Protester at YouTube LA Seeks Human Customer Support on Fair Use Cases

youtubeBy Jeff4Justice

I demonstrate outside of YouTube Space LA to raise awareness of video creators publishing on YouTube being victims of bogus copyright strikes resulting in being banned from their YouTube channel and/or blocked from monetizing and/or blocked from AdSense #YouTuberBillOfRights #YouTubeBlackoutProtest

Are you a YouTube publisher who has run into copyright strikes? Please leave your story in the comment section.

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  • CAWS

    Please include text. Many have limited bandwidth. 14 minutes too long.

    • John Cook

      I totally agree Caws – I can only get wireless in my area, so it costs $10 per gigabyte so I have to strictly limit my consumption and hence miss out on such things. They don’t really need the video – often, sound would transmit 99% of the content. People with unlimited downloads so often forget this.

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