If They Would Feed Radioactive Oatmeal to Little Kids, What Wouldn’t They Do?

children_radiationBy Melissa Dykes

It’s getting harder to focus on the “news”.

Considering that all media is filtered through just five megacorporations (compared with 50 companies in the early ’80s), not to mention (but I will) the fact that domestic propaganda was officially “approved” for use against the American people a few years ago, it’s kinda hard to tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t anymore.

Besides, it’s all “hey look, shiny things”. Pay attention to the right hand so you won’t see what the left is doing.

The distractions on the “news” also serve another purpose. To fill up your short term memory like junk food for the brain. To keep you from remembering what happened last week, let alone last year. From putting these things into perspective, especially historical perspective.

We’ve undertaken a large-scale research project. We’re six months in. I was reading The Plutonium Files, a book on the American government’s top secret medical experimentation against mostly unwitting, clueless American citizens during the Cold War. All of this stuff is on record, but many people still have no idea even half of this stuff went on.

And that’s how it is with a lot of government experimentation. There’s a decades-long history of it, stretching all the back to the stress tests that were done on soldiers in the first world war and, really, who knows if it only started there. Doubtful.

Take the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, for example, where the government lied to about and knowingly failed to treat rural African American patients for the disease so prominent health officials who could care less about the Hippocratic Oath could see what would happen as the disease progressed (and spread). The experiment on patients who never gave informed consent and thought they were being treated for “bad blood” spanned 40 years and only ended in November 1972 because of a whistleblower. Penicillin was validated as a cure in the ’40s. These medical officials essentially sentenced innocent men to slow, horrible deaths as they stood idly by and watched.

But that started in the 1930s. The real boom in experiments against the population didn’t begin until World War II, when the military not only began testing truth serum and other chemical agents against its own soldiers, but the military sailed ships up the California coastline spraying bacteria on coastal towns to see how far it would spread. Some died of pneumonia. After the war ended, and the country was swathed in the national security blanket, and unwitting citizens including soldiers, prisoners, terminal cancer patients, and even children, were subjected to all manner of experiments from radiation injections to mind control.

And, considering the level of corruption that has spread across this nation’s leadership like a cancer, there is no real reason to believe secret experimentation against the people ever stopped.

The book “The Plutonium Files” specifically outlines the government’s cold war medical experimentation (or, what has come out on record since then anyway), which included injecting cancer patients and the terminally ill, including a 10-year-old boy who died days later, with high doses of radiation. It’s a pretty hard read.

One story that has really stuck with me (even though it is far from the worst) discloses how boys at a known eugenics school in Massachusetts were fed radiation-laced oatmeal by MIT scientists under the ruse that they were chosen to be part of a special club. Their parents were even sent letters which made this violation of human rights sound like a good and even healthy thing for these kids, stating the study was, “in connection with the nutrition department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology” with “the purpose of helping to improve the nutrition of our children.” It went on to say the boys would get, “a quart of milk daily… taken to a baseball game, to the beach, and to some outside dinners” and “enjoy it greatly,” all with zero mention that the government, via the Atomic Energy Commission, had signed off on turning their kids into human guinea pigs.

Seventy-four children between 1946 and 1953 were fed this radioactive concoction. “You had to drink the milk. That was the thing,” one victim named Gordon remembered. The scientists would force the kids to clean their bowls, every last bit. They were allowed to ask for seconds. Guess it beat whatever the other kids at that awful place were being fed at the time.

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The thing is, it wasn’t even for any real purposeful research.

The_Salina_Journal_Thu__Dec_7__1995_(from The Salina Journal, Dec. 7, 1995)

These kinds of top secret experiments went on for decades without the public’s knowledge. After World War II, the government even shipped over thousands of German and Japanese scientists under Operation Paperclip. Some of these individuals had been engaged in biological and chemical warfare research during the war. Most of them never faced trials for the horrid atrocities they committed against humanity.

Even today we don’t know the full scope of everything that happened as a consequence of that. There are still 600 million documents related to Operation Paperclip that have yet to be declassified. National security means we may never know. The country was put on a “need-to-know” basis when that act was signed in 1947, and we simply don’t need to know.

In 1998, MIT and Quaker Oats agreed to pay out $1.85 million to 45 victims of the radioactive oatmeal study; Massachusetts was forced to pay another $676,000 to 27 participants. The book says some federal and state lawsuits on this matter are still pending.

The question is, if they would do this… if they would feed radioactive oatmeal to helpless children and lie to them and their parents about it for years… well gee, is there anything they wouldn’t do?

And what other experiments have been done on the public without its knowledge or consent? It seems the government only informs when it is forced to. The rest of us are still on a need-to-know basis.

Melissa Dykes (formerly Melton) is a co-founder of TruthstreamMedia.com. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

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41 Comments on "If They Would Feed Radioactive Oatmeal to Little Kids, What Wouldn’t They Do?"

  1. We are still being experimented on. It has never stopped. Vaccines with ever changing recipes & lack of oversight or liability, cancer treatments with 5-15% efficacy that are the only ones allowed, HAARP,Chemtrails,GMOs ,Roundup,amalgam fillings, fluoride , aspartame,etc,etc,etc
    Most have never heard of the Bush regime govt waiver received by three companies in mid 2000s to experiment on unsuspecting USA accident victims with a non spoilable artificial blood [also based on fluoride] so as to have a supply for the soldiers on the battlefields. Once started on site you would continue to receive the fake blood at the hospital to finish the experiment. Artificial blood was a bust, many died, few ever found out why. Two companies went under, the third is now in Africa testing on unsuspecting folks who have even less chance of finding out.
    Oh & don’t forget about the mycoplasma & retroviruses that have now been proven to be contaminating 30% of blood supply & vaccines. Unless special advanced mass spectrometry or PCR testing is used they cannot be seen & because they form biofilms are immune to most antibiotics. Biological weapons are still being shipped all over the planet as well.

    • You may be referring to the article, but detailed information on mycoplasma is at:
      Drop down to “III – COVERT TESTING OF MYCOPLASMA” for more detailed stats.

    • Jesus has to come back soon, because these evil politicians who run our country join the most obvious enemies. He has to come back soon or mankind will be destroyed. It is OUR fault because we keep voting these demons back into office, and the demonRAT party infiltrates the republican party with RINOs so they can over-ride anything they try to stop. The devil is working overtime because he knows he only has a short time. The writing is on the wall, and our citizens are so divided by obama and dumbed down that they are blind as bats, and they refuse to even listen. Matthew 24. God help us.

      • You still really think there is any difference between dems & repubs? It is all a charade controlled by the corps & the 1%. When the voting machines are foreign manufactured & running on windows XP that any 12 year old can hack it makes no difference who you vote for the result is predetermined as to who they can control the best. I watched on TV the look on the face of both Bush & Obama after the inauguration [so happy] & then when they came out of the briefing room where they were given the country’s secrets [& launch codes] & they both looked like they had aged overnight. I believe that was the moment they found out who had the real power.

  2. There are many governments from local school boards to national regimes. All governments are a battleground of conflicting interests. Governments have often lied, most often about pretexts for war and corporate sponsored blockage of safety and health regulations.

    But while condemning specific government agencies for crimes against humanity, it is worth remembering that it is no more logical to assert that all government programs and information are evil than it is to assert that no government programs are evil.

    People who condemn the abstraction of GOVERNMENT out of hand are as idiotic as those who believe government without healthy skepticism.

    My point is to understand both the many layers and many conflicts within government while applying critical and skeptical thinking skills. A case in point: the claim was made that blunt instruments kill more people than guns. I used the FBI, CDC, and Bureau of Justice records to point out that guns kill 95% more people than blunt objects. The response was: the GOVERNMENT

    • Most status quo governments are private for-profit corporations in disguise. They give the illusion that they are serving the public good but they are doing more evil than good. Much better for the people to put their faith in God/Love rather than corp. government/State. In God We Trust. “Those that refuse to be ruled by God are ruled by tyrants.” William Penn, a Quaker founder of Penn.

  3. The concept of vaccination is fraudulent. Injecting a mixture of heavy metals and animal pus into a human is not only repulsive, but also revulsive, physically. The “cow pox” experiments of Edward Jenner of over 200 years ago were repeated by numerous English physicians and formally announced to have been a disappointing failure. The novelty was continued by Jenner and family until adopted by
    physicians who profited from the procedure. That “school medicine” bestowed Jenner with the accolade, “Father of Immunization” is an insult to what was once a medical profession. School medicine has developed into a unified organization of pimps for the pharmaceutical industry. Immunization is accomplished only by natural mechanisms of the body, as it recovers from infection by a disease such as mumps or measles.
    Former chief of Merck´s vaccine division, Dr. Maurice Hilleman blew the whistle on “vaccination.” Searching the internet with the phrase, all-vaccines-are-contaminated/, will pull in links to his clarification, that all vaccines are contaminated.
    The book by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, “Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History,” is well-documented and contains historical statistics. Doctor Len Horowitz provides extensive information on the depravity of vaccination, and the profiteering by the pharmacy/medicine industry to the annual tune of billions of dollars. Searching the internet with the phrase, v=dTik9RyTh0U,
    pulls in a video interview with Dr. Horowitz.
    That school medicine has evolved into a unified cult of pimps for the pharmaceutical industry is clarified by the continued use of chemotherapy. The nitrogen extracts that have been historically used
    in “chemotherapy” also comprise mustard gas, which is intended to cause death. The failure rate of chemotherapy, that was demonstrated in Hitler´s “Health Promotion Program” of the 1930s, 98%,
    remains the same when nitrogen extracts are used in the standard chemotherapy procedure.
    Additional info is available at http://www.mercola.com. Type the subject desired into the QUESTION line at the top of the homepage for answers.

  4. Satanists run the world.

  5. Business as usually for the scum ruining the world.

  6. and yet the common horde continues to believe they have to pay taxes to fund the filth in the east.

    • Taxes funded the development of the internet you use to whine about paying taxes.
      Get off the goddamned internet and public roads!

      • “Get off the goddamned internet and public roads!”
        All of which could have been upgraded and/or replaced by the money stolen to fund the F-35, a boondoggle which will only harm Americas enemies if they use a catapult to throw it at them.

        Further, the entire income tax collected each year pays for diddly-squat as it is less than the amount of interest due on a debt generated by a century of killing people in foreign countries to steal their resources, none of which was applied towards said debt.

        • I totally agree the 1.5 trillion F-35 is a wasted on a flawed design and which is the cutting edge of an arms race which always leads to war.

          I also have opposed and denounced the criminal wars in the past 15 years, all of which were funded by debt which will never pay down.

          But that is not the fault of “government” but of a government corrupted by the fascist takeover of the corporatocracy, which profits from huge boondoggles (Lockheed has the contract for the F-35 and is a major lobbyist) and unnecessary wars.

          What we need is to destroy the fascist takeover of your government by the corporations (it was originally taken over by slave owners) and to complete the American Revolution to create a government of, for, and by the people.

          The best chance we have to challenge the status quo, at this point, is to support the Sander’s campaign, while applying pressure from outside the system to move towards a democratic revolution based on our founding principles of equality and consent of the governed.

      • What absolute crap! Taxation is nothing more than the continuation of the primitive and arrogant medieval confiscation mechanism behind a militaristic intimidation structure.
        Nothing has changed. The king and his entourage has only been replaced by another assortment of psychopaths and sociopaths in the socio-political (Corporate) Control Apex.

        Sometimes there are coincidental benefits to the public from the expenditure of Confiscated Funds when those who are engineering society (for their exclusive benefit) have infrastructure developed that will increase the tax harvesting terrain.

        EVERYTHING that is beneficial to the general population will be paid for by the individual.

        In any case, the roads network is clearly configured to increase control on the individual and with vast taxation opportunity built in.

        • well, when people use words like crap, it means they have no rational discourse.

          Taxes can be used for good or evil. I don’t think the individual can pay for the courts or developing the internet or gps for public schools or roads or reducing pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.

          The individual cannot survive without the community starting with the family. Your kind of libertarianism is a denial of the communal basis of society or nurturing of the individual. It takes strong communities to make strong individuals.

          My libertarianism is 400 years old and rejects both state and private forms of tyranny. Look up libertarian socialism, which has roots in the 17th century Diggers and Levelers and includes some of the world’s most respected public intellectuals.

          When you start with insults, you demonstrate your poverty of thought. Insults are the weapons of the impotent. If you don’t like taxes, get off the goddamned internet, which was developed, like the roads, fire and police protection, health and safety laws and oversight, and infrastructure with tax money.

          The myth that all services can be adequately funded by the individuals was rejected even by Adam Smith in the Wealth of Nations and there is no society which does not have a form of taxation. Oppose the use of taxes for evil ends but it is false to suggest that all taxes are used for evil purposes.

          My life was saved by the daVinci robotic assitent developed by the government. If you think the roads are designed to control you, dont use them.. I have heard you ashistorical claims many times.

          It cant be defended rationally tho it makes for good dogma.

          • Doug Stevens | January 19, 2016 at 12:22 pm |

            People should pay for services rendered.
            This is not what happens where a confiscation mechanism has been installed.

            Taxation is a confiscation of Wealth and the private individual receives a minuscule reciprocal return for the VAST wealth that is extracted from society.

            It is quite clear that, where confiscated funds are overtly expended it is mostly in relation to systems that are configured to contain and control the tax paying masses. “Public” schools are nothing more than drone conditioning wards.

            The fact is – that all the stupendous wealth that is generated in society is being hijacked by a small
            cabal of psychotic sociopaths and that wealth, that which they cannot overtly steal, is being burned and redirected into brightly colored junk yards.

            A legitimate State Administration will NOT be profit driven and will generate funds through services offered.

            And you can keep on blabbering about who developed the internet and the roads but what we are grudgingly allowed is a very poor and diminished example of what we could have if we rid society of this fkng giant Parasite we call….. “government”.

    • Yes gwen, you are spot on.

  7. My mother was lobotomized when she was nine-years-old while in a charity children’s hospital for about a year because a broken bone in her arm wasn’t healing properly. She was nine in 1941. No hospital personnel told my mother’s parents about any “sinus surgery” that had been performed on her. A radiologist confirmed it recently {sinus surgery} when she was 80-years-old.

  8. Dale Ruff it must be terrible to be so afraid of something you don’t think exists. WOW you found 2 people to use and one of them was totally insane. My My My what an idiot!! You don’t believe in the boogie man either why don’t you rant and rave about him for awhile?

    • YOUR post is iincoherent. I am not afraid of the concept of God tho I realize that organized religion has started many wars and supported even more without ever having stopped one.
      Two people to use? I have no idea what you mean. Hitler and Bush are not the only Christians who have done great evil. Or the only religion.

      Such men are very dangerous. Your post is both confused and insulting. Brava!
      As your post is both incoherent and full of errors, I will dismiss it as the rantings of someone who is very confused. In other words, you are trolling.

      I am without fear and your insults only reflect back on you.

    • Not only am I not afraid of the concept of God, but if I were wrong and God existed, I think he would love me for living a life based on compassion and kindness. I do not need a reward for living the life of loving kindness, so I expect no such reward. I am compassionate not only to human beings but to all living creatures because I recognize in them a common desire to live and protect their families.

      Unconditional compassion, without borders, requires no reward of being blessed or heaven. Does our compassion have borders? Do you eat meat? Do you tolerate wars? Do you fight for social justice for gays, immigrants, and other persecuted groups? Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk?

      • Dale, so you admit you don’t have proof God doesn’t exist and yes you are wrong. You may not want to acknowledge the Source of your compassion/love however you are right that God still loves you even if you are delusional and ungrateful to the Creator.
        “I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind and now I see” God’s Amazing Grace.

        • It’s not that I don’t have proof, it’s that such claims cannot be disproved anymore than you can disprove you are a child molester or that aliens rule the world.

          The burden is on those making the claim to provide evidence, not those asking for evidence. Assertions made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. If God is needed to explain the creation of the universe, then why doesn’t the concept of God require such an explanation?

          The source of my compassion is the recognition that all living creatures desire to live and my realization that I have no right to thwart that desire. When you look into a friend’s face or hear a friends voice, your only source is your recognition of their presence.
          This is the source of the love I feel for all living things.

          I once was blind but my eyes have opened by the teachings of compassion and love and confirmed by my own experience. I do not need dogma or myths or speculative concepts to affirm the love I feel for life. All that is baggage, decoration, and often a distraction.

          By saying I am ungrateful to the Creator, you are begging the quesiiton, assuming a premise rather than proving it. If there were a God, he would not give a shit what mental contortions (Jewish, Muslim, Christian, pagan, etc) you use to arrive at kind and loving behavior, only that you respected all life. As the Pope says, even atheists can go to heaven if they do good.

          My only religion is to be kind to life, which I practice by resisting war and exploitation and practicing a vegan lifestyle. It is a religion, if you will, that requires no God, no temple, no dogma but only the practice of compassion and love.

          Do you resist war? Do you refuse to slaughter innocent animals? Are you working hard to end the fossil fuel production which is destroying our planet? These are the questions that matter, not Do you believe in God? God is saying, if he existed: Fuck the religoius bullshit. Take care of the earth; stop the wars. Comfort the prisoners. Stop killing animals. Be tolerant and kind to each other. Welcome the desperate immigrants. Stop judging others in my name and practice what you preach. Stop being hypocrites.

          I await your answers to your resistance to war and intolerance and your refusal to slaughter innocent animals. Words are cheap: all that matters is conduct.

          • We agree that actions are better than mere words. Your words and actions should be in harmony but no mortal is perfect; that is where God’s loving grace comes in.

            The proof/evidence for Love/God/Creator is overwhelming however you don’t wish to acknowledge the Source/God/Creator. Self realization of Love is necessary and there is that of God within each of us, however let’s not worship the mortal self but the Almighty Creator/God. It is not necessary for us to have absolute knowledge but to put our faith and trust in the Christ Jesus which God has assigned as the Trustee for mortals/humans/beneficiaries.

            Dale, it is not about you doing good works, but God working through you. I commend you for your compassion and love for creation; however you will miss the mark by not becoming one with God, the Source. And yes, heaven is available to all who choose God/Love.

          • Who created God?

            There is no overwhelming proof, only passionate belief.

            Love is real. I live a life of love and compassion, including a refusal to slaughter innocent animals and resistance to wars and exploltation. Do you. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

            The Pope says the path to heaven is to do good, whatever the mental landscape you paint.

            If in his last moment, Hitler chose God, he would go to heaven, while I who lived a life of love would not?
            Does that make sense to you.

            God is an idea over which people have fought bloody wars throughout history. I know that life can be lived with unlimited compassion without any such idea or baggage. I also know that belief in God has led most to support wars and few to end the in the name of God.

            You are yoked to your belief. I am not. Have you lived a life of love? Did you stand up against the hawks who slaughtered millions in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya? Do you eat innocent animals?

            Until you answer your questions, you are faking it.

          • It is not necessary to know or understand who created God, and God is eternal so there is no start. I don’t know who or what created the wheel (ultimately God did) but that doesn’t prevent me from believing and using the wheel.

            Yes the proof is overwhelming, but you refuse to acknowledge.

            Yes God/Love is real. The two can’t be separated.

            The Pope is not my authority/trustee. Christ Jesus is my Authority/Trustee.

            It is up to God to decide if Hitler or anyone else is in Heaven. It is not my decision.

            God/Love is not responsible for any wars; only sinful mortals.

            This discussion is not a reflection on my goodness, but the greatness and love of God. The path to God is surrendering to God’s will through Christ Jesus. If a redeemed Hitler (just like Paul in the Bible) proclaimed the good news of the love of God, I would listen.


  10. Dale, for your information God/Love is not an illusion. Sorry that you feel lost. Religion, which is defined as reconnecting with our source of Creation, has not caused any wars. Bankster/government/greed is the cause of most wars. Obviously sick individuals who murder are not acting out of Love, but hate.

  11. The FDA, CDC, Big Pharma and the American Medical Association are still doing human experiments. The vaccine industry is a prime example. President Bush Sr. signed into law that not all vaccine ingredients must be listed when the vaccine industry learned that “peanut proteins” was causing the deaths of infants, toddlers, and children…..instead of taking it off the market. He set on the Merck Board. Congress gave the vaccine industry exemption from liabilities for damages. They can put whatever they want in a vaccine including cancerous cells to shoot into new born infants without consent. Merck is serving up cancerous cells from failed chemo to recoup their investments. Dead bodies found in Reformatories and Group Homes are abundant.

  12. The source of all love is God, the Creator. You admitted to the reality of love but not to the Source? It is like saying I believe and love my home but not the Maker/Builder of your home. I love to eat good food and acknowledge the Cook/Farmer!
    Sorry that your are delusional. The evidence for God/Love/Creator is overwhelming! Atheism is a dead end, delusional, violent(against life), hopeless belief.
    My faith rests in Christ Jesus the savior of all and the love of God.

  13. I have written against Sanders support for the F-35 which he sees as a fait accompli. I will be voting for him as there are no perfect candidates and he is the best of the lot, the only one challenging the key feature of modern oligarchy, the control of the process by Big Money, which he refuses to take.

    Voting is not a matter of conscience but of pragmatic thinking: which candidate will best fulfill my values? If I do not vote, do I not allow the worst candidate to prosper?

    If Bernie loses, I will vote for Jill Stein since I have the luxury of living in a blue state. If you find a candidate who is not flawed, let us know.

    • I don’t believe we have EVER had a President who wasn’t flawed in some way, which implies the same for candidates. Still watching the progress for now.

      • “”After his election in 1932, FDR met with Sidney Hillman and other labor leaders, many of them active Socialists with whom he had worked over the past decade or more. Hillman and his allies arrived with plans they wanted the new President to implement. Roosevelt told them: “I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.”

        As wrong as Sanders is on the F-35, lack of challenge to US policy in Ukraine, Libya, etc, I think he is the best candidate and it is up to us to make him “evolve” on issues where he is weak or wrong or calculating he cannot win.

        He has taken stands (single payer, refusing Big Money, etc) which shows leadership and he has evolved on issues like gun law reform.

        Without our support, he has no power at all. He has challenged the status quo and now it’s up to us to give him the platform and make him do it.

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