Drone Footage Documents Utter Devastation in Post-War Syria

Wx9Zt7MBy Activist Post

A crew from RT launched a drone to capture video of the destruction of the city of Homs in Syria.  Before the destablization campaign was fully underway, Homs was once a key industrial center.  The population of over 1 million people now have the following city in which to live.  Unfortunately, it is a before-and-after scene that we have witnessed before in the once-prosperous country of Libya.

To learn the truth of what is happening in Syria, please see the Activist Post Archives of Brandon Turbeville and Afraa Dagher.

  • Season341

    War! What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING!

  • The voice

    This is what democracy looks like

  • steadcore

    US tax payer dollars at work! No words to describe how I feel right now.

  • BanishedJester

    Here’s an upside down salute to all of you taxpayers out there. See what you have done?

  • James Bennett

    If they would do it there.
    Why wouldn’t they do it here.
    Just blame it on them – over there.

  • Dave

    Freedom and De mock racy [Democracy] American style ???

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