Iran Frees Americans as Sanctions Are Lifted, Frustrating Warmongers Around the World

iran-643322_1280By Dan Sanchez

Iran has freed four dual-nationality prisoners, including an American/Iranian pastor and an American/Iranian Washington Post reporter who had been accused of working for the U.S. to foment regime change in Iran. The release was part of a prisoner swap, in which seven Iranians imprisoned in the U.S. over sanction violations were also freed. A fifth American was freed by Iran outside of the swap.

Within hours of the release, devastating international sanctions on Iran were lifted after international inspectors verified its compliance with the terms of last year’s nuclear deal between Iran and Western powers.

Taken together, the prisoner swap, Iran’s compliance with its nuclear-deal commitments, and the sanction relief mark what may be a historic thaw in relations between the U.S. and Iran. This, however, should not be exaggerated, as the U.S. continues many belligerent policies directed at Iran, especially in the realm of proxy warfare (see below).

The developments at least mark a short-term political triumph for the chief negotiators of the nuclear deal: the administrations of U.S. President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Rouhani was elected on the basis of his campaign promise to negotiate detente with the U.S. and to accomplish economic relief from sanctions for the Iranian people. Parliamentary elections in Iran will be held late next month, making the lifting of the sanctions exceedingly well-timed for Rouhani’s political party.

Conversely, the thaw is a supreme setback to Rouhani’s political rivals, the hardliners in Iran who have strenuously opposed the nuclear deal.

The hardliners in the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia are certainly furious as well.

Israel strained to stop the nuclear deal, and has long pressed for escalation between the West and Iran, largely because of Iranian support for the militia Hezbollah, which has for decades successfully resisted Israeli incursions into Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia, which also opposed the deal, has, with American support, been waging a long sectarian proxy war against Shia Iran and what the extremist Sunni Saudis perceive as an “axis” of Iran-allied Shia powers. This war has included Saudi support for jihadis fighting in the U.S.-sponsored insurgency to overthrow the Iran-allied regime in Syria, and a U.S.-supported Saudi air war and starvation blockade of the desperately poor country of Yemen.

The hardliners in Washington, Tehran, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh must be especially frustrated, since just days ago they momentarily had what they thought was a surefire excuse to scupper the nuclear deal and escalate toward war. American military sailors had been detained by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard after they had, for some unknown reason, entered Iranian territorial waters. It is conceivable that military hardliners on both sides had engineered the encounter to sabotage the developing detente. But for all the efforts of neocons and the American corporate media to blow it up into a new “hostage crisis,” the incident dissolved into nothing as quickly as it appeared. The Obama administration quickly apologized for the encroachment and the Rouhani administration quickly released the sailors unharmed.

Then came the prisoner swap, followed by the implementation of the nuclear deal. Once lifted, sanctions will be much harder for hawks to reimpose than they were to maintain. And as Iran continues to free potentially belligerent Americans engaged in suspicious conduct within Iranian territory, it is becoming increasingly difficult for anti-Iran warmongers to paint its regime as an implacable serial aggressor, especially as compared to the extremely militant recent policies of the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

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  • rhondareichel

    this is good news….apparently they were waiting for sanctions to be lifted

    It sure makes those who want to keep sanctions look bad in hindsight…and Kerry and Obama too if they were horse trading when they could have freed them much sooner.

    It won’t stop the war mongering at any rate.

    Iran has something on us….probably their new oil technology or the
    Keishe plasma reactor because there is no other explanation for the
    sudden policy shift. I’m not buying that 50 mile navigation error
    either….we aren’t being told the truth.

    • Herbert Dorsey

      The Keshe Foundation also has supplied his native Iran with anti-gravity technology which he claims the Iranians used to bring down a U.S. stealth drone undamaged. Later, so as to show no favoritism, he offered this technology, stored on a USB drive, to every country on the planet including the U.S. Even later, his foundation offered the plasma free energy reactor to the representatives of each country, free of charge. Now that is a foundation!


    great news!!

    • Brett

      Yeah, great news indeed! We have an interesting year ahead of us I think. Crashing the global economy will be the trigger for change that scares even me. Get ready for it…

  • blue579

    The US Kabuki theater “hardliners” are typically the NEOCONS, and the neocons are globalists exactly like the neoliberals (Democrats or DINOs).

    Iran began adopting major IMF economic neoliberalization structural reforms way back in the 1990s, right after the Iran-Iraq war. This includes substantial foreign investment and the privatization of Iran’s public assets. Khouhani signed the UN 2030 agenda and was elected on promises of rapidly integrating Iran into the globalist neoliberal system (yes, those exact words) and Khouhani received his PhD from a UK institution.

    The lifting of sanctions is wonderful for the beleaguered Iranians. However, it’s a mountain of BS to spin this story into a triumph for Obama and frustration from political hardliners who all answer to the same Masters who no doubt instigated every conflict and war Iran entered in to and are steering them into the arms of the NWO. Iran is adopting SMART GRID and IRAN is being turned into a SMART CITY = Technocracy.

  • drbhelthi

    One wonders what subterfuge is planned by Israeli leadershit in order to fraudulently blame iranian leadership for an event to be pulled off by MOSSAD agents ensconced inside Iran? Events such as the attack on the USS Cole or the BGM 109 fired into the Pentagon, but blamed on a non-existent airliner flown by non-existent, Moslem pilots alleged to have flown it. No doubt, several such events are planned.

  • curenado

    This article is a little too dim witted even for glibtards, seriously. Oby got to do more favors for our enemies and we are all one step closer to being rid of the rats for good – at great, great cost.

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