Activist Arrested For Making Facebook Post Criticizing Gov. Snyder Over Flint Water Crisis

Activist-Arrested-For-Making-Facebook-Post-Calling-for-the-Arrest-of-Gov.-Snyder-Over-Flint-WaterBy John Vibes

Activist Christopher G. Wahmhoff, 37, is facing charges after he made a Facebook post referencing the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Wahmhoff was already on probation for an act of civil disobedience two years ago. He crawled into an Enbridge pipeline and stayed in there for ten hours to protest the expansion of a recently ruptured oil pipeline that had already damaged the local environment. Ever since that protest, Wahmhoff has been on probation and faces regular scrutiny from his probation officer.

Wahmhoff is back in trouble again this month after the courts caught word that he was posting about the Flint water crisis on Facebook. The post eventually resulted in Wahmhoff violating his probation and getting cited for “threatening behavior.”

In late January, Wahmhoff made a post calling for the arrest of Governor Snyder, as many activists have done in recent months. Wahmhoff wrote in one post “so when ya’ll are ready to march in and take his ass across the street,, I have my torch, I got warm socks. I’m waitin on ya’ll..”

fb-commentAccording to the violation written against Wahmhoff, he “displayed threatening behavior on social media (Facebook) when he responded to a posting pertaining to the Governor Of Michigan hiring two public relations firms in lieu of hiring engineers to restore the infrastructure to provide clean water for Flint.”

Wahmhoff says he believes the orders to put legal pressure on him came from the highest levels of the state government, and not directly from his probation officer.

“I don’t think this comes from the county. It comes from the same state that poisoned Flint, destroyed Detroit and didn’t do things well here with the Kalamazoo River spill,” he said.

300Wahmhoff insists that his post was not a call for violence, but a call for protest.

“I thought it was a common cultural reference. But, maybe not,” he said, adding that, “My “torch” was a reference to the clichéd angry mob of citizens carrying torches and pitchforks,” which he said was a metaphorical statement that was meant to represent a protest.

Many attorneys have commented that his posts are protected free speech. However, the terms of his probation could actually take away his right to free speech.

Nancy Costello, of Michigan State University’s First Amendment Law Clinic, said, “It’s targeted speech at the governor, but he’s talking about getting a torch and pitchfork. That doesn’t really happen anymore. It’s hyperbole. It’s exaggeration. It’s not something to be believed.”

Unfortunately, since he is on probation for protesting the destruction of his local environment, Wahmhoff is restricted from expressing himself in ways that the government does not like.

According to the terms of his probation, Wahmhoff “must not engage in any assaultive, abusive or threatening behavior.”

On February 22, a judge will decide whether or not his behavior was “threatening.”

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website

  • Leland Roth

    Gov of Michigan’s sweetheart $440,000 deal giving General Motors non corrosive water for their production line awhile ago is most interesting in light of Flint’s water issues of late.

  • freddifish

    This is what happens when bureaucrats f’ up and are running scared. Can’t see this going anywhere as it’s nothing more then a scare tactic to try to shut people up. Time for the people to march down to this idiot governors office and show him how they feel about all the children that will never lead a normal life because of his failure to do his job properly.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Look at the LAW and ORDER “BOOK’EM” cowards. Where is Snyder’s ACCOUNTABILITY?! And all his MISadministration.
    SnyderLEE WHIPLASH. He attacks Schooolmarms, Children, Pensioners, and the Sick.
    Let us remember, aside from putting a $1BILLION tax on pensions, and then giving the 1% a $1BILLION tax CUT …….. SnyderLEE also took away the tax deduction on contributions to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.

    Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 Here’s a warm up story for the election season from deep inside my head. A source close to the office of Governor Rick Snyder is saying that a federal investigation had been revolving a round him. Apparently the Governor was secretly taped besmirching poor voters/49%er’s aka Mitt Romney. The tape was some how bought by Koch brothers before it could be seen or heard of, for a large amount of money.The Fed’s opened and closed the case saying that it was legal privet sale.The governor’s office say’s the Governor did not know anything about the investigation,and it was noted in the FBI investigation,also The Governor would like his people to know that he is smarter than Mitt Romney and would never get caught saying anything like that anyway.The Governor’s lawyer requested a copy for review, and was told by Koch brother representatives that the tape had been destroyed unseen, and there were no copy’s. So question remains why did The Koch Brother Bail OUT Governor Rick Snyder if there was nothing to hide,and did the Koch brothers just buy them self’s a Governor.Let us not take one more chance on Rick Snyder and let us vote him out together.

  • Jerry Hamilton

    Well, the Hammond’s got five years.
    This guy should get ten life sentences.
    How dare he call bad………… Bad.

  • gweneth

    Governor’s can be impeached ya’ll or perhaps tarred and feathered and run our of town…or both.

  • Gary Whitmore

    Rick Snyder must be removed from his current position as gov of MI and barred from any political positions in the future! He must be removed! He is nothing short of a pure evil doer who’s personal and political agendas revolve entirely around GREED!

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