Obama Announces $1 Billion to 13 States to Build “Climate Resilient Communities” and Gets Told Off on Twitter

 By Melissa Dykes

At this point, the money printing machine must be close to a meltdown. The national debt has jumped by an astounding $8 trillion dollars since Obama took office, and the tab is now projected to be $20 trillion by the time he leaves.

Twenty trillion. That’ll mean America’s national debt nearly doubled under his presidency.

So you can probably imagine the majority of people’s surprise and dismay when the White House announced a new billion dollars going to “help build more climate resilient communities”.

The announcement came in regard to a HUD program which will award the billion dollars through a National Disaster Resilience Competition. “Winners” of this money include California, Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Virginia, plus New York City (separately), New Orleans, Minot North Dakota, Shelby County Tennessee (separately), and Springfield Massachusetts. Funny how the “authorities” always start with attempting to reassure the public that “climate change is real” when writing these big checks…

“Climate change is real and we must think more seriously about how to plan for it,” said HUD Secretary Julián Castro… The National Disaster Resilience Competition exemplifies how government can work hand-in-hand with the philanthropic and private sectors to create lasting partnerships that will allow us to together face the challenges of tomorrow.”

Yeah, that whole schtick didn’t work so well for Solyndra, did it? On Twitter, the White House’s announcement went something like this:

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It just went on and on like that. There was maybe one positive comment, although it’s kinda hard to tell:

Not that Obama deals with his own Twitter account personally… he has 20 aides hired specifically to do that.

Maybe those people should pay a little more attention to how much seemingly no one on Twitter can stand the president anymore and Tweet accordingly.

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Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!

  • Robin Raven

    How perfect. Twitter has become the defacto communication system for the government. Someone needs to look up the definition of “twit.”

  • philip.dennany

    We need all of national treasure for use your ever expanding criminally/fraudulently justified wars of terror and aggression, right you repugnant NEOCONs?

  • Archie1954

    It seems as if Obama is a squanderer yet the facts are much more nuanced. It was Bush who increased the debt to an unbelievable degree. It costs a lot of money to make failed states out of Middle East nations. Obama has the budget deficit on a free fall. It is reducing dramatically annually.

  • Undecider

    Yes, climate change is real and it’s really caused by space weather and geo-engineering.

  • gozounlimited

    Obie can drop Cali off his bribery list….. B-bob has already collected 833 billion from carbon polluters with carbon taxes that state residents must repay…. so don’t expect Cali to pull the nation out of recession. The state has been in recession since 2014. But don’t lose heart…..B-bob has the money to run for president when Hairbelly gets indicted.

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