Illegal Cannabis Oil Cures Father’s Terminal Brain Cancer: He Will Continue Dosing

cannabis_oilBy Cassius Methyl

38-year-old father of one, Kieran McCrory, was given the cryptic diagnosis that he had 9 months to live, about two years ago. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

After taking cannabis oil for a year, the father was told he “no longer needed treatment,” in stark contrast to the doctor’s original prediction that he would only have 9 months to live. He saved his own life illegally.

His tumor has stopped growing, and he’s going to keep taking cannabis oil for the rest of his life for good measure, he says. He is from Northern Ireland, Omagh.

He said:

I can be optimistic about spending a good length of time on this planet with my wife and child.

It is good to see a bit of light. Basically, the tumour has stopped in its tracks. So it’s not spread and it’s not got any bigger.

I just want to live. I’m not hurting anyone. I am not out there selling drugs and I don’t run a drugs factory.

You can’t afford to put up restrictions when you’re fighting for your life. I will be taking this oil for the rest of my life. I want to get to the age of 80.

Kieran-McCrory-IIAccording to

In a bid to save his life, he underwent brain surgery and radiation treatment but was given a short prognosis and last year he started using cannabis oil and has witnessed a huge change in his welbeing.

“What would anybody else do if you were in my shoes? I just want to live.” the survivor added.

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  • mnkysnkle

    Although I’m pro medical MJ. This story is lacking in credibility and the links only send you to another blog publishing the same story with the same bogus links posted by a different author. It may be a true story, but reader beware, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • Brinnananda

      Are you saying this because you don’t personally know anyone who has successfully treated their cancer with cannabis oil? Because I have: 3rd stage lung cancer, 4th stage renal cancer. Are you afraid folks might read this and get some hope (and a clue) and start questioning traditional poisonous chemo, which has around a 2% success rate?

  • william beeby

    Big Pharma hates medical marijuana because they can`t make millions out of it as in it`s natural dried state it is the finished products. To make the oil is much more effective but a dangerous process that should only be done by professionals though but the process itself is simple. There are many other examples on the internet , the MSM keeps quiet about it mind you , so even if you doubt this story it is true that THC ( or a part of it ) kills cancerous cells . Cancerous cells ” forget ” how to die and therefore keep growing into tumours . The active ingredient “reminds ” the affected cancer cells how to die but leaves normal healthy cells , which of course die naturally and replaced , completely alone.

  • gweneth

    Good for him – guess this is why Jerry Brown (Calif. gov) did not want the right to choose.
    Unless it’s death.
    Start growing your own and heal thyself.

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