18 Human Qualities Most Needed to Advance the Global Awakening

awakeningBy Dylan Charles

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.”Shakespeare

Reality is anything but fixed, it is created again and again, re-defined from moment to moment as a product of the behavior and choices of all sentient beings. For certain, we are more powerful than we yet know, and each one of us is indeed an actor on the same stage, all of us with the ability to impact and contribute to the story.

Our connection through media amplifies extreme qualities of the human experience, offering a rather warped vision of reality, making our whole situation difficult to see clearly through the fog of sensationalism, distraction and propaganda.

Although truth and justice are severely repressed in our world, an evolutionary shift is rising just below the surface of the mainstream, already effectively challenging the power structures and control paradigms that are driving all of us towards extinction.

The most important players in the world right now are not in the limelight, they are not celebrities, nor are they freaks, oddities or authority creatures. They are the activated human beings out there, setting extraordinary examples by living courageous lives, helping to expand our awareness of what is possible, contributing to a proper vision for the future.

They’re the ones making adjustments to the trim-tabs on the rudders of humanity, so that the future holds promise for a meaningful sea change.

In opposition to the controlling forces of fear, scarcity and decay, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the powers of love, abundance and creativity. For this to come to pass, we are challenged to bring forth, amplify and elevate those human qualities which are most needed right now to push the global awakening forward and bring it into its full power.

Observing the world from my little outpost, I see the potential for people with the following exceptional qualities to play extraordinary roles in this awakening; however, this perspective is mine alone, and the list could just as easily be infinite. If something mentionable is noticed to have been left amiss, please comment and share your input.

1. People who furiously pursue self-mastery, but are able to dodge the traps of the ego and the fantasies of new age salvation.

2. People who meditate, but do not worship.

3. People who practice de-escalation, who understand the high art of withdrawal, and who are willing to compromise in order to win.

4. People who realize that in order to be free you must give freedom to others.

5. People who are capable of staring into the abyss of darkness without falling in, and without losing sight of the light.

6. People who have opinions, but revise them as often as needed to avoid getting fooled by them.

7. People who are more afraid of conformity than of standing alone.

8. People who value experience over suggestion.

9. People who love themselves first, and protect themselves first.

10. People who respect the universal principle that nature is here for our use, but not for our abuse.

11. Self-healers and self-teachers who survive by practicing independence.

12. People who understand the import and impact of history, but who are willing to abandon it or escape from it.

13. People who appreciate and rabidly exercise the power of saying ‘no.’

14. People who recognize that material truth is multi-layered and rarely revealed in its entirety at once.

15. People who know that spiritual truth is revealed in cosmic flashes of total clarity, but whom happily return to their work here on earth when the ride is over.

16. People who maintain harmony and balance by practicing gratitude, acceptance, appreciation and most importantly, service.

17. People who are experienced and skilled in transmuting their own anger into love.

18. People who can laugh at anything. For if it cannot be laughed at, it is not the Tao.

Final Thoughts

We have a tremendous opportunity at our fingertips. Rather than accidentally submitting to the Orwellian reality being scripted for us by the engineers of a society and culture in collapse, we have the choice to actively participate in re-writing our future for our own benefit.

This humble list is a reminder that it’s time to figure out where you stand in the struggle, to get there, and to stand firm.

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Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of WakingTimes.com, the proprietor of OffgridOutpost.com, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. He may be contacted at wakingtimes@gmail.com.

  • OratorImplored

    There is a truth, an ending, so to say, to which all are capable of achieving. I rarely speak of it, as it is not one that is easy to bare. As we float through the cosmos, it has been a trying journey to place all that is into perspective.

    I do concur that we must know thyself, and we must also know that the self is not so separate from what has been traditionally labeled as God. Nor are we so separate from its adversary. I must say that it is my preference to refer to them as simply, good and evil. And in all circumstances there certainly appears to be the choice of either in which we create or destroy future endeavors.

    I often imagine a time long ago, where there was a true abundance, sustenance was offered freely as we passed by to and fro to destinations set by our own inclinations. That love and compassion resided within each individual as a permanent fixture, not as some passing pleasantry. That individuals knew right from wrong, and chose to obstain from the latter, because they knew of the detrimental effects it would undoubtedly create.

    I do not fear that this is some far off distant memory, because from my understanding, time is more cyclical and eventual then it is linear. Yes it is often recorded in linear fashion. what better way to tell stories than to have a timeline which human minds can easily grasp and understand.

    I have become convinced that some critical price of information has continually been eroding as generations attempt to pass the wisdom they discovered on to their offspring. Why wouldn’t it, when schools aren’t the places of discovery one would hope they would be. And parents have become so obsessed with creating legacies and fortunes for their children, it is often an overlooked, or barely present interaction. Or in some cases not at all due to parental imprisonment, or abandonment, which often focus the mind of a child on the absence of said parental figure.

    The point is that the vision of what each and every individual is striving for, has failed to reach maturation within the minds of many. Though it is not a certainty that any of the aforementioned depravities will ensure any one particular outcome, it in some cases serves as a detractor and in others serves as an encouragement. We can debate for an entire lifetime as to which beliefs are true or false, but there rarely exist the need to debate what one knows. For example, you will not hear a debate as to the necessity of substenance, it is understood that it is a requirement(at least for most people). You may hear debates as to which is the right substenance, which is actually one of the more interesting debates in my opinion.

    If I were to diagnose the root of any problem it would be that we no longer know as to what is right, and what is wrong. we do not know how to treat one another anymore, we do not know our purpose on earth, we do not know what our true substenance is, we do not know what our future hold. Even worse, there are multiple theories which exist that are all plausible that can be discovered and believed to be infallible truth.

    Now here is what I have come to believe as the most ironic regarding this lack of knowing, and the multiple theories that exist.. They all seem to contain the same message. Yet somehow through the translations or wording which is more or less acceptable to different individuals they seem to be polar opposites. Just as we see difference in one another, so too has our explanations displayed difference. Now should we choose to see the similarities within ourselves and others, it shouldn’t be too hard to also recognize the similarities in the explanations.

    The bottom line of it all.. We have created reality collectively, we do create reality collectively, and we shall continue to do so collectively. Unfortunately, there are some who know this and are more contempt with seeing bloodbaths occur for the sake of their own entertainment. Even more disparaging, they have persuaded a majority to follow them and grant them the freedom to create the havoc we see with impunity through the fallacies they speak.

    Thankfully, not all are swayed, even if they do not have a clear vision, they know enough to resist the crowds calls for atrocious acts. Now if they could just physically manifest themselves together, and begin deciding their own futures as opposed to its current dictation, while knowing what is right and wrong, and choosing the former over the latter every time, there would exist a chance that humanity would persevere and actually evolve. Heres to hoping that it comes to fruition.

  • Tim

    Sounds complicated.
    How about honesty, intelligence, rationality, compassion…?
    I don’t want to go too far and start sounding crazy, but maybe humility, even love…?

  • Average Joe American

    Um, wow. You can write. Which in itself is no vast accomplishment, but…you also think. That’s huge.

  • gifteconomy

    -Sharing & gifting
    -Creating FREE services, FREE objects…
    -Using FREE service, FREE object
    -Planting FREE wiki-trees that will give FREE food
    could kill their satanic economic system that enslaves us and create a world where no man can buy a man for a salary and where working out od pleasure can be a passion

  • yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-‘Adam

    John *3:3

    Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

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