Why is Rand Paul the only Republican challenging US war policy?

By Rare Media

Why do we keep listening to the same people who’ve been completely wrong about every foreign policy decision for the last two decades? Timeline of Rand Paul opposing intervention in Syria versus neocons and President Obama. Who is right? You decide.

  • Veri Tas

    Perhaps because all other members of Congress own stocks in the war machinery?

    • CAWS

      Bernie doesn’t

    • Doug Stevens

      ….and they’ve got their balls clamped by AIPAC.

  • gweneth

    like father like son.
    stop the endless imperialism – the great military industrial death machine marches ever onward.
    death and sickness its the way of the gold collar scum that pull the strings.

    ENDtheFED – Ron Paul – replace usury and taxes w/ nothing.

  • rhondareichel

    he has my vote…..I’m sick of this baloney already

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