentioned it. And, i hope you get this post…

      • fgt4urights

        Hi, thanks for the reply. A few other people have told me this as well and I’m very aware to this happening on many supposed alternative sites. I get those computer freezing up issues also. It’s really unfortunate, but shows the level of suppression. Any, it would be pointless to repost link, so if your interested and have the time, please check out youtube site. Under the search menu type… totalitarian tv. There are 2 videos and much more to come. One is called America Obsolete, the other is A Nation of Laws a Nation of Lies. The website on there isn’t up yet, but will be soon.

        • Brett

          Thanks, friend. Will check those out!

    • Simply bring up the JQ and you get culled.

      • John Cook

        Sorry but what does JQ refer too?

    • DontCensor MeBro

      Activist Post used to not be like that, I think most of the Alternative sites are being bought out and a lot of new BULLSHIT sites are coming up as well, Oh and Activist Post are Anti-Semitic in a lot of their past articles

  • Brett

    Well. You cant more in your face than that! I didnt watch the episode but that couple minutes of film is pure gold. Thanx Xfiles. Not sure how they got away with it though!

    • John Cook

      Revelation of the Method…

      • Brett

        When you think about it they are not exactly hiding their intentions! many just dont believe such evil exists!

        • John Cook

          In their twisted morality (as expressed in the Talmud) telling us what they are doing absolves them of blame.

          • georgieporgie12

            Thank you for that major insight. It explains a few things.

  • Psychic Warrior

    I have been censored several times on various subjects; when I email about it I get no reply, there is no explanation. The intelligence community interferes everywhere this was made apparent from insider info I received from a security officer at a MUFON convention; those attending were told that the (CIA) control what is released by the six major media corporations globally. In essence the CIA writes the news. There is no reason to assume this is a clean site. Things to consider is that the world governments run a two tiered system on this planet. The levels of secrecy are many and this structure allows for each subsequent lower level to be circumnavigated by the level above and so on. This so called country is not a country, it is a corporation that has dealings with extraterrestrials that we of the lower tier need not know about. Thus I have coined the phrase the “alien/military/industrial/complex”. The X-Files is just another control paradigm for the lower tier.

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